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W-Fold Floral Inspiration Card┃Yasmin Diaz

W-Fold Floral Inspiration Card┃Yasmin Diaz

04 Jul 2022 1 comment

Happy Monday, Pinkfresh friends! Yasmin here sharing with you an interactive inspiration card with a “W-Fold” look made using: Happy Blooms Floral Stamp Set, Happy Blooms Floral Layering Stencil Set and Happy Blooms Floral Die to create the die-cutting floral touch. Plus, Dotted Scallops Coverplate Die and Essentials: Folk Edge Square Die Set to add the pierced detailed touch and the delicate folk design to the square frame. Besides that, I used Heart Smiles Stamp and Heart Smiles Die for the card sentiments and lastly, PFS- Inks to add the pops of colors to the floral cluster. So, without further ado let’s jump right into the step-by-step for how I made it.

Therefore, I started off by getting the stamping and the layered stenciling done for the floral clusters so, to do that, I went ahead to line up a large piece of white cardstock inside my stamping tool and then, I got line up over it the large stamp set included in Happy Blooms Floral Stamp Set. Next, for the stamping process, I used embossing powder tool to remove any static from the cardstock, embossing ink to get the floral clusters stamped and, gold embossing powder along with my heat embossing gun tool for the heat embossing process.

Thus, once I got the stamping and heat embossing completed, I proceeded to get the layered stenciling done over the card panel using each stencil included in Happy Blooms Floral Layering Stencil Set along with the following hues: Marigold Ink, Clementine Ink, Grassy Knoll Ink, Olive Ink, Evergreen Ink, Ocean Breeze Ink, and Mermaid Cove Ink. Having that being said, after getting the stenciling done, I went ahead to used the Happy Blooms Floral Die which is the coordinating die to cut out the floral clusters from the cardstock.

Moving on, after getting the die-cutting step completed, I went ahead to put them to the side and then, I started to create the interactive W-Fold card base. Thus, to do that, I went ahead to trim off a large piece of white cardstock using my paper trimmer to W 11.0” x H 5-1/2” inches. Next, I placed the cardstock piece over the score board tool with the longer side to the right and then, I used my bone folder to add some scoring line at 4.0, 5-3/4, 7-1/2 and 9-1/4 inches marks. Once, I had finished adding the scoring lines, I proceeded to use my bone folder to fold the card back and forth.

Once, I had that done, I turned the card over so the interactive opening can be in the left side. Next, I used Dotted Scallops Coverplate Die to add the dotted details to a three white card panels and once I got that done, I proceeded to trim off 1/4 on an inch from the height of the first card panel and then, from the same panel a smaller panel to 5-1/4 x 1-5/8 and another with the same measurements as the previous for a continues design. Then, I repeated the same steps for the second detailed white card panel to create the other two smaller panels and lastly, I trim down the last detailed panel to 5-1/4 x 3-3/4 inches.

In the image above, you can see how the continuous pattern look like once I had gotten finished gluing down each dotted panel to the card bases. So, for the smaller square element, I went ahead to trim down a smaller cardstock piece to W 6.0 x H 3.0 inches. Next, I scored the cardstock piece right in the middle and I fold it over. Once, I had that done, I used the dies included in Essentials: Folk Edge Square Die Set to cut out the gold squares and to add the detail to the white squares.

Then, I got the white die-cutting squares gluing down to the gold squares and to add them to the card base first, I went ahead to get the backing of the first layered square adhered to the center of the large panel. Second, I flipped over the inside element, so the folding was facing to the right and then, I added adhesive to the inner edges of it. Third, I lined up the fold from the inner element edge-to-edge with the square on the card base and then, I peeled off the backing of the adhesive to attach that part to the first fold. Lastly, I left the next two folds that create a V shape (just as shown in the image above) without adhesive and then, I got the other end attached to the front part of the card base.

Here in the image above, you can take a better look for how the folds and the card looks like from the back side.

And, here’s an upper view for how the W-V fold looks like as well.

Lastly, once the interactive element it’s completed folded; there is too, a blank space to add a personal message.

Last but not least, to get the card embellished, I added the floral cluster to the front part of the card and, I also added tow card sentiments to the front and inner back; sentiments that complimented each other for a continuous saying. By the way, for the card sentiments, I used two of the sentiments included in Heart Smiles Stamp along with their coordinating dies which, are included in Heart Smiles Die.

And, with that being said, thank you so much for stopping by we hope you have enjoyed reading the step-by-step for how I’ve made this interactive inspiration card with a “Floral & W-Fold” look using amazing products by Pinkfresh Studio. And, if you get inspired by today’s project don’t forget to tag us @pinkfreshstudio and use #pinkfreshstudio so we can see your projects! Happy crafting and much love to you and yours.

Crafty Hugs,
- Yasmin

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1 comment

27 Jul 2022 Barbara

Sensational card! Thank you.

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