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Happy Holidays Collection Reveal

Happy Holidays Collection Reveal

22 Jul 2022 162 Comments

We are so excited to introduce our newest holiday collection today! Designed by Cassidy Demkov, it has everything you need to document all your happiest holiday memories. Featuring a distinctly unique Pinkfresh color palette that mixes traditional colors with non-traditional colors in beautiful tones that work with all the whimsical winter florals and iconic holiday images. We think you are going to fall just in love with this collection as we have! 

Happy Holidays will look beautiful on all your holiday paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, pocket pages, notebook spreads & more!

Check out the collection in full!

























The Happy Holidays collection will be available for purchase in our online shop in late August! We will also celebrate this brand new collection with a blog hop and Instagram hop closer to that time. Be sure to mark your calendars for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Happy Holidays collection! What Holiday memories make you Happy? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Wednesday, August 3rd to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 

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22 Jul 2022 Heather Reese

What a light and festive holiday set! This would be great for completing a December album of holiday activities. Thanks Pinkfresh!

22 Jul 2022 Janice Hixon

I love being together with family at Christmas. It started out being with my grandparents, then with my children and parents, now I am the grandmother. I really miss all the family that has gone on. New memories will be made. I love your color palette. I really like a little blue under my tree.

22 Jul 2022 Françoise A.

Togetherness is my happiest holiday memory: gathering, cooking together, wrapping those last gifts sneakily with the “right” people (not the giftees) and getting up to all kinds of shenanigans while waiting for midnight to strike!

22 Jul 2022 K. Lynn Armstrong

The memories that make me happy are baking with the family. We get together and bake cookies until we have enough for the families. It’s great seeing all the generations together.

22 Jul 2022 Susie Province

My parent’s home was always the gathering place on the holidays and remembering the comings and goings of loved ones will forever remain in my mind and heart. Though I am almost 80 years of age and they have all moved on, I too will join them in the best gathering of all. Some of your lovely papers are reminiscent of those Christmases. Thank you for the nice reminder.

22 Jul 2022 Giselle D.

As a child I loved waiting for everyone else to wake up so we could go downstairs to see what Santa left us.

22 Jul 2022 Jeanne Beam

Gorgeous Holiday collection. I love being with my family on Christmas.
So many wonderful memories ❤️

22 Jul 2022 Jeanne Bobish

When we would wake up Christmas morning and come down to the family room and see the fireplace going, the Christmas tree all lit up with presents underneath and all the presents from Santa in the center of the room, the stockings were full and the cookies and carrots gone. We knew Santa had been there!

22 Jul 2022 Dee Earnshaw

wonderful release – remember when we saw a shooting star at Christmas – so magical

22 Jul 2022 Carey B

Holiday memories that make me happy are of my son opening a favorite new toy or present, and then playing with them together. Love the new collection!

22 Jul 2022 Jean marmo

What a fun and fresh collection. My holiday memories are filled with those traditions I started with my kids. We always cut a tree, took an annual photo with Santa, had a dated ornament, and more. I am happy to now continue those with my young grandchildren.

22 Jul 2022 MJ

The enjoyment of remembering going into Manhattan and viewing the storefront windows of Macys at Christmas time.

22 Jul 2022 Cynthia Baldwin

My favorite holiday memories are when my kids were toddlers…in particular, I remember the night that we came out of Christmas Eve mass, and it was snowing! We live in Houston, Texas, so it’s rare that that happens. The magic of the holidays, indeed. <3

22 Jul 2022 Kirstin Longson

Live the color palette & the beautiful designs! I love Christmas collections & this one is so new & fresh looking!

22 Jul 2022 Miss Carrie

I have so many memories, but my favorites always involve when all seven kids lived at home.

22 Jul 2022 Anne Furtado

By gosh you’ve done it again! I love this…. So much! Didn’t Think I needed more Christmas but now I’m thinking I do🤣😂🥰😉

22 Jul 2022 Sue Tunstall

I love Christmas – the anticipation, the gift wrapping and card making and the fun of Christmas morning. I told myself not to look at this collection because I have SO much paper, but I can see easily how I would use this in my scrapbooks – it is so beautiful.

22 Jul 2022 Mary Sara P.

Love this collection. Such fun. Favorite holiday memories is baking cookies using my Grandmother’s cookie recipes.

22 Jul 2022 Lucy Williams

What a FUN collection for Christmas – card making or scrapping! Christmas Eve always has that magical feeling every year when all the family arrives here. I forget how tired I am (lol) and enjoy the moments…..

22 Jul 2022 Debbie Ford

What a great holiday collection!

22 Jul 2022 Christie

Christmas lights and cocoa!

22 Jul 2022 Christie Dipoalo

Ohhh another collection knocked out of the park!!! Love it so much. XOXO

22 Jul 2022 Lori L

Christmas has always been my favorite Holiday!
So many wonderful memories of happy times spent with Family and Friends.
One of the favorite memories that stands out the most is when I was little my Dad would play Santa on Christmas Eve!
My older Sister, Brother and I would hide in my room for Santa to leave (We always opened presents on Christmas Eve) Of course I never saw Santa but heard him as Mom and Dad (switching voices to be Dad.. LOL!) would ask Santa if I had been a good girl, while I waited nervously to hear the answer. Mom would offer Santa some cookies and milk before he left.
I love this new collection and it’s perfect for documenting all of my Christmas memories.

22 Jul 2022 Wendy Hutchinson

Saaaweeet! Love the candy canes. I get inspired just looking at these. Cue the Christmas music. My son’s partner and I love crafting Christmas Cards anytime. We just play Christmas Albums to get in the mood! Love it that we totally bond over paper crafting. She is so creative!

22 Jul 2022 Mary Holshouser

So many favorite holiday memories. Parents
sealed off the living room Dec 1 so Santa could
do his thing when he wanted. On Dec 25, the
doors were open and there were new dolls and
all their clothes mother had made for them.
Lots of other presents. That was 75 years
ago. Still remember the excitement.
thanks for the offer of the collection. Love
Christmas papers and stamps and …..

22 Jul 2022 Stephanie B

I love this collection! I think it will go well with what I have left over from last year’s.

My favorite holiday memory is when I was 7 and got the big Barbie head that you put makeup on (the Barbie Beauty Center), and my brother grabbed it out of my hands to “help” me set it up and accidentally snapped her head off the base lol. I still bug him about it.

22 Jul 2022 Karen Grosz

I especially have enjoyed the memories of my boys opening the Advent Calendar that had small surprises in it each day. We did it for many years. I miss my boys living with me, but have such wonderful memories that make me happy.

22 Jul 2022 Yvonne Boucher

My favorite Christmas memory is having all the family together Christmas Day. This is a wonderful release. The paper patterns and ephemera will add to some great Christmas projects. I especially love the puffy alphabet!

22 Jul 2022 Yvonne Boucher

My favorite Christmas memory is having all the family together Christmas Day. This is a wonderful release. The paper patterns and ephemera will add to some great Christmas projects. I especially love the puffy alphabet!

22 Jul 2022 Marci

I love the excitement of the kids running downstairs to see what Santa brought them. It’s a moment of innocence and pure joy.

22 Jul 2022 Sharlene

It is +30 C and sunny today where i live, but i must say this paper has me excited for Christmas! I love the nostalgic look of it and the traditional reds and greens. It will be fun to create with.

22 Jul 2022 Sharon Gullikson

Beautiful papers. Memory: our kids’ first Christmases were so much fun!

22 Jul 2022 Sharon Kent

When my kids were growing up, seeing them when they got up on Christmas morning and seeing what Santa had left for them.

22 Jul 2022 Kathy

Love Christmas with family, one yr I had them all come in their pjs..everyone was so much more relaxed..

22 Jul 2022 Sherry Bear

Christmas morning begins with homemade bluebeary blintzes and lots of coffee! A “Santa” is appointed and must wear a special holiday hat as he/she passes out gifts.

22 Jul 2022 Mary Ann Eitel

My best memories are having a big Christmas dinner with the whole family.

22 Jul 2022 Val

Beautiful collection! Watching my kids enjoy the holiday activities and family time make the holidays special to me. We put on quite a light display that gets better every year and having all of the kids be a part of setting that up and making those memories is the greatest feeling!

22 Jul 2022 Amy Cooley

Decorating my home for the holidays is my favorite memory.

22 Jul 2022 Kelly W.

Love the new release, so so pretty and fun! ❤️
Time with family around the table sharing a homemade meal, watching Christmas movies together, and attending candle light services at church with my family bring so many happy memories! Snow is always a bonus and so much fun if we get a white Christmas, the sleds come out or a walk in the woods. 🎄❄️☃️

22 Jul 2022 Karen Umlah-Taylor

Awesome Christmas Collection, love to win to add to my Collection.

22 Jul 2022 Clair K.

Another beautiful collection. My favorite memories are relaxing by the tree at night with my favorite beverage and enjoying all the sparkling lights.

22 Jul 2022 Mary-Anne V.

Beautiful collection. Meeting up with the extended family, unwrapping gifts, baking cookies and celebrating at Christmas mass all make me happy!

22 Jul 2022 Tara Montoya

This collection is amazing! It would be perfect for my Christmas memory keeping :)

22 Jul 2022 Diana

Favorite Christmas memories are decorating the tree. My daughter and her friends would get together Christmas Eve eve and exchange gifts, make cookies and decorate the tree. I would buy a new ornament or set of ornaments and they would have to tell me want was new. They got right every year.

22 Jul 2022 Ann

Very pretty collection! Some of my favorite holiday memories are from when we’d go to my grandma’s house and I’d get to play with all my cousins.

22 Jul 2022 Jennifer Donovan

So many options with this color pallet. Love this collection. All the embellishments would make such cute cards or scrapbook pages.

22 Jul 2022 Lauryne Cunningham

My favorite holiday memories were when our kids were little and right after Christmas Day, we’d take our RV to Disneyland or Disneyworld!

22 Jul 2022 Kim Rosati

We always love decorating Christmas Cookies, and going to my daughters house Christmas morning to see her girls open their presents! Also each year I get a new animated stuffed Christmas animal and the Grandkids now try to get them all working at once and move they they do! Love the colors in the new collection!!!

22 Jul 2022 Elaine Mauldin

Love the snowflake paper!

22 Jul 2022 Amy B.

Holiday Memories from when my children were young make me the happiest! They were so filled with wonder and excitement! From leaving food for the reindeer on the front lawn, to leaving cookies and cocoa (with lots of whip cream) for Santa, to reading the Night Before Christmas, and the excitement of waking up to see what Santa brought are memories I don’t ever want to forget! Absolutely love this new Christmas collection! Thank you for a chance to win!

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