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Life Right Now Collection Reveal

Life Right Now Collection Reveal

Document life’s ups and downs with the Life Right Now collection! Modern, geometric and colorful, you will love capturing the good, bad, mundane and everything in between. This collection was designed by Geralyn Sy, and you will see her signature style throughout.

Life Right Now will look beautiful on all your paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, pocket pages, notebook spreads & more!

Check out the collection in full!























The Life Right Now collection will be available for purchase in our online shop on Monday, March 7th at 7 AM Central Time! We will also celebrate this brand new collection with a blog hop and Instagram hop later this month. Be sure to mark your calendars for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Life Right Now collection! What part of your life right now would you like to document? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Wednesday, March 16, 2021 to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 


85. Mar 06, 2022

OMG this paper line is beautiful…..some of it reminds me of fabric I used to have for quilts…..documenting my life is harder these days with all thats going on in my family but this too we shall overcome and come out stronger then ever ….thanks for the chance to win

Judy Parker
84. Mar 06, 2022

Wow this collection is pretty awesome with the everyday life and love the blues and yellows together too :) I’m excited about this one and will be getting it when it’s available

Tina Campbell
83. Mar 06, 2022

This is such a Beautiful Collection. Love the prints and colors.

Karen Warner
82. Mar 06, 2022

Wow what a perfect collection with all the turmoil this world is experiencing right now and thanks for your generosity in giving people the chance to have it too 😊🙏🏻❤️❤️

Kathryn Oldfield
81. Mar 06, 2022

What a beautiful collection! I have so many photos and stories of things my toddler has done. I never did an actual baby book for her. Instead, I started scrapbooks to capture her adorable personality.

Kerri Harris
80. Mar 06, 2022

Love all the bright colors! I always have every day photos and this collection will be perfect to scrap those every day moments with the people I love!

Kathryn Kruse
79. Mar 06, 2022

Both of my parents have recently passed and I have inherited all their photos. I would love to make my brother and I each a scrapbook of our childhood. This new release would be the perfect thing to help me get started.

Janice Hixon
78. Mar 06, 2022

Such a fun, uplifting, and spirited collection! I love all the ephemera!
I need to document my topsy-turvy life right now as I try to manage the care of my 95 year old Mom who lives 5 hours away from me!

Kathy P
77. Mar 06, 2022

Super Cute! Love the bright fun colors. Will be perfect for documenting my new empty nestor status!! :-)

Alexia D
76. Mar 06, 2022

Living life has Been improving with some Covid restrictions lightened. Enjoying the outdoor spaces.

patricia hebron
75. Mar 06, 2022

Love the colors! Would use to document my families happenings this year. Thanks for the chance to win!

Teena Perine
74. Mar 06, 2022

My life right now is so much different than a just over a year ago. My hubby died last March 4 and although
Ian getting better, this whole collection defines who I am now. From taking care of his beloved German Shepard, to rescuing a 12 year old Pitt bull mix girl,
To trying to live each day and take care of the yard and house and finding new time for me, my kids and grandkids. I love this collection and it just speaks to me

Karen H
73. Mar 06, 2022

Interesting collection and some very pretty papers. Loved the items. Thank you.

Patricia Wilson
72. Mar 06, 2022

I would use this collection to document my everyday thoughts and feelings in my yearly album. I think it would be interesting to be able to look back and see my perspective of what was happening in my life at that time.

Aleks Lj
71. Mar 06, 2022

What a great collection. Nice for everyday life happenings and celebrations. It’s going to be popular.

Maryanne Powell
70. Mar 06, 2022

I absolutely love this line! I would use it to document life right now, as well as in my P52 project. We are adjusting to our oldest being in Navy bootcamp, so I’m trying to document letters, and then when we go see her for graduation.

Melanie Ashcraft
69. Mar 06, 2022

This is a terrific new collection and perfect for something that I want to incorporate in my layouts. I’ll be including myself and what I am thinking, reflecting, doing, what I want to express so my child knows a bit more about me. Thanks so much for the perfect collection to help me with that documentation Pink Fresh!

Betsy Jay
68. Mar 06, 2022

Beautiful florals with some bold colors mixed in just perfectly. You can use this collection to create any type of page from travel to spring to summer and anywhere in between. Just lovely!

Mary Knickerbocker
67. Mar 06, 2022

I would like to document more of us grandparents interacting with the grandkids. Those are wonderful memories to look back on.

66. Mar 06, 2022

This collection is amazing!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

65. Mar 06, 2022

I love this collection (and pretty much anything Geralyn Sy designs)! Right now I enjoy documenting all the little moments. Things are changing so rapidly, even a year or two it will be completely different, so I want to capture life right now!

Carey B
64. Mar 06, 2022

I love this pretty collection of both everyday and special occasions that can be used to document all kinds of life events. 💖

Vicki Davis
63. Mar 06, 2022

I just got married and am moving in his house and blending family/stuff.

Amy Waters
62. Mar 06, 2022

So excited for this collection! It totally fits into my life (right now). Can’t wait to make some layouts and even some cards with the beautiful collection!

Sally Powers
61. Mar 06, 2022

Thinking so much about our world and when I saw the blue and yellow papers they jumped out at me as we all grieve for Ukraine. I appreciate the way you reach out to Yana and support her in prayer etc. Your release is beautiful once again. We all need hearts of gratitude for how we have been blessed.

60. Mar 06, 2022

This new collection welcomes spring and a new beginning without masks and sheltering at home! I would use it to document my special days with my granddaughter! My dad passed away 4 months ago at the age of 93 and I have been in a funk not being able to celebrate his life with friends and relatives. I would like to use some of the pieces in this collection to document some of the fun times I shared with my dad.

Karen Kashiwagi
59. Mar 06, 2022

Such a beautiful yet utilitarian collection! Perfect to scrapbook about life! Very versatile! Excited for its release!

58. Mar 06, 2022

Wow! This collection is amazing! All the papers and elements are so cute. Beautiful job!!

57. Mar 06, 2022

Wow! I really really love this collection! I want it all! I would document my werkday routine and my weekend mornings. Or the just hanging at my friend’s!

Xochitl I Martinez
56. Mar 06, 2022
These past two years have been life-changing for everyone. I began college a few decades after graduating from high school, and the road had been a rocky one. I dropped two classes almost immediately, understanding certain concepts was difficult, so struggled through my remaining one. Drove across town multiple times a week to have my daughter search the computer for completed assignments I had saved, snd then submit on my behalf. Shortly before the semester ended, I was diagnosed with ADHD. Well, that certainly explained how I dealt with many aspects of my life! At the current point in time, I have completed over a dozen classes and have made dean’s list each semester. Assign a paper on any topic, and I sail right through it. Grasping the concepts involved in algebra has been incredibly difficult, and am taking that class for the third time. So very frustrating, but perseverance will get me through. I began receiving speech therapy last summer, in an effort to improve myself and make myself bette

r understood by future patients. During my diagnostic appointment, it was noted that my speech was jerky, which lead to a neurology appointment….during which he noted jerky eye movements. Testing presented no answers, so he referred me to a specialist within the field.
The initial visit did not give definitive answers, so testing continues. I do not know what the future holds, but I am determined to live my best life, no matter what detours and challenges may lay ahead of me.

Jenifer C.
55. Mar 06, 2022

I love this collection
The colors are bright and cheery. Patterns and motifs are just perfect for everyday scrapping.
Thanks for the chance to win!

54. Mar 06, 2022

I love this collection as it really horned into my life as it stands today. After 30 years years of being together with my partner Ed and three children, we decided to get married. So we are totally excited. But nothing comes with total happiness. I lost my mom two years ago and going thru this journey isn’t quite the same. I have my days of up’s and downs. But I forge ahead with my family in mind. When I saw this collection it jumped out at me because it was everything we have been going thru and let’s not forget this pandemic! Thank you for this collection! I will purchase complete even if I don’t win. This collection is completely awesome!

Angelina Fernandez
53. Mar 06, 2022

I did a trip years ago to Holland, Belgium, France and a short side trip to Germany with the NCB (Nanaimo Concert Band) for the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands. It was one of the most memorable band trips ever and I have yet to put my pictures in an album. Every time I go to start, I end up reminiscing about where we performed, the history of place and the people who treated us with such gratitude. It was a humbling experience. So this is the one memory that I’d like to document in my life. It’s time to get those pictures and memories on scrapbook layouts and in an album or two.

52. Mar 06, 2022

These are beautiful! I would make a fun scrapbook of my niece and nephews. :)

Kelsey Thomas
51. Mar 06, 2022

Pretty collection! I love the retro coffee and tea designs!
I’d use it for a ‘relaxing at home’ theme…. seems like we have been doing a lot of that lately!

Denise Bryant
50. Mar 06, 2022

Beautiful as always! I am looking forward to playing with this collection! It makes my heart happy! :)

49. Mar 06, 2022

Beautiful and timely! Aloha!

48. Mar 06, 2022

Love the papers and all the coordinated things to add to make crafting so much fun!

Pamela Conner
47. Mar 06, 2022

I would love to document the fact that I’m BRAND NEW to memory planning/story telling in this way. (I was a traditional scrapbooker back in the day!) I have so many stories to tell and I LOVE the designs and aesthetic Pinkfresh Studios creates! I used mostly your products for my first ever December Daily! Thank you!

Jennifer Chapman
46. Mar 06, 2022

This collection lends itself to all kinds of events in life! I’d be documenting events from work I work for a non profit that has wonderfully diverse people and celebrates a segment of history I am partial to. I would also be documenting my life with 3 horses a cat, and a dog! Full heart, full hands!

Susan Halpern
45. Mar 06, 2022

Wow what a fun collection. I am so far behind on my scrapbooking this collection would be wonderful in my endeavor to get caught up.

Faulba Dorsett
44. Mar 06, 2022

This collection lends itself to all kinds of events in life! I’d be documenting events from work I work for a non profit that has wonderfully diverse people and celebrates a segment of history I am partial to. I would also be documenting my life with 3 horses a cat, and a dog! Full heart, full hands!

Susan Halpern
43. Mar 06, 2022

I do a yearly scrapbook of all that happens in our life. I see beautiful pages in these papers! I also make cards, and the ideas using the beautiful papers and ephemera are taking shape in my mind! I need to shop for this!

Sandy Anderson
42. Mar 06, 2022

Woo Hoo!! You have knocked it out of the park with these two new collections. Love love love! So beautiful soft and dreamy. A must have!

Debra Gardner
41. Mar 06, 2022

Woo Hoo!! You have knocked it out of the park with these two new collections. Love love love! So beautiful soft and dreamy. A must have!

Debra Gardner
40. Mar 06, 2022

Lovely collection! perfect for documenting my 2022 resolution of taking care of myself more.

Paola Velazquez
39. Mar 06, 2022

I love this collection – perfect for the every day ups and downs. The sentiments on the stickers and die cuts would be great for my memory planner!

Valerie S.
38. Mar 06, 2022

I feel I’m at a high point in my life with my grown children and now grandchildren. I really need to document all the important and fun times we’re having instead of putting it off like I normally do. Then I forget details. I will try to be better from here on out.

Elizabeth K
37. Mar 06, 2022

What a beautiful collection, I would love to document my Spiritual walk with the Lord with this collection.

36. Mar 06, 2022

Finally being able to get out and about,
being around others at backyard BBQs,
this paper would make fun bases for
my memories. I can see a lot of it
being used in my greeting cards too.
Fun, homey collection. Love it.
thanks for sharing

Mary Holshouser

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