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Holiday Vibes cards in boxe - Stephanie Dagan

Holiday Vibes cards in boxe - Stephanie Dagan

18 Dec 2018 0 Comments

Hi everyone ! 

To celebrate the upcoming holidays, I present you today a small set of cards in a nice glass box with a clear lid.

The box measures 12 cm wide by 13 cm high and 3.5 cm deep. A 30*30 sheet is perfect for making the bottom of the box.

The box contains 5 cards all made from white cardbstock to highlight the embellishments and emphasize the "winter white".

Some cards contain sequins, others some golden touches, but all have in common an accumulation of Holiday Vibes embellishments, a real pleasure to play with !


Cards ready! Gifts ready ! Just a good organization this year. And you are you ready for Christmas ?

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