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Sweet Blooms and Stripes

Sweet Blooms and Stripes

07 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Hi Pinkfresh friends! It's Angela here with a foiled card that blends some of my favorite new hot foil plates from the Pinkfresh June release with summer-inspired stripes.

I'm a big fan of large sentiments and love the gorgeous script on the Hugs and Good Vibes hot foil plate. The Sweet Blooms hot foil plate was another product that really stood out to me, and as someone who's been giving my hot foiling machine a major workout these days, I wanted to design a card that allowed me to use them together.

Sweet Blooms and Stripes Card

To begin, I let my foiling machine heat up while I prepared the plates with white cardstock and matte gold foil, securing the plates with a few bits of washi tape. After running them through my die cutting machine to imprint the images onto my cardstock, I used the coordinating Hugs and Good Vibes die to run that piece through once more, this time cutting it out into what would become the focal point of the card.

Sweet Blooms and Stripes Card

Moving on to the Sweet Blooms panel, you could absolutely use the coordinating Sweet Blooms layering stencil to add color. However, I decided to incorporate some vibrant cardstock stripes, which I cut using the 1/2" die in the Slim Stripes die set. At this point it didn't matter how long the stripes were, because I knew I'd be able to trim off excess once I had all of the stripes secured to my card. As for the Sweet Blooms panel, I wanted to add those stripes to my design in the same way that they appear on the foiling plate, so I turned the panel diagonally, used a ruler and pencil to lightly make 1/2" marks, then sliced them with my paper trimmer.

Sweet Blooms and Stripes Card

With all of the strips cut, I began adhering them to a thinner sheet of white paper cut to 3.5 x 4.75". Once that was covered, I sliced off the excess hanging over the edges and voila - the background panel was complete!

When it came time to assemble everything, I decided the card needed some dimension In order to ensure that the Hugs and Good Vibes sentiment remained the focal point. And so, as any dimension-loving crafter does, I reached for my foam tape! I covered the back of both panels, mounted the background on my A2 card base, and finished with the sentiment piece.

Sweet Blooms and Stripes Card

And there you have it - a foiled, colorful card that can be made without doing any coloring! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope this post has inspired you to do something crafty today!

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