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Guest Designer | Terhi Koskinen

Guest Designer | Terhi Koskinen

23 Apr 2019 0 Comments

We are so excited to announce our April scrapbooking guest, Terhi Koskinen! Terhi is a super talented project designer, and we are so happy to have her creating with us this month! She has created GORGEOUS projects using our Joyful Day collection. We know you are going to love them!

But first, how about we get to know her a little better?

Introduce yourself to our readers with a short bio:

Hello, I'm Terhi Koskinen from Finland. Scrapbooking is more than a hobby for me, it's a lifestyle and a huge passion - it starts with grabbing a photo and ends when I get my creation where I wanted. And then it starts again. Surrounding myself with pretty things and my dear family is how I want to live my life.

My paper crafts are always filled with layers, straight lines, and techniques I want to try out. I like creating detailed scrapbook layouts and mini albums with a small twist of mixed media. Controlled chaos, I've heard!

I get my inspiration from pictures I take during the days, in other words from my everyday life: I'm mother for two beautiful girls, wife for my handsome “superhero” husband and studious BIM coordinator in my day time job. In addition to crafting, I horse-ride, so that's one more topic to my creations.

As I love being surrounded by people and I love to share creativity with like-minded people, teaching scrapbooking has grown to one of my biggest passions. I've been lucky enough to teach both online and live.

My biggest dream is to teach a scrapbook class in somewhere North America: in the area where scrapbooking has born.

What inspired you to start paper crafting?

One of my friend years ago. She had some of her layouts hanging on her walls, and I fell in love the way she combined photographing and crafting because I have always admired both. I also had my first baby back them, and documenting her life was just what I had been thinking about. It was like all my questions were answered at the same time.

She introduced me to the word “scrapbooking” and I googled it one night. All is history after that one search ;)

What best describes your paper crafting style?

Layered, detailed, light and fun.

What draws you to Pinkfresh Studio products?

Simply the style. Pinkfresh Studio has so special and unique style, and I love the way how easy it is to be creative with these products. Plus, all goes together perfectly, no matter which collections are in use.

Please list your top 5 current Pinkfresh Studio Products.

    1. All the floral papers.
    2. Ephemera, especially the ones with flowers from Simple & Sweet collection.
    3. Puffy Phrase Stickers from Joyful Day.
    4. Everyday Musings Heart shaped Layered Stickers
    5. Enamel Dots, because you can never have too much of them!

      What is your very favorite color combo?

      Can I answer rainbow as it includes all the colors? Well, if not that then I’d say I like to use less earth tones like grays and browns. All bright colors suits me the best.

      If I’d be creating a layout using three colors, they would be white, teal or mint, and yellow.

      What is one tip you have for someone just getting started in paper crafting?

       “Just go with it, there’s no rules.”

      Usually people ask very detailed instructions to start with, but scrapbooking is actually very simple: Have a photograph, add it to album and that’s it. Everything else is just taking it to another level.

      There are absolutely zero rules in scrapbooking, so everything can be done and can be tried. If it’s not working, leave it, and try again.

      If you don't currently follow Terhi, she shares her work on Instagram, Facebook, and her Blog. She also has a YouTube channel! Check them out and be sure to follow!

      Terhi has created some really beautiful projects, so let's get right to them! Here is a little more about them in her own words.

      I wanted to create two layouts, and this first is made with my favourite techniques: layering a lot!

      Creating quick but detailed layouts is my big joy. That's why I made quick paint work on the background, cut out lots of patterned papers and then layered everything together. Easy, quick, simple and still the result looks quite detailed. Love it.

      For my second project, I've created another layout!

      Video tells more than thousand word, so I'll let the video tell you everything!


      And here are the detail shots.

      Mini books, mini albums, minis, however you'd like to call them - love them all! This is actually quite thick book, not so much only "mini". Anyway, I created this book for scrapbook classes in Australia last year, and got it back from its journey just couple weeks ago. During the time it was making its way home, my tastes had changed so much that I took some parts away first and started creating again. There are still the same photos and some other elements similar as it was before, but I call it another project. Or at least very interesting and long project.

      I wanted to share this with you for two reasons. One: Just as trends, our tastes and styles are changing and moving forward all the time. What look good last year, might look weird and funny the next. It's perfectly ok.

      Two: It's ok to change your mind. I have never before changed what I have done earlier, but this book meant so much me in so many levels, that I really wanted to continue working on it. The spirit of the book is still there just the way it was when I first started to work on it last summer. I just really wanted to add my fresh ideas to it, and I couldn't be more happy with it now. So yes, it's totally ok to change your mind sometimes!

      Thank you for all the amazing projects & inspiration today, Terhi! We are so honored to have had you on as a guest this month!

      We sometimes ask one final question, that we think is really fun!

      Do you have a past favorite project you've created with Pinkfresh Studio product that you'd like to share? Why is it your favorite?

      Yes! I’d love to share each and every one of them! But I’ll keep calm and pick one which is really my favorite of all. It’s important and favorite because of all the fussy cutting fun I had while creating it.

      I simply love fussy cutting, even though some years ago I didn’t find it as calming as now. Nowadays I’m taking some papers with me to car drives, other travels, to meeting, in fact to anywhere I can sit down and cut. My way to keep my nerves in everyday life and a way to take papercrafts on the go.

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