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10 Nov 2022 1 comment

Hi everyone! Kerstin here today with an Mini Album idea for the most wonderful time of the year feat. the magical HAPPY HOLIDAYS collection. I love capturing moments with my loved ones and what better way to do that than with a Mini Album! I designed this mini album to have plenty of room for photos and journaling. Also it is - as I think - a fantastic gift idea. Let's get started!



I chose the size 4 x 4 inch. The mini album is not too big and not too small to hold memories. To decorate the cover of my mini I used the cute sock from the HAPPY HOLIDAYS Puffy Stickers, HAPPY HOLIDAYS Cardstock Stickers and HAPPY HOLIDAYS Ephemera Pack



The album already looks "junky"! I have made the basic and will fill it with amazing memories in December. Or I'll give it away - but I'm not sure yet!



As a base I cut 5x white cardstock in size 4 x 8 inches and folded it in the middle. I chose 12 x 12 papers from the HAPPY HOLIDAYS collection. This was not so easy! I cut these 5 papers to the 4 x 8 inch size and folded at 2 1/5, 4 and 6 1/2 inches. The folding creates a "W" as you can see in the photo. I attached the designer paper to the left and right side with double sided tape - AFTER DECORATING! - to the white cardstock. That's all!



I used vellum paper to sew in two small double pages on the edge to have some extra space. I love these HAPPY HOLIDAYS Chipboard Frames. I taped vellum behind the bottom one to hold notes. I can stick my photo in the top frame. There is plenty of room in the middle and on the right for more photos or journaling.



I definitely have to show you these pages too! In the middle I have cut before gluing small triangles, so that the look of a Christmas tree is created. Behind it I glued Vellum and decorated with the HAPPY HOLIDAYS Enamel Dots. On the right I had to use the little house from the HAPPY HOLIDAYS Ephemera Pack. Isn't it cute? I traced the little house on some thicker copy paper, cut it out, punched holes and attached it with a little pearl clasp (what it's called exactly I don't know..). Here I can write memories or paste photos.



I really need to show you these pages too! Laugh ... Here I have cut Vellum on the left in the size 2 x 6 inch and folded at 3 1/8 inch. In the middle of the fold I punched in a circle so I could use one of the beautiful HAPPY HOLIDAYS Wood Accents. I stitched the vellum to my designer paper. Here, too, I can hold on to memories. On the right I have made a small insert pocket. Here I cut small slits in a 2 x 4 inch paper and glued it on. I taped the tape all around the edge to leave the slits free to put something in. In the center I sewed on the cute socks from the HAPPY HOLIDAYS Ephemera Pack. It looks like the socks are hanging on a fireplace - right?

Here come the other pages!



This mini has enough space for memories for the most wonderful time of the year! Whether I give it away now ... I'm not so sure anymore!
I hope I can inspire you to get creative with the magical HAPPY HOLIDAYS collection to keep YOUR memories. Thanks for stopping by!

See you soon!

Kerstin xx



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1 comment

12 Nov 2022 Heather

This is so amazing! Did you join the card stock base pieces together by gluing them back to back to make the original book?

Also, the covers – look like cardboard that have been covered?

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