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Happy Holidays Collection Reveal

Happy Holidays Collection Reveal

22 Jul 2022 162 Comments

We are so excited to introduce our newest holiday collection today! Designed by Cassidy Demkov, it has everything you need to document all your happiest holiday memories. Featuring a distinctly unique Pinkfresh color palette that mixes traditional colors with non-traditional colors in beautiful tones that work with all the whimsical winter florals and iconic holiday images. We think you are going to fall just in love with this collection as we have! 

Happy Holidays will look beautiful on all your holiday paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, pocket pages, notebook spreads & more!

Check out the collection in full!

























The Happy Holidays collection will be available for purchase in our online shop in late August! We will also celebrate this brand new collection with a blog hop and Instagram hop closer to that time. Be sure to mark your calendars for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Happy Holidays collection! What Holiday memories make you Happy? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Wednesday, August 3rd to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 

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02 Aug 2022 Valerija

My favorite Christmas memories are when I bake cookies with my mom and sister.

01 Aug 2022 marie savage

OMG Can I win from Canada? Making my christmas cards makes me happy :)

01 Aug 2022 Michelle Turner

My two holiday favorites are decorating the house and making cards!

01 Aug 2022 Lisa M. Federspiel

I love to bake! Cookies, breads, pies, cakes…. And share them with all my friends and neighbors!

30 Jul 2022 Jade

I love a white Christmas and a delicious meal with my family. What a terrific holiday collection of paper and other goodies!!! I enjoy your products.

28 Jul 2022 Julia Mullie

My favorite Christmas memories are those I get to spend with my kids & grandchildren. I love seeing the look of surprise & joy on their faces with each gift they open.

27 Jul 2022 Cari Brewer

My favourite holiday memories are when my grandmother would visit.

27 Jul 2022 Krista H

I love being with my family at the holidays!

27 Jul 2022 Rebekah Hinton

The chipboard frames & tags make my heart go pitter patter 😉 The rainbow color scheme for a Christmas collection just pushes me over the edge! Ah! I love it, want to have it all!!!

27 Jul 2022 Mónica Santos

I love to make the wrapping paper with my daughters every year, is so much fun and colorful, and gives a personal touch to every present, and almost everyone can’t trow the paper to the garbage because it has painted hands, feets and drawings of our family!!! Beautiful collection, so bright!

25 Jul 2022 Janis in ID

Love remembering when our whole family participated in the Handbell Christmas Concert. So special to play the wonderful carols on those beautiful instruments.
This collection looks so bright and cheery!
Thank you for the chance to win.
Merry Christmas in July!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

24 Jul 2022 Cyndi

Get togethers with family and friends and usually an entire week with the grand! A little snow never hurts either!

24 Jul 2022 Sarah Lindahl

I love holiday cooking baking and spending time with family and friends! Hot cocoa and a warm fireplace on a cold day are the best ❤️

24 Jul 2022 Judy Bishop

My parents loved the holidays. I have many wonderful memories of them and how they made Christmas a joyful time.

24 Jul 2022 Meg C

Fun collection! Favorite holiday time is going to Christmas Eve church all together and praising the arrival of the king!

24 Jul 2022 Amber Bissonnette

Beautiful new collection!! I love all the holiday memory making in December! Decorating, cookies, Christmas music & movies!!

24 Jul 2022 Paula

My favorite holiday memories are going to see the Christmas lights being switched on and looking at the department store windows all decorated. Such a magical time as a kid. Absolutely love the colors of this new kit, I can’t wait to use it!

24 Jul 2022 Cheryl Wallace

When my many sisters and I were sent to bed so Santa could come we run to our beds and talk and giggle and eventually fall asleep only to be woken by someone (either one of us or our parents) in the middle of the night to say Santa came and run around waking everybody else. We go and open presents no matter the time, finish, and grab a favorite gift and go back to bed until breakfast. Sometimes we would have so many to open we would stop and just go to bed and finish in the morning. Or we would take so long, it would be breakfast time when we finished. Our parents loved giving gifts!

24 Jul 2022 Jess T

I just absolutely love Christmas! Spending time with my family. Now that I have my own little boy we’re making our own new happy memories! Also love making decorations and Christmas cards to get me in the Christmas spirit!

23 Jul 2022 Melissa Leftrick

Awesome collection!!! We had so many Christmas traditions growing up but my favorite memory was Christmas morning when all the family gathered at my grandparents house!

23 Jul 2022 Cindy A

I love Christmas , but unfortunately loss my mom early in my life . As much as I love the season , its never been quite the same . I do love this collection and have many pictures to use for it , for all the people who have filled the void at Chrsitmas

23 Jul 2022 Patricia E Wilson

Interesting products. The papers were great. Thanks for the great reveal of these products.

23 Jul 2022 Cate

This collection is lovely. Can’t wait to see it in person. Everything about Christmas is my favorite.

23 Jul 2022 Jennifer Steadman

My favorite memories are when my daughters were young & would see their Santa gifts on Christmas morning.

23 Jul 2022 Deepa Robbins

This is such a great collection! My favourite memories are when my kids first see and then open up all their presents!

23 Jul 2022 Carrie Dukes

My favorite part of the holiday season is making everyone handmade cards and gifts. Also, getting together with family.

23 Jul 2022 Philarney

Love this collection – it would suit our Australian summer Christmas too. I love our family tradition of driving around and looking at the lights while playing classic Christmas tunes (good and bad!).

23 Jul 2022 Renee Storch

Every year, I get together it’s my mother in law and two sister-in-law’s to bake dozens and dozens of cookies for the holiday season. My favorite part of cookies is getting all the kids together to decorate sugar cookies!

22 Jul 2022 Shari Leonard

I always love the PinkFresh collections, especially the holiday ones. So many things I love about the holidays. For my family, the whole month is magical since we celebrate Hannukah and Christmas and it’s my birthday and my Mom’s birthday….so one big celebration!!

22 Jul 2022 Cindi Green

The holiday memories that make the happiest are sitting by the fire watching the Christmas lights with my sister.

22 Jul 2022 Marisela Delgado

I remember my aluminum silver Christmas tree. It was so cute!

22 Jul 2022 Stacey Kowbel

Beautiful new collection. My happy memories are from when my family were all together at Christmas.

22 Jul 2022 Anne-Marie Rutella

I love spending Christmas seeing my family’s happiness at all our traditions, new and old ones.

22 Jul 2022 Charlene Wood

Being woken up by the kids, now grandkids early in the morning to see if Santa came.

22 Jul 2022 Lynn Chan

Making christmas cards and opening presents under the tree! also, christmas feasts with family!

22 Jul 2022 Sue D

Pretty colors, patterns and images. Times with the grandchildren make the best holiday memories.

22 Jul 2022 Pat McCleary

I think, even more than memories of my own kids, my favorite are those of my grandkids excitement on Christmas day.

22 Jul 2022 Connie Welty

One of my most favorite memories is of my Mom. SHE LOVED CHRISTMAS! She would shop – all year ‘round – and stash bags of goodies in her closet (no one was ever allowed in Mom’s closet = NO ONE)! Thanksgiving Day, her Christmas ritual would begin. She would begin by digging out the household decorations and start shopping for wrapping paper, ribbons, and bow. As the house decorations would get finished about mid-month, she was ready to begin wrapping presents. It was so funny – Each, and Every year – to watch her begin to dig out all those bags of presents she’d long forgotten about. I was never certain as to who was more surprised at Christmas – the person receiving the gift on Christmas morning….. or MOM, when she dug out all her cumulative purchases and began taking toll of all the things she’d forgotten she had bought. She would eventually emerge from her sanctuary of gifts – make herself a hot chocolate and say, “Well, I’ve done it again! There’s so much more there than I remember buying”! Still, she’d wrap and wrap until it was all under the tree and watch like a child as each package was opened. MOST of my Christmas joy comes from memories of watching Mom watching others open their gifts!

22 Jul 2022 Frances M Grillo

Cookies! Getting out the family recipes and making them with my nieces!

22 Jul 2022 Andrea Rushforth

Wrapping paper snowball fights at the end of Christmas presents is one of my favorite memories!

22 Jul 2022 Helen Budz

The memories that make me happy were and continue to be seeing the Christmas tree all lit up on Christmas morning.

22 Jul 2022 Kathryn Kruse

The best Christmas memories are spending time with my kids and grandkids! Christmas morning we enjoy a special brunch and then open presents. Seeing the delight on the children’s faces is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.

22 Jul 2022 Kathy P

Christmas Eve with all the family gathered around the tree, playing games, laughing and sharing memories of ‘best’ Christmas memories. Then Christmas morning, opening gifts, enjoying brunch around the kitchen island, drinking mimosas. A neighborhood walk, and then after dinner, when it gets dark, we do a drive-around to see all the spectacular lit up homes around us. Always special times at Christmas!

22 Jul 2022 Amy Solovay

I used to love Christmas caroling with my sister and our friends. We had so much fun! It’s hard to choose a favorite memory, but that one is high on the list of favorites.

This latest collection is beautiful! The colors are perfect.

22 Jul 2022 Vicky Blackwell

Making Christmas cookies and then taking them to the fire departments in our town for the workers who have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They are so appreciative and it has taught my kids it is so much better to give than receive!

22 Jul 2022 Sharon Prior

Beautiful collection. So hard to pick a favourite memory. I have so many. Spending time with family, the tradition of making home made gifts with my children and seeing their joy when others open their gifts. The food (way too much food!) & sharing what we have been thankful for throughout the year. Such a special time of the year.

22 Jul 2022 Cynthia Miller

christmas eve w/my family popping popcorn in the fireplace + eating wild rice, beer cheese + french-onion soups, french bread + christmas cookies, while listening to holiday music!

22 Jul 2022 Sue

Favourite holiday memories were spending Xmas with my children and grandkids

22 Jul 2022 Kaelen Fragiao

My favorite holiday memory is when me & my family (siblings & in laws) make time to celebrate since we all are too busy with life & work. We always celebrate by baking & doing fun cookie/ gingerbread decorating.

22 Jul 2022 Virginia Ellison

Spending the holidays with family…this is an awesome collection 😍 😎 👌 ❤️

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