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Pocket Pages with the Everyday Musings Collection

Pocket Pages with the Everyday Musings Collection

07 Feb 2019 0 Comments

Hello again!  I'm back today with another look at a way to use a scrapbooking collection in your pocket page projects!  One of the easiest ways to use a larger collection is to cut it down to pocket size, which I talked about in my last post, but today I've gone even smaller and used some repetition to make a great pocket page layout that I'm sure will inspire you!

I started with my photos, and one of the reasons that I love the 9x12 pocket layout is that it is easy to deal with a small or large number of photos. The default that I normally go to is either the photos like this layout (x style across the grid) or completely swapped (photos in the four center of each outer row).  Either way, it lends itself well to adding cards with repetition in the style like I've done here.

I cut a strip of patterned papers 1"x3" and adhered them to the top of the white cards, then I used the puffy alphabet stickers to put some "currently" prompts at the top of each.  I gave some space because I had been planning to add more stickers on the top, but in the end I didn't and I am always bad a moving stickers, so I left them for a more whimsical look to the layout.

To round out the look, I added some puffy stickers and pieces of the ephemera pack to tie the photos into the cards and give a cohesive look across the layout.

For my second layout today, I have another look at my personal traveler's notebook.  This is just a notebook where I can scrap non-linear or non-chronological ideas and thoughts, and for me functions more like a personal journal.  I haven't been using it for that long, but I love the idea of it and have been enjoying the size.  I like to visit the same story themes year after year (it makes documenting easier and also is a fun way to look back on years past) and this is a look at my birthday list.  

I turned thirty-four over the weekend, and I am in the habit of putting together a list of things I love that is the same length as my age!  I have done this as a traditional layout, full 12x12 pocket pages, smaller 6x12 pocket pages and simple lists in the past, I actually enjoy trying to make it uniqe, I must have not done it last year, because I couldn't find 33, but 30, 31 & 32 were all in my past albums ready to remind me how I've changed and grown (and also not changed at all!!).

The tags just tuck into the pocket, and the puffy sticker on the bottom actually helps them stay in (not planned, just a happy coincidence!). I don't usually give this too much thought, the list usually ends up being a bit of a brain dump of what is on my mind right now!

I have been waiting for a good title to use those big puffy alphabets on, and I wasn't disappointed, the set is so big and easy to mix and match that it was a breeze to put together!

Thanks for taking a look at my projects, I hope I've inspired you to use the Everyday Musings collection in a new and exciting way in your pocket page projects and mini albums!

Amy Jo

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