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Stamping in Traveler's Notebook with Veera

Stamping in Traveler's Notebook with Veera

29 Oct 2017 0 Comments

Happy Sunday! It’s Veera here today to share you more projects with Pinkfresh Studio’s lovely products. Today I want to share you two traveler’s notebook spreads to show case two different ways to incorporate stamping in your TN spreads.

One of the challenges in traveler’s notebooks is bulk: if you add too much layers into each spread the whole notebook will eventually become very bulky and might not close properly. Stamping is great solution for this as you can create patterns and embellishments without adding any bulk!

For the first spread I created my own background by stamping. On the right side under the picture I stamped subtle triangle patterns with mint ink to replace another sheet of pattern paper. For this I used the Lovely Borders 2 Stamp set.

By choosing a light ink color I was able to create a nice and subtle pattern without it being too busy.

For the second spread I added layers to my embellishments clusters with stamping. For this I used the leaf stamps from Escape The Ordinary collection. By adding stamped leaves together with die-cut leaves I was able to create full embellishments clusters with minimal bulk.

As you can see I have added the stamping to the right side of the spreads in both of the projects. There’s a clear reason for this: I have filled in the traveler’s notebook already which means that the left side is not completely even anymore because of the previous spreads. As the right side is flat I’m able to control the stamping better and make sure I get clean crisp images.

Are you used to incorporate stamping in your traveler’s notebooks? Make sure you give it a try, it’s so fun!



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