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COFFEE BREAK | Céline Erbetta

COFFEE BREAK | Céline Erbetta

11 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Hi all !

As autumn slowly arrives here, I told myself that it was time to get ready for some cocooning moments around a good coffee or a hot chocolate!
So I decided this time to decorate cups (recycled cardboard ;-)) like those found in favorite tea rooms ! To accompany them, a small package of assorted cookies !
Thing made thanks to the magnificent Days of Splendor collection and its shimmering colors!

To start, you will have to "sacrifice" a cup to create your templates : cut a strip (see photo below) that you will flatten on a card stock. Draw the outline. 1st template, done! For the second, you just have to cut again the 1st strip cut in the cup. And draw the outline on card stock again. Remember to extend the template at one end by about half an inch, for gluing.

Choose 2 patterned papers: difficult choice for me because they are all too beautiful ! Using your templates, cut your 2 pieces.
Take a new cup, glue the larger strip and then the smaller one. Then decorate with the many ephemeras and puffy stickers from the collection. I added a few points of Crystal Drop and on each mug, a matching dot.

For the small bag of cookies - shortbread cookies with butter, yum - I made the label with the die Braided Tag that I folded in 2 to form a flap that closes the bag. I embellish them with Stitched Elements and other embellishments ;-)

All that's left to do is invite a friend and have a good time ! ;-)

Beautiful month of September to you !

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