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Using Joyful Day in your Pocket Pages

Using Joyful Day in your Pocket Pages

03 Apr 2019 0 Comments

I'm back using one of my favourite collections in a few exciting ways today.  First I'll show you how easy it is to use the Joyful Day collection in your pocket pages, and I'll also give you a little peek into a notebook that I'm using to document some really cute pictures of my son.

Hopefully I've been able to inspire you a little bit already this year to cut down your large 12x12 pieces of paper.  I always look for ways to get at least a few 3x4 cards and even some 4x6 cards in case I need them for a layout.  Here I've used 3x4 cards (the round floral, the blue stripe and the pink triangles) as a bit of a filler across both sides of the page.  This collection was so great, as it really depended on which papers you used, you can get a totally different color scheme happening!

On the left side I added one of the little cloth banners, cut a tag with the B side of the floral, and also used a square from the cut apart page to add the word "yum" beside the cookies.  Working within a collection is so rewarding because you don't have to work very hard for it to look really put together.

On the right side I added a floral die cut from the ephemera package, as well as a few card stock stickers (right two photos) and another piece from the cut apart page.  I almost forgot to include the year, but quickly put some of the wonderfully colored numbers down easily right at the very end!

Just another quick peek at the stickers, and a reminder of how easy they are to use and bring together your colors easily!

Now for a look at my passport notebook.

This notebook is 3.5x5 size, and fits into a small notebook cover that I have.  I've been using the photos that come up in my Facebook and Google photos memories to put a little memory book together with photos of my son.

I used a variety of pieces to make the title, and I love the mix and match look of it.  (also, so much color!! swoon!).

I also added one of the paper clips on the side to hold the journaling in place.  Pink and yellow are two of my favourite colors, so any time I can work them into a layout together I'm very pleased!

Thanks for checking out my projects, I hope I've inspired you to use your collections in a smaller way today!  

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