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Out & About inspiration, embroidery stitches and mixed media | Anett Gelencsér

Out & About inspiration, embroidery stitches and mixed media | Anett Gelencsér

19 Apr 2019 0 Comments

Hi Pinkfresh Studio Friends! 

Anett here and I am just loving all the gorgeous papers and embellishments with our Out and About collection! So versatile, I love this collection!!!

For today's post, I have a layout and a mini album to show you!

Let’s start with the layout!  I think you already know that I love Pinkfresh Liquid Watercolors. This time I used them on regular cardstock, without any gessoing. Not all kinds of cardstock react the same, so you have to try on a scrap of paper, as I did! You can see my process on Pinkfresh YouTube Channel.

I used a big brush to water the cardstock. Start immediately putting paint on the paper, because the water soaks in quickly. Make dots, splatters or strokes, as you like. The watercolor flows on the surface. It is beautiful to watch! Don’t overwork it, you are ready in a few seconds! Don’t use too many colors! Blue, green and yellow are beautiful together, or pink, red and orange. Pink, purple and blue is beautiful as well. But be careful with purple and orange, they mix to a brownish color.

If you use too much water it builds puddles. You can use some paper towels, or just let it dry, but it can create beautiful textures. You must work rather quick and confident. Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t matter if something goes wrong, or your result is different than mine. Your paper will buckle for sure. I ironed mine after it dried completely.

I build lots of layers under my photo and a cluster on the right-hand side of the photo with die cuts, cardstock stickers, puffy stickers, and mixed embellishments. I also used some mixed embellishments and a paper clip from Joyful Day collection.

For finishing touches, I draw some trees with an alcohol marker.  I love drawing on watercolor, and trees are not complicated to draw, you should give it a try!

Next inspiration is my mini album. Prepare for lots of pictures. Last June we went hiking in the wood nearby. There is a path, with several stations where you can do exercises. We did it all and laughed a lot. I made some funny photos and it was time to make a mini album with them.

I am featuring the Stitched Frames from this collection. I used most of them and created some myself. For the cover, I used Scenic paper (ah…my favorite). I made a tag form from cardboard and covered with paper.

The pages are different papers from the collection, with a stitched frame for my photos and some embellishments.

Hand and machine stitching, paper clips, Epoxy clips add interest to the pages.

I made some pockets from extra photos.

I hope my spotlight on the Stitched Frames has inspired you to get creative! Thanks so much for visiting today!



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