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Paper fortune teller | Céline Erbetta

Paper fortune teller | Céline Erbetta

Dear crafters !, I'm starting the Easter festivities with the beautiful Keeping it Real collection: to get your kids to go looking for chocolates in the garden or the house, I've prepared little baskets in acid colors!

For this, a simple project without the need to give you lots of measurements 😉 You know the paper fortune tellers? Well, just flip them over and you've got a cute candy container!

Choose your favorite sheet, grab your folder, and follow this pattern to build your "cocotte" , that's the french word ;-) :

 Then you'll need to punch a hole in the center of your folding to pass a ribbon through to serve as a handle: don't forget to tie the knot on the other side 😉

What's next? Well now I'm going to go eat one of these little chocolates 😉

Beautiful day to all!

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