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Let's talk about last Christmas | Celine Erbetta

Let's talk about last Christmas | Celine Erbetta

01 Dec 2020 0 Comments

I never tire of scraping this sublime Oh What Fun collection ! I love its patterns, its colors… This time, I prepared a mini album with all this beautiful things and finally scraped my photos from last December ! ;-)

For the shape, I chose the Braided die. For the cover, I used the 3 parts which compose it in order to obtain an openwork cut by the 2 perforated rows. My blanket is in blue felt, one of the dominant colors in the collection. With double sided tape, I stuck this felt on a piece of printed paper. I then switched it to the bigshot. Ditto for the back cover.

For the pages, I used only the outline of the die and made my cutouts in the printed papers.

To decorate, I went to draw from the 2 ephemeras pockets, including the one exclusive for I also chose cardboard stickers.

For the cover, the knot was made with the very pretty Artistic bows die and this thin beautiful word in the special Christmas Classic Holiday Words set.

To illustrate Christmas Eve, impossible to make a choice in my many family photos. So I made a very simple mini accordion and stuck a photo on each page… A mini in the mini! ;-)

Obviously, a few enamel dots add a little something extra throughout this December memories album!

And now, what will I do with this beautiful collection? You'll see it soon here! ;-)
Have a nice day PFS Fans!

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