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Making the Best of It | Reveal and Giveaway

Making the Best of It | Reveal and Giveaway

31 Jan 2024 184 Comments

It's time to reveal our first Scrapbook collections of 2024! NEW this year - we are excited to be offering our newest collections in both ENGLISH and SPANISH versions!

NOTE: This collection will be included in our upcoming Create and Connect Scrapbook Event. You can find more information, and register HERE!

Fresh & colorful with pops of black to give a modern feel, this beautiful collection offers a heartfelt theme that can be used to document so many moments & memories. With geometric patterns, natural botanicals & flowers and a touch of matte gold here & there, Making the Best of It will leave you feeling inspired to create. This amazing collection was designed by Kaitlin Sheaffer.

Making the Best of It will look beautiful on all your paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, greeting cards & more!

Check out the collection in full!



























The Making the Best of It collection will be available for purchase on Monday, February 12th at 7 am CST! We will also be celebrating with an Instagram Hop for each of the new collections closer to the release dates - so make sure to check back for those for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Making the Best of It collection! How do you make the best of your life? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Thursday, February 15th to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 


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12 Feb 2024 Tina Gilmore

I make the best of life by treating others the way I want to be treated at all times. I also love to share with other people. One of the ways I do that is by making cards, tags and handmade gifts to give them.

11 Feb 2024 Maite

Beautiful colors! Congratulations! I try to enjoy simple things in life like being with my family or friends

11 Feb 2024 Rebecca

So pretty I love love this collection!

10 Feb 2024 Tricia H.

Gratitude. Making the best in my life has to do with remaining grateful for the things I have. The opportunities I have in life to share my gift with others and to try to help them. I try to remain God’s humble servant.
I love the colors in this collection, truly love them!

09 Feb 2024 Emily

I just came back to look at this paper pack again. It is GORGEOUS. I can’t wait until it releases!

07 Feb 2024 Bo Gilmore

I love the No Risk No Magic scallops paper. I use stencils on everything so I love these designs.

07 Feb 2024 Becky Ahr

I love this collection so much. The seniments are filled with positivity. The colors are beautiful! The varitety of florals and patters work wonderfully together. I can’t wait to get started on an album with this. It fits my girls and I so perfctly. I have never connected with colleciton so well. You guys really did a wonderful job with this. All. Time. Favorite!

07 Feb 2024 Kirsten D.

I can’t tell you how much I love this new lines from the colours to your choice of sentiments! Making my best life, I’m conscious of being GRATEFUL for the little things such as a happy family and good job even when one doesn’t exactly want to go to work…
And remembering to take pictures of the little things helps me to remember what I love in my life!

07 Feb 2024 Laia

I am trying to be more present with my kids and enjoy this crazy moment of my life. The collection is so beautiful

07 Feb 2024 Wendy Orme

What a gorgeous collection! I just keep getting up and doing my best everyday despite the challenges!

07 Feb 2024 Linda

that watercolor paper is so beautiful!

07 Feb 2024 Andrea Shell

I love the patterns and colors in this collection!
How do I make the best of my life? I’m trying to slow down and be more present, but I still need lots of practice!

07 Feb 2024 Marcia Scantlin

I try to stay positive and not dwell on the past. Not contemplating your belly button and thinking of others helps, too.

06 Feb 2024 Candy B.

I allow my faith to provide the answers to life’s concerns. I love the colors and patterns! So soft. Thank you.

05 Feb 2024 Terry Houser

Beautiful! All my favorite colors!

05 Feb 2024 Heather D

Living in the moment and getting outside always :)

03 Feb 2024 Kendra Hum

What a beautiful collection! I shall be needing it! I have just learned to give myself a break and to not worry about all the little stuff, life is too short!

03 Feb 2024 Amy Myers

Lovely collection! I’m trying to make the best of things by finding my creative energy again. I had brain surgery in October and healing has been more difficult than I anticipated. I’m making strides though and finding myself wanting to create again. It’s such a nice feeling to have again.

03 Feb 2024 Anneleise Hampson

Great new collection- those puffy title stickers are awesome! Definitely want those for upcoming scrap pages. Well done!

03 Feb 2024 Jenna Chapman

I “make the best of this life” by trying to accomplish the many tasks I have with joy and lots of prayer. I try to remember what is important—my relationship with the Lord, my family, my friends. And I’m working on being thankful in every situation for what the Lord has given me. And having the occasional papercrafting session, of course, helps me, too!

02 Feb 2024 Beth Dotson

The collection is so pretty; I absolutely love the No Risk No Magic paper! I make the best of life by treating myself every now and then. Moms do so much for their family that we have to occasionally treat ourselves!

02 Feb 2024 Lisascreativeniche

Great question! I make the best of my life by smiling and trying to celebrate the little things 😊

02 Feb 2024 Traci Mc

This is a beautiful release! Keep up the good work!

02 Feb 2024 Cindy A

Oh , I love this collection….Its still Winter in Canada …..this says BRING ON SPRING!!!

02 Feb 2024 Mary K

I love this beautiful collection. I make the best of life by savoring the little moments and writing down something funny that happened everyday.

02 Feb 2024 Rebecca S

Try to have gratitude for the little things even when times are hard.

01 Feb 2024 Lauryne Cunningham

So many beautiful things in this collection! I live life to the fullest by spending time with family, crafting, traveling and being grateful for everything that I have!

01 Feb 2024 Melanie Waters

Love the collection.
Live each day to the fullest!

01 Feb 2024 Terriann Wilkinson

Beautiful collection! I make the best of it by creating and documenting our family events as much as possible.

01 Feb 2024 Bethany Engstrom

Wonderful collection! I make the best of things by trying to always be grateful in every circumstance…not easy, but it makes a big difference!

01 Feb 2024 Susan McLandrich

This is a great collection. Very versatile! I love the titles.
I make the best of it by doing what I Love and always loving what I am doing! 😉

01 Feb 2024 Heather Reese

Great paper suite! I do what I love everyday – I spend time creating in my craft room. I try to appreciate what I have and celebrate the good in everyday.

01 Feb 2024 Amy Solovay

Just re-read your post and realized I forgot to answer “how do you make the best of your life?” Great question!

“Making the Best of It” has been a recurring theme in my life. The best example I can think of: When my husband and I both lost our jobs at the same time, we realized we were going to have to move. We seized the opportunity to buy a sailboat and go cruising, so we got to travel and have an amazing adventure as a result. Now I am scrapbooking our travels! And these papers are perfect for documenting them. Thanks so much for making these lovely designs available.

01 Feb 2024 Amy Solovay

Love it all!! Want it ALL!!

I scrap 6″×8″ so your paper collections can be hit or miss for me. I typically love all the products y’all produce, but I end up passing on a lot of your papers because you do so many engineered designs that wouldn’t look right when cut down to 6″×8″. But I think these designs would all be usable at 6″×8″. Huge win!

01 Feb 2024 Estefy

I love it!!! I actually loved the two collections they have published, but it is much more… specifically of the papers:
-time well spent
-take it easy
-good feelings

This collection is a beauty…


01 Feb 2024 Lisa Zepponi

Beautiful collection! I can’t wait to use it in the Create and Connect class! Great motto of life! MAke the BEST of It! Don’t give up! Find the silver linings!

01 Feb 2024 Tamara Miera

What a lovely new collections. I really enjoy all the greens. And the sentiments are so fun. You can make so many layouts to document all the things.

01 Feb 2024 Sallie Robinson

Perfect, huge set. I love the bright, happy colors. Another PF winner.

01 Feb 2024 margaret slonaker

I am soon to be 85 i love making cards do it almost daily. It saved my sanity during covid.. Love color paper and all that goes into it this is a beautiful set… be kind be safe be happy

01 Feb 2024 Aimee K

Such a beautiful collection!! Loving all of the fresh springy colors! I am making the best of life by being with my amazing family and appreciating the small joys in life and letting go of the negatives. Life is too short!

01 Feb 2024 Caitlin

I make the best of it by trying to be positive as much as possible.

01 Feb 2024 Phyllis Miller

I love the colors and designs. So Spring! So Perfect!

01 Feb 2024 Vickie Z

Gorgeous collection!! I used to scrapbook and have just started again now that I am retired. I try to make the best of life spending time with family…. enjoying the little things!!!

01 Feb 2024 Elisa Muilwyk

I try to make the most of life by letting the little negative things go, and focusing on the joy of small moments like baking or wrestling with my little kids.

What a great colours I this collection!! Gold floral vellum 😍

01 Feb 2024 veronika senova

I just try to live my life to the fullest, with love of my life and my kids, travel when possible , go to party when possible, and when not stay in bed with good now mostly kid book :)

01 Feb 2024 Katarina Prevendarova

Beautiful collection! I do it spending time in nature.

01 Feb 2024 Marisela Delgado

I try to do the things that make me happy, whole, complete: crafting a card, handwriting a letter, gardening, and living in peace.

01 Feb 2024 Magali De Koninck

I live my best life by being present and paying attention to the smallest and most wonderful things! Congrats on another beautiful collection!!

01 Feb 2024 Meredith Smith

Wow!!! Such a gorgeous collection! I live my best life by creating memories with friends and family. I also scrapbook with my friends each month. Also, living with autoimmune diseases, I try to make the most of each day and rest when I need to rest.

31 Jan 2024 Sarah R Smith

I’m living my best life right now! I’ve been working so much for the past six years. I knew I needed to finally do something for myself. I decided to start a new crafting adventure and I am beyond excited with all of the things I’ve learned and all of the wonderful people I have met. Crafters are sincerely kind people. I want to try everything!!! :)

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