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Simple&Sweet Project Life - Stephanie Dagan

Simple&Sweet Project Life - Stephanie Dagan

26 Jul 2018 0 Comments

This collection lives up to its name because it gives  some sweetness to all the project and to any project type. I wanted to test it on Project Life pages to see what it gave. And undoubtedly, I am in love with the freshness which this collection brings!

Here two double pages with a transparent pocket containing a beautiful family photo. I remained the simplest possible just by adding some embellishments not to weigh down.

On the right page, I enjoied creating my own compartments with the Fuse tool. For that, I positioned all my elements on a big pocket. Then, once my design was finished, I filed my plastic pocket and along away, I sealed up my compartments. 

On the front of this page, I also filled the compartments of photos and embellishments of the same size as those of the reverse. Just love the transparency that the pocket brings to this page.

In front of this page, I inserted a transparent pocket so that we can guess the attractive photo which hides from it.

And to finish, I end with a quite small page that I wanted smaller than the big plastic pocket to break a little the rhythm. Love the black touches of this collection just perfect to match with a black and with photo.

I have not yet stopped making the tour of this collection which I like quite particularly. I am sure that another project is not going to delay being born ... And you, conquered by these colors?

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