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Guest Designer | Adela (The Mint Feather)

Guest Designer | Adela (The Mint Feather)

07 Mar 2019 0 Comments

We are so excited to announce our March scrapbooking guest, Adela, also known as The Mint Feather! She has created GORGEOUS projects using the Everyday Musings and Joyful Day collections! We know you are going to love them!

But first, how about we get to know Adela a little better?

Introduce yourself to our readers with a short bio:

Hey everyone! Welcome, boniqueces! My name is Adela but when I’m crafting I become The Mint Feather. I’m 31 and I’m from Barcelona, born and raised. I started with my scrapbook fever a couple of years ago but I’ve been crazy about crafting my entire life. I actually can’t remember myself not doing some kind of craft work! I also love acting – I work as an actress and I’ve been acting a great part of my life - going to the movies and theater, walking with my little dog Boo, reading, spending time with my friends and family, traveling around the world and, most of all, chocolate!

What inspired you to start paper crafting?

A couple of years ago I was living a perfectly happy life when something started to go wrong. I was feeling tired and out of breath. I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me with a pretty serious heart condition. She told me either you stop or you die (I had like five jobs at that time and a theater tour going on). Obviously, it was a pretty easy decision. So, what looked like a catastrophe back then turned out to be one of the greatest opportunities that I’ve ever had! My sister told me about scrapbook (cute things! Did it really have a name?!) and, as I was forced to be at home and take life easily, it sounded like a perfect plan! So I bought my first paper and the rest… is history (a beautiful and joyful one)!

What best describes your paper crafting style?

Fun, fresh, colorful, luminous and soulful, because I really believe in putting a little piece of yourself and what’s going on with you at that time when you create a project.

What draws you to Pinkfresh Studio products?

I’ve always admired Pinkfresh! I love its colors, the freshness of the collections! They are really different in a really, really good way! I fall in love with each one of the collections, they are always surprisingly different and stunning!

Please list your top 5 current Pinkfresh Studio Products.

I will name collections, because I can’t decide which one of the products I love the most (though I love every puffy little thing :P ):

Be You
Joyful Day
Indigo Hills (1 and 2)
Dream On
Simple and sweet

    What is your very favorite color combo?

    Without a doubt: Mint, yellow and pink.

    What is one tip you have for someone just getting started in paper crafting?

    Do it! Enjoy it! Put every piece of your soul into your projects, tell a story, create whatever makes you happy without thinking about whether the people that would see it would like it. And every now and then, dedicate some of your projects to yourself ;)

    If you don't currently follow Adela, she shares her work on Instagram and her YouTube Channel. Check them out and be sure to follow!

    Adela has created some really beautiful projects, so let's get right to them! Here is a little more about them in her own words.

    Hey boniqueces! I’m extremely excited and happy to be here and to be able to speak and spend some time with you guys! Being a month’s guest designer here, in Pinkfresh Studio, is a dream come true and I wanted to thank them for this amazing and beautiful opportunity and to all of you for being here with me today (if we’ve just met) or in every step of the way if you have been a boniquez for a while now. I adore you either way!

    And now let’s talk about the juicy stuff! When Kinnari texted me and asked me to do 3 projects with these amazing collections – Joyful Day and Everyday Musings – my heart just stopped (bad joke, sorry! ;) ) and my brain started to work like crazy. After a while I finally decided that I wanted to do a layout, a card and a mini album. But kind of in a different way. I really like to transform random objects into other things. So, in this case, I chose three different objects to change them into these three kind of very steady scrapbook musts. I chose a bird house for the card, an embroidery frame to turn it into a shaker layout and a photo frame to turn it into a mini album.

    Let’s talk about the first one: the bird house-card. For this one I decided to use the beautiful Everyday Musing collection. First I had to decide which two papers were my winners in order to cover the front wall and the roof.

    Once I had them, I took the measures, cut the papers and checked that they fit perfectly. In the case of the front wall, I cut two papers, each one of them double – folding the paper and cutting the shape afterwards – in order to make the card. And after this… the time to paint had arrived! This is actually one of my favorite moments. I chose the Mint color (pretty obvious, huh?) and I painted all the walls except the ones that were meant to be covered by the paper.

    Once I had that done, and while it was drying, I started to play with the card. I wanted some sort of pop-up mechanism, so I decided to create a simple one by doing two cuts next to the edges perpendicular to the folding line in one of the two front-door-paper. Then I added the ephemera shapes in the two dimensions that I created and I also did a third one using a little bit of a plastic paper.

    And voilà, all there was left to do was gluing them to the little house, decorating the front and adding a cute lace in order to close the house door. Hope you enjoyed it!

    For the Layout I worked with the amazing Joyful Day and an old friend of mine: the embroidery frame. I love to work with them! They are so versatile and fun to play with that I just can’t help myself!

    This time I used a tulle fabric to cover the embroidery frame and I turned it around to fill it with sequins, buttons, little stars and everything that I had in my room that I felt would be great in it! When I had that part covered, I added some cold silicone around the edges of the back and I glued a plastic paper cut that matched the shape of the embroidery frame.

    And the decorating process had finally begun! I glued to the plastic paper the beautiful patterned paper filled with quotes and squares and, on the opposite side (the tulle fabric one) I created a scene by adding a picture that inspires me, combining some flower puffy stickers with the ephemera ones (that I find absolutely stunning!) and some of the flowers that I found on the puffy phrases stickers.

    Then I painted the top part of the embroidery frame in pink and added some ribbons! And the LO was ready! Hoping you liked it!

    And the last one was the photo-frame mini album! I chose the Joyful Day collection to work with and an old photo frame that I bought in Ikea a long time ago. And I thought it was about time to give it a second life. So I covered the frame with one of the patterned papers (it was one of my favorites - soooo gorgeous!!) and I started to cut the pages of my album.

    I glued them one to the other, leaving some pockets in between to create an accordion shape. When this was ready, I filled it with some of my favorite pictures, I used my favorite embellishments (puffy stickers, the ephemera pack, some enamel dots, paper clips, puffy phrases… everything that gaves me joy!) and, after filling it I started decorating the front page of the album.

    I chose some flowers from the puffy stickers, one of my favorite words from the puffy phrases, a ephemera quote and one of the parts of the paper clips to do the lock. Easy peasy!

    I really hope you enjoyed this time together, because I certainly did by playing with these beautiful art pieces! Thank you again for being here, guys… you’re amazing! And again a huge thanks too to the Pinkfresh Studio Team for trusting me with such a beautiful and great opportunity… I will never forget it! I will treasure this joy forever! :)

    Hoping to see you again soon, boniqueces!

    Thank you for all the amazing projects & inspiration today, Adela! We are so honored to have had you on as a guest this month!

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