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My Happy Life Project | Celes Gonzalo

My Happy Life Project | Celes Gonzalo

27 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Hello crafters! How are you today? It's Celes here.Today I have a super special project to create with you. Before we begin working, I have to say that we are going to make this project in two parts. First part (which we will work on today): we are going to decorate our little house. Second part (which we will work on later): we will make the inner mini album.

 My Happy Life Project 1

To prepare this lovely project I'll be using the Happy Heart Collection . As I told before... I'm in LOVE with it! For me is a source of infinite inspiration.But you can use any of the latest Pinkfresh Studio collections! ;)

My Happy Life Project 2

The Happy Heart Collection has a beautiful paper full of windows of different designs. It's the one which inspired me to buy a little wood house and decorate it with the Happy Heart 12x12 Paper Pack. No matter the size of the house, you can use the one you want.

 NOTE: Before starting to decorate the house, make a template of it. Simply transfer the outline onto a sheet of paper. Once you have the template, you can scale it as much as you need or make your own cut file.

My Happy Life Project 3

To decorate the house I chose 4 design paper from the Happy Heart 12x12 Paper Pack. One for the back, two for the interior and one for the sides.

For the back of the house: outline the house onto a design paper and cut it.

For the interior of the house: repeat the same steps as for the back and measure the edge of the house (you will use those cuts to decorate the front of the house). Use a different design paper for the interior sides of the house (including the roof on the inside).

My Happy Life Project 4

Tip: apply an even layer of glue to stick the papers to the structure of the house. Remember to use a folder to remove possible air bubbles.

Cut and glue all the papers for the structure before starting to make the windows shakers.

Front of the house: I used one piece of the Title Ephemera Pack and one of the Floral Ephemera Pack to decorate the front. I will not add more details since I will make a mini album.

My Happy Life Project 5

For the roof: I use one of the dies from the Essentials: Classic Edgers Die Set to cut some specialty paper that I had. You can use any type of paper you like. The idea is to glue them in layers using 3D foam to give it dimension.

My Happy Life Project 6

Shaker windows: now we will make the shaker windows :) Love them! I must confess that it is my favorite moment!

My Happy Life Project 7

I cut 4 windows for the back of the house and one for each side. Use a cutter to cut out all the inner window shapes and add acetate and foam 3D to create the shakers.

My Happy Life Project 7

Fill all windows with beautiful and colorful beads and sequins. You have to options: 1- use the paper of the structure as the back of the shaker, 2- add white paper before gluing the window to the structure.

My Happy Life Project 9

 Don't they look lovely? :) This is the first part of the decoration... when making the mini album we will add more beautiful details...

My Happy Life Project 10

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like this idea ;)

See you next time! :)


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