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Reveal Day 3: A Case of the Blahs

Reveal Day 3: A Case of the Blahs

Hi there, Pinkfresh friends!  Welcome to our day 3 reveal!  Today we are featuring the brand new collection called A Case of the Blahs.  You are going to love EVERYTHING about this collection!  The colors are fresh, the designs are on point...and it is about real life!  We all experience real life moments every single day, and this collection will be there for you to document it!

This collection is designed by Kinnari Zaveri and Kaitlin Scheffer.

Here is the full reveal of A Case of the Blahs:


This collection will start shipping soon!

But until then, do you want to win A Case of the Blahs prize pack?  Comment here telling us your favorite product from this collection!  We will post the winner on Saturday, January 13th!


184. Feb 09, 2018

The 12×12 papers are lovely. It’s unusual for me to love every paper in a. collection, but there is a first time for everything! Gorgeous

183. Feb 06, 2018

I can wait to get that 6×6 paper pad – I already have a few card ideas for those!

182. Feb 03, 2018

Finaly an paperline wich is not only about the happy- happy life, But you can also capture the down- days… or better to say more realistic life.
Thanks for the chance to win
Pink Fresh Studio.

Daphne van der Meulen
181. Jan 13, 2018

Finally a scrapbook collection that is not all unicorn farts and rainbows. Reality! Love it! I want it all!!!!!!

180. Jan 13, 2018

I LOVE it all, but especially the fabric die cuts.

Megan S.
179. Jan 13, 2018

OMG this collection has a page that says – “MEH” My daughter says that so much she had it monogramed on her backpack! I need this collection. I have so many pictures of my daughter this will go perfect with!

178. Jan 13, 2018

What … just one ? You gotta be kidding ? Oh OK then – the stamps …. especially the sofa one …. which is where I am right now !

Claire Fader
177. Jan 13, 2018

Love the prints & stamps!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}
176. Jan 13, 2018

“Stop trying to make BEST DAY EVER happen” has got the be the best thing I’ve ever seen in scrapbooking. Bravo! The puffy stickers also rock. :D

Erica Backhaus
175. Jan 12, 2018

Great set! Love the enamel dots

Lisa Nelson
174. Jan 12, 2018

This collection is just the cutest…it reminds me of life with my preteen son! The fabric die cuts from this collection are a favorite!

Lindsay Slater
173. Jan 12, 2018

LOVE all these fun sayings!! So cute! “Still trying to get it all together!!” So true!! Lol

Rona Mallard
172. Jan 12, 2018

Love how sassy it is! Too fun!

Patti Schmitz
171. Jan 12, 2018
I love the 6 × 6 and 12 × 12 paper packs. Very usable for just about everything!
170. Jan 12, 2018

Oh, my!!!! I just love this …the sentiments are so perfect for every day life!

Kathy G.
169. Jan 12, 2018

Love the paper with the script with the message to keep showing up and the fabric tags. It’s ok to scrap real life.

Laurie Wright
168. Jan 12, 2018

Oh my goodness, the clear stamps for sure!! My planner will be so much more entertaining!!

Linda Lipford
167. Jan 12, 2018

Puffy stickers and chipboard stickers!!! so inovative in wording! Thanks so much.

Candy B.
166. Jan 12, 2018

What a fresh collection – sometimes you just feel like blah! Love it all – it is so honest. Like the epoxy clips – they are very different.

Mary Ellyn Rozell
165. Jan 12, 2018

Winter in Michigan? that’s enough to give anybody a case of the blahs!!! This new set of adorable papers, puffies, dots, and stamps would make even the bluest happy again!!!
=] M

Michele F
164. Jan 12, 2018

I especially like the stamp set !

Melodee Ruley
163. Jan 12, 2018

You have out done your selves on theses collection! Gorgeous ,stunning !

Melodee Ruley
162. Jan 12, 2018

Oh my gosh! That stamp set just says it all…..perfectly! Loving this collection:)

Tracy Lautenschlager
161. Jan 12, 2018

I love the color scheme of this collection. My favorite from this collection are the puffy stickers (the sentiments are cute!) and the puffy alpha stickers (the font is great!).

160. Jan 12, 2018

✂️ a must have love this collection..I hope I win ✂️✂️

Susan Ricker
159. Jan 12, 2018

I really like the snarkiness that runs throughout the whole collection – it’s fab!

Cathy Frailey
158. Jan 12, 2018

I love anything with the word blah in it! I use that word all the time!

Linda Meunier
157. Jan 12, 2018

I love everything that mentions blah! Iu use that word sooooo much!

Linda Meunier
156. Jan 11, 2018

Oh I loooooove those alphas! And the clips. And the black and white floral paper. And the puffy stickers. And the fabric due cuts. All the things…I love all the things.

Diana McMahon
155. Jan 11, 2018

This is such a fun collection! Those puffy stickers are one of my favorite scrappy things I’ve seen this year; and puffy alphas, come on!!! Swoon

Harmony Desroches
154. Jan 11, 2018

Best release EVER – could not match me anymore perfectly!!!

Angela Lewis
153. Jan 11, 2018

The puffy letters!!

Pam Williams
152. Jan 11, 2018

This is my favourite of the new collections. I like all of it, but the stamp is my favourite piece.

Emmy S.
151. Jan 11, 2018

the 12 X 12 paper pack

Iris Soscia
150. Jan 10, 2018

I need a pack of those puffy stickers… Or maybe two or three. This collection is perfect for project life when you want to document the not so pleasant stuff, but in a pretty way. So perfect and useable.

149. Jan 10, 2018

I just love the name of this collection and the realness of the sentiments.

Christa Stokes
148. Jan 10, 2018

Such a Gorgeous Collection! the theme color is awesome. I Love the papers so much and fall in love with this puffy alpha stickers.

147. Jan 09, 2018

my favorite collection, but if i had to decide one product, i choose the stamps.

146. Jan 09, 2018

My favorite is the fabric die cuts !

manasa vavilapalli
145. Jan 09, 2018

Definitely the puffy stickers from this set. Love the whole line actually.

144. Jan 09, 2018

Amazing collection, I can’t decide on just one product!

Giorgia Rossini
143. Jan 09, 2018

I love this collection<3
My fav product are Dies cuts

142. Jan 08, 2018

The puffy stickers for the win!

Dawn M
141. Jan 08, 2018

I love the stamps!! Actually I love it all, but if I had to pick one thing it would be the stamps! Thanks PinkFresh for finally making a line that is “real life”!!! I’ll be picking up all of this :)

140. Jan 08, 2018

love the fabric die cuts.

lyn burgess
139. Jan 08, 2018

I can’t pick one, so I hope it’s okay that I pick 3, lol. My faves are: the stamp, the die cuts and the puffy stickers! This line pretty much defines my life.

138. Jan 08, 2018

Oooh, I so do love what I see. My favorite pieces would be the die-cuts, or the papers, it’s too hard to decide.

137. Jan 08, 2018

The real everday life theming!

Pam BW
136. Jan 08, 2018

This collection is adorable! I love all of the little icons in the puffy sticker set! I need that little ice cream bucket!

Heather Doolittle
135. Jan 08, 2018

I don’t think I can pick a favourite product, but my favourite thing about this collection is the concept – so many of the phrases are just what I need to document my real life.

Jenny P

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