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Life Right Now Collection Reveal

Life Right Now Collection Reveal

05 Mar 2022 135 Comments

Document life’s ups and downs with the Life Right Now collection! Modern, geometric and colorful, you will love capturing the good, bad, mundane and everything in between. This collection was designed by Geralyn Sy, and you will see her signature style throughout.

Life Right Now will look beautiful on all your paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, pocket pages, notebook spreads & more!

Check out the collection in full!























The Life Right Now collection will be available for purchase in our online shop on Monday, March 7th at 7 AM Central Time! We will also celebrate this brand new collection with a blog hop and Instagram hop later this month. Be sure to mark your calendars for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Life Right Now collection! What part of your life right now would you like to document? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Wednesday, March 16, 2021 to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 

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16 Mar 2022 Laia Boronat

Now I am obsessed documenting my family. I have two sons and I don’t want to forget anything. I love the light blue in this collection. Thanks for making such a great collection!

13 Mar 2022 Wei Wei Wang

What a beautiful collection! This collection is great for documenting my daily life! I love it!!!


I love 😍 the puffys and the flowers are my favorite products

10 Mar 2022 Mónica Santos

I’m in love with the phrases used and all the floral.

09 Mar 2022 Amy Solovay

This collection is fantastic! LOVE the floral ephemera and the wonderful variety of paper designs! There are so many unique and interesting elements in this collection — it’s a keeper!

re: “What part of your life right now would you like to document?” Right now I’m working on documenting an epic journey my husband and I took, sailing a 34’ sailboat across the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

However, you remind me that I should also be documenting the right now, everyday experiences I’m having, which don’t seem as interesting in comparison, but are still worth remembering. I currently live at a ski resort, and it is absolutely beautiful here. I really need to get out and take more pictures of the spectacular mountain views I see when I take daily walks with my husband. They shouldn’t be taken for granted, and it seems I am guilty of doing just that.

09 Mar 2022 Fran Hixson

I memory plan and LOVE documenting everyday life. I’m an empty nester, but I still find so much joy crafting and documenting. There is always something going on worth writing down!

08 Mar 2022 Cindy Agar

This collection is so good for the mundane pictures of the last 2 years …Still important to document this time in history …..though LORD let it be over!

07 Mar 2022 Atreece Williams

I would love to document my day job, I’m an accountant by day and scrapper by night! And these days the days are long.

07 Mar 2022 Sherry Tipton

We have just redone our upstairs, main living area and I would like to document the trials and victories of what we encountered through the process. A married couple can have a little too much togetherness when working on a remodel…..LOL

07 Mar 2022 Kathy Diaz

What a beautiful collection! Great for scrapbooking & card making. A complete set! I love it!!!

07 Mar 2022 Belinda Ryan

Love this collections. It could be used for trips or staying at home.

07 Mar 2022 Karen P.

Geralyn Sy’s designs are always fantastic. I would like to use this collection to document a new relationship. ❤️

07 Mar 2022 Magali De Koninck

Awww, such gorgeous collection! Love the graphical elements with the softer florals :) Since working remotely I am spending much more time at home and it seems perfect for documenting the joy in the little things around our home!

07 Mar 2022 Elaine

I’ve been scrapbooking for 23 years on and off and I’ve always felt like I have to create works of art when I scrapbook. Although PL has been around forever, I always thought “that’s not for me”, and I just discovered, it’s exactly “for me” and the way I want to scrapbook. I want to include tons of photos and not worry about their necessary rhyme and reason on one page, the way scrapbooking was done before there was “modern day scrapbooking”. I’ve found my excitement to scrapbook again! And this kit has made me even more excited. It’s just so fresh and clean and I love it!!! Good luck to all!

07 Mar 2022 Aimee Kidd

Beautiful collection! Loving these colors and graphics! That pack of flowers is a must have for my layouts about my DD!!

07 Mar 2022 Honey D

I would like to document my 22 month old puppy needing emergency surgery for swallowing a small tennis ball. It has been a stressful 24 hours. She is a trooper and I love her so much. Just thinking of her cute little face and how she wags her entire body when she sees me, warms my heart. This collection is perfect for documenting the ordeal.

07 Mar 2022 Lisa Federspiel

Gorgeous colors, as always! Love the patterns too! Thank you!!!

07 Mar 2022 BC

I love everything about this collection! It is so me! Love all of Geralyn’s designs too. Great collection!

07 Mar 2022 Lauryne Cunningham

Love this collection! I would document trips with my husband to go see my sons!

06 Mar 2022 mary

love the colors. so fresh and happy!

06 Mar 2022 Maree

Loving this new collection. I think some of the icons look so perfect for my teens! Also beautiful and versatile colors!

06 Mar 2022 Maree

Loving this new collection. I think some of the icons look so perfect for my teens! Also beautiful and versatile colors!

06 Mar 2022 Cristina

I love all the everyday icons- perfect to document the little moments that give meaning to my days!

06 Mar 2022 Susan McLandrich

I will use this lovely collection to document the coming out of Covid phase we are in right now. It is perfect with its “Cautiously Optimistic” theme. Great colors, art working and phrasing for Right Now.

06 Mar 2022 JoAnneRIL

This is another stellar collection. I love it when you come out with new paper collections. I’ve really been struggling to find positive things to document these days. This beautiful collection deserves to be surrounded by hope, and effort and energy.

06 Mar 2022 JoAnneRIL

This is another stellar collection. I love it when you come out with new paper collections. I’ve really been struggling to find positive things to document these days. This beautiful collection deserves to be surrounded by hope, and effort and energy.

06 Mar 2022 JoAnneRIL

This is another stellar collection. I love it when you come out with new paper collections. I’ve really been struggling to find positive things to document these days. This beautiful collection deserves to be surrounded by hope, and effort and energy.

06 Mar 2022 Makalah W

Planning my first vacation this summer in 3 years! Will be good to unplug and relax, and this looks perfect for some of those future photos!

06 Mar 2022 Marisela Delgado

My recovery and comeback after a scary and brutal injury.

06 Mar 2022 Nicole

This collection certainly captures this moment in time. I love the tea elements.

06 Mar 2022 Ann

I’m doing pocket pages right now and catching up on some older trips. This collection would be perfect for both!

06 Mar 2022 Cynthia Johnson

I love all these products! My faves are the pages of teapots and coffee pots. I’ll be going back to work this week at age 65. I don’t know if my body can take it but I can’t do anything but try my best. This really should be documented because it’s been 15 years since I worked a public job!

06 Mar 2022 Phyllis Nimitz

This collection is beautiful. You knocked it out of the park again.

06 Mar 2022 Anissa Hutchins

I love the floral diecuts and the chipboard frames. What a beautifully designed collection.

06 Mar 2022 Patricia Coleman

Love the papers and ephemera ❤️

06 Mar 2022 Jenn

I love the pops of color!! I think this my favourite Pinkfresh collection to date!

06 Mar 2022 Lisa C.

What a beautiful collection! I especially love the floral ephemera!

06 Mar 2022 Stephanie Zilmer

Wow – everyone’s life seems different and your papers seem to cover many different aspects of life. Hope everyone can have some good parts to their lives. :)

06 Mar 2022 Andrea Bowers

I love this collection of soft shades and bright colors. The collection is perfect for showcasing my granddaughters baby books. The delicate looking floral papers are perfect for the infant/toddler years and bright colors for the early school years.

06 Mar 2022 Jeannie Hartenfels

I want to document more of the day to day things, like dropping off a lunch at our vet’s office as a thank you for all their hard work. Thanking animal rescue groups for all the work they put in to rehabilitate dogs and cats. Getting our new to us rescue dog. All things that may touch someone’s heart, and let them know that they are appreciated.

06 Mar 2022 Beverly Jordan

This is an awesome and fun collection!!! Would love to document life: Coffee with my Dr. friend; Road trips with my 2 scrapbook girlfriends; small day trips with eating out with my hubby and just every day stuff at my house with my 2 boys! So many things can be covered with this collection! LOVE: when in doubt eat sweets cardstock sticker!

06 Mar 2022 Charlotte DeKoning

Love the focus on mental health! I need this whole collection in my life right now.

06 Mar 2022 Rona Yardley

I love how “real” this is… so suitable for our layouts these days. Another great collection!

06 Mar 2022 Tina C

Cute set to document the relaxing weekend vibe…bright & cheerful colors, too.

06 Mar 2022 Jacqie Malzahn

Love documenting the little every day moments and this collection is perfect!

06 Mar 2022 Glorie Alvarez

I would use it for scrapbook pages about my daughter.

06 Mar 2022 Debby Hildebrant

POSITIVITY with a capital P! Love it, and so very needed in our lives today. We can do it!

06 Mar 2022 Eva Walker
Not all of life is good. I love that this has alot of “I’m just ok” type in it. So many pictures need this. My grands cleaned up after they threw up in my lap. Mom just in nursing home. Etc. Still want to document these things. Great collection.
06 Mar 2022 Marilyn Williams

I could have so much fun with this. All of the papers will make my cards beautiful to glorify some ones days.

06 Mar 2022 Melissa Leftrick

I would use this for crafting or gardening! Love it!

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