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Stamp + Washi Tape for your Travel Notebook Spread

Stamp + Washi Tape for your Travel Notebook Spread

Stamp + washi tapes are perfect for your travel notebook spread. Don't worry if you don't have many embellishments left, you can use your stamp and make it pop.

I use Party Animal Stamp Set for my spread about my son who really enjoy his day at the new playground in my city. This stamp set actually about birthday but some of them I can use it to express the feeling of my son on that day. So yeah I use my color ink and choose some of my fav stamps in this set. Dab it in the bottom area on the right side of my TN.

I use washi tapes to stick my photos oh my TN. I also use it as a mini tittle in the right side. So don't worry if you dont have much stuff for your travel notebook. You still can play and do memory keeping only with washi tape and also stamp

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