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09 Nov 2021 5 Comments

Hi everyone! Kerstin here today and I share with you a new inspiration featuring the autumnal "the best day" collection! For me, Autumn is the time the family gets back together as everyone is home more. Experiencing moments together, be it with game nights or adventures, that's what I love about this time of year. 

For this layout I used the wonderful 12 x 12 paper "so thankful", Mini Alphabet Stickers, Floral Ephemera, Indigo Vines Washi Tape with the Coordinating Die and the Essentials "Stitched Rectangles" Die Set

I cut the colored strips of the "so thankful" paper, arranged them on white cardstock and folded them in on the left side to a length of 7 1/2" and tucked them in place. On the right side I cut a small oval from white cardstock and glued it to the end of the colored strip.

I put my title on the white ovals with the cute Mini Alphabet Stickers

I glued a 4 x 9" wide strip of white cardstock in the center with 3D Foam. On tip of that I taped a 3 1/2 x 9" strips of paper from the cute dotted paper. Before that, I punched out a square with the Essentials "Stitched Rectangles" and glued my photo behind it.

And now comes the most beautiful part ... DECORATE with the wonderful Embellishments!

I punched out flowers and leaves from the awesome Indigo Vines Washi Tape with the matching Die. This is easy and goes wonderfully fast! A few of the great Floral Ephemera and sayings to it, my journaling and ready is a new memory and inspiration for you with the magical "the best day" collection!

Thank you for taking the time to see my project. I hope you like it and it inspires you!

See you next time!

Kerstin xx


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