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Christmas Pop-Up Inspiration Card With Floating Snowflakes┃Yasmin Diaz

Christmas Pop-Up Inspiration Card With Floating Snowflakes┃Yasmin Diaz

19 Sep 2022 3 Comments

Happy Monday, Pinkfresh friends! Yasmin here sharing with you a pop-up Christmas inspiration card made with a “Floating Snowflakes” effect using: Snowflakes Hot Foil, Snowflakes Die, Snowflakes Background Stamp and Snowflakes Background Die to create the whole snowflake look along with Noel Hot Foil and Noel Die to make the dimensional card sentiment. Also, I used he must-have Solid Hot Foil Plate to create the reverse hot foil stamping and last but not least, Essentials: Stitched Scallop Rectangles Die Set to create the decorative die-cutting frame for the card. By the way, all holiday set are from the latest, September-2022 Stamp, Die, Stencil, Washi & Hot Foil Release. So, without further ado let’s jump right into the step-by-step for how I made it.

Therefore, I started off by getting the hot foil stamping done for the snowflakes and card sentiment so, to do that, I went ahead using the Glimmer Hot Foil System along with the Platinum 6 Die Cutting and Embossing Machine plus, pieces of Glimmer Hot Foil Roll - Aura to get the hot foil stamping done over a few white cardstock panels. Thus, as I previously mentioned, I used Snowflakes Hot Foil, Noel Hot Foil and Solid Hot Foil Plate to get done the regular and reverse hot foil stamping.

Next, as soon as, I had finished getting the hot foil stamping done, I proceeded to used Snowflakes Die along with the die cut machine to cut out the large snowflakes from the regular and reverse hot foil stamped card panels. Thus, once I had that step done, I went ahead to put the snowflakes off to the side to lay completely flat an A2 side folding white card base over my craft table.

Then, as soon as, I had that step done, I proceeded to cut out a piece of transparency film to H 3-1/4 x W 3.0 inches by the way, I used 4MIL film in case you wonder the weight to hold up the snowflakes. So, after trimming off the piece of transparency film, I proceeded to place it down with the 3-1/4 inches side facing vertically over my craft table to the trace over it a circle/oval swirl so, to do that, I started by tracing over it from the right center around the edges and then, I continued the way around until I got to the center of the transparency piece. By the way, I completed almost 4 rounds when I was tracing it over and I left about 1/2 inch between them. That said, after getting this step done, I went ahead to fussy cut out the traced swirl using a sharped pair of scissors and then, after getting that done, I went ahead to lined it up to the center right flap of the card keeping the starting point of the swirl edge to edge wit the card flap. Next, I held it together with my right hand and then, with my left hand, I added liquid glue to the bottom center part of the swirl and then, I held it down until it was complete glue down to the card flap. Please see the image above to get an idea how the mechanism work before getting to the second part.

Thus, after getting the bottom center part of the transparent swirl, I went ahead to add liquid glue to the top part of the starting point of it to get it glue down to the left flap of the card so, to do that, I added the glue to the top part then, I went ahead to close the card up to the right and then, I pressed it down until the starting point was completely glued to the left flap of the card just like, you can see it in the image above once was completely open again; I know it can be a little hard to see it due the transparency but trust me once, you get how the mechanism works there are only a few steps left to create the whole floating/ pop-up snowflakes effect over it.

Having that being said, after getting the transparent swirl gluing down to the inner card base, I went ahead to get the large snowflakes glue down to it. As, you can see, I used a combination of outlined and solid hot foil stamped snowflakes to add extra shine and a little contrast to it.

It is crucial to get the first and last snowflake glue down in the right spots from the swirl so, they won’t be sticking out when you close the card up. So, play around with them until you find the right spot. Also, add glue only to the part on the back side of each snowflake where is needed to let the rest free of glue for the interactive part of the mechanism can move and fold freely without any issue.

Per example, if you start getting the snowflakes glue down in the left card flap, hold the first snowflake up against the swirl and add a tiny dot of glue to see if that will be the right spot where to get it glue down since, this part will be the highest point of the swirl, you must make sure that this snowflake will fold over the third snowflake without a problem and confirm that it will not stick up when the card is closed. If is not the right spot keep going until you find the right spot. By the way, depending on what type of liquid glue you use to get them glue down, there will be no problem removing it in case you make a mistake due the sliding surface from the transparency film.

Moving on, as soon as, you’ve had finding out the right spots where to place the snowflakes this is how the floating snowflakes mechanism should look like when the card is flat open.

Also, to have a better look, this is how it should look like when it’s flat open but, from the back side view.

And, to have a even a better look, here is how this beautiful and interactive floating snowflake pop-up card look when, you are holding it in your hands. By the way, to add more flurry snowflake look to the card, I went ahead to use Snowflakes Background Stamp and Snowflakes Background Die to add the smaller heat embossing and die-cutting snowflakes.

That said, if one image was not enough, here is another close up look for the complete look for how the inner part of the card looks like. By the way, as you can see in the image above, I added a smaller card sentiment on the upper right corner from the right card flap and, to do that, I used one of the sentiments included in Ornaments Stamp Set.

So, after getting the whole floating pop-up mechanism done in the inner part of the card, I went ahead to use one of the reverse hot foil stamped card panel to create the background for the front card panel of the card. Thus, I’ve got trimmed off the edges of it a little smaller than an A2 size card base and then, I got the backing of it adhered with double-sided adhesive to an A2 size top folding white card base. Next I used the reverse hot foil stamped panel created using Noel Hot Foil and then, I used Noel Die which happens to be its coordinating die to cut out the letters from it.

Lastly, I added dimension to the Noel card sentiment by stacking some plain white die-cutting letters and then, I added it to the card in the way you are seeing it in the image above. Last but not least, to finish the card off, I also added a dimensional and decorative die-cutting frame to the front card panel so, to create the decorative frame, I used plain white cardstock along with the largest die included in Essentials: Stitched Scallop Rectangles Die Set.

Finally, here is the final look for today’s card, and with that being said, thank you so much for stopping by we hope you have enjoyed reading the step-by-step for how I’ve made this pop-up Christmas inspiration card with a “Floating Snowflakes” effect using, amazing products by Pinkfresh Studio. And, if you get inspired by today’s project don’t forget to tag us @pinkfreshstudio and use #pinkfreshstudio so we can see your projects. Happy crafting and much love to you and yours!

Crafty Hugs,
- Yasmin

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26 Sep 2022 Connie Lee

Your card is amazing!

21 Sep 2022 Nancy Bachman

What a gorgeous card – thanks for sharing how you made it!

19 Sep 2022 Pai C Meng

this card needs a video! ;)

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