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Pocket Pages with Joyful Days Collection

Pocket Pages with Joyful Days Collection

10 May 2019 0 Comments

Thanks for checking for some more inspiration to use the Joyful Days collection in your pocket page projects.  First off, I've got a great project example showing a day in our life around here, a perfect inspiration if you are embarking on a daily (or hourly) documenting project, and secondly I've got the opening pages for a recent family trip, that have some great colors and texture to them!

I took this great shot of my garden and knew that it would make a good home for the day of the week.  I used the Adore dies from Pinkfresh to make this awesome title, they are seriously the most versatile die I've ever owned, you can use the outline, or the middle or both, and the bold serif font is awesome!  To add some whimsy, I simply wrote the words "in the garden" below the big title in cursive to add some softness to the title card.

Here you can see the title card on the left and the pockets on the right.  There is a stacked 2 pocket 3x4 page that will turn inside the spread, and then the second page on the right is the 4 3x4 pocket page, holding a couple of cards and some more photos.

One of the great things about using a collection is that you don't even have to worry about matching things up, the work is already done for you.  This collection is even better for pocket scrapbookers than most as it includes the pocket cards ready to go.  They are often similar themes, but bigger and with added punch so they really fill out the pocket (the nesting birds on blue is not one of the patterned papers, it comes from the card set!).

This spread didn't need much for embellishment, as the photos are great, but the puffy stickers are so hard to resist, and the ephemera package just had too many great pieces in it!  When it's all so great, it's hard not to save things for "just the right project!"

This second pocket spread is from my album that will document our recent trip to Legoland & Disneyland to celebrate my son's 6th birthday (how is he so big??).  We had so much fun, that it really was easy to pull this little spread together.  The big gold words are such a beautiful script, that it was an easy choice to nest them together for such a good impact in the sky of the photo.  I love using frames to highlight interesting parts of photos, and this one just helped tie the whole color scheme together so easily.

Again, the puffy stickers are so easy to use, and so hard to resist putting everywhere, that I ended up with some great heart clusters, both on the frame and down below on the card.  Journaling cards like this are easy to make with whatever patterned paper you have around you.  I just cut a piece 1.5 inches by 3 inches and put it on a piece of white cardstock to leave room for writing, and the fun brought to the spread by the pattern paper is a huge win!

Thanks for checking out my projects today, I hope you were inspired by them, or even just loved a peek at the happiest place on earth!


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