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Interactive Camera mini with Anna and Be You collection

Interactive Camera mini with Anna and Be You collection

08 Feb 2018 0 Comments

Hello! Anna is here today with my new project - camera shaped mini album created with the brand new line Be You with the pieces from The Mix No.2. This mini has an interactive element! This a mechanical iris, the source how to make it - here. I never made the thing like this before but the result is very funny (yet not perfect...).

 From two double sided paper sheets I made the flat box (near 2 cm wide) - feature camera's 'body' - and the cover. Using the tutorial I made the iris of the dark blue card stock on the front side of the box. So when you open the window you can see the pictures inside! I had now digital cutting machine, so I fussy cut all details.

 To make the album base was the longest and hardest part - then i just had to print my photos and to add the decorations! I wanted the mini looks as the real camera, so I placed some embellishments imitating the camera details: the tab with the blank window on the cover looks like the viewfinder, two wood with enamel buttons on the top of the cover - the camera's buttons. Plus some other details just to make the pretty thing.

The leather tag on the side part with some details looks really neat!

The back side of the cover is decorated too. This mini is about the celebrating our's friends daughter sixth birthday, so I made the title with some layers and embellishments.

 And inside of the box I placed the cards cut of the double sided paper sheets with the photos. So I can change the range of pictures and to see the different ones through the iris!

I hope you like it and will write some words! Have a good day! 

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