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Guest Designer | Obed Marshall

Guest Designer | Obed Marshall

20 Jun 2019 2 Comments

We are so excited to announce our June scrapbooking guest, Obed Marshall! Obed is a super talented project designer from Spain, and we are so happy to have him creating with us this month! He has created GORGEOUS projects using our Everyday Musings collection. We know you are going to love them!

But first, how about we get to know Obed a little better?

Introduce yourself to our readers with a short bio:

My name is Obed Marshall, I’m 20 years old and also known on social media as Arrows & Apples. I’m an English language and literature student, a part time teacher and a crafter. I live in the North of Spain in the region called Galicia, right above Portugal, in a small, lovely, peaceful and historic city. In my free time I enjoy crafting, taking pictures and traveling.

I absolutely love paper crafting, since I was little I’ve always been an artsy guy. When I was young I signed up for drawing and painting lessons and I think that’s when my love for art started, by the way, I still enjoy grabbing some paint and some brushes once in a while.

What inspired you to start paper crafting?

Paper crafting is a real passion of mine, I really enjoy crafting and also teaching it in local workshops. It all started when my Mom bought me some washi tapes. Scrapbooking and paper crafting was not very popular here in Spain until a few years ago. I started googling “washi tape”  to find ideas  on how and what to use them for. All of a sudden, I stumbled upon cards and layouts and then I found out that was called Scrapbooking…hahah, I had no idea. Then I bought my first patterned papers, embellishments and so on. That’s how it all started, I especially love trying out new techniques and materials, combining them and making creative and unique projects.

What best describes your paper crafting style?

I would say my style of projects is simple, bright, colourful, fun and creative: a blend of DIY, home decor and scrapbooking. Yeah, that sounds weird doesn’t it, impossible, maybe? But isn’t it fun to try and do impossible things sometimes? Anyway, I love to use scrapbooking materials in home decor and DIY projects but I also enjoy working on more “traditional” scrapbooking projects like cards, layouts and albums.

What draws you to Pinkfresh Studio products?

 I love the wide variety of products and designs, even each being different they all blend together in a very great way. I love the beautifully selected  color palettes of the paper collections, and the designs are outstanding and very fresh, just like their name says.

Please list your top 5 current Pinkfresh Studio Products.

  1. Ephemera, has always been one of my favourites, so many designs and shapes to choose from, love them!
  2. Everyday Musings Gold Puffy Word Accents, they look outstanding anywhere you use them.
  3. Phrase stickers, they are just the perfect embellishment to go along with your pictures.
  4. Out and About, everything about this collection, I love the theme and the bold colors!
  5. Puffy stickers, they just look amazing on the projects.

      What is your very favorite color combo?

      This is actually a difficult question for me since I’m a big fan of a lot of colors, but if I had to pick just a few I would say: yellow, blue and mint. I’m also loving gold foil at the moment and bright and vibrant colors, I’m constantly changing and trying new color combinations.

      What is one tip you have for someone just getting started in paper crafting?

      Start crafting and don’t stop, remember always to have fun and keep creating. We all have had our ups and downs, just enjoy the process and remember practice makes perfect.

      If you don't currently follow Obed, he shares his work on Instagram, and Facebook. Check them out and be sure to follow!

      Obed has created some really beautiful projects, so let's get right to them! Here is a little more about them in his own words.

      Hey everyone! I am so excited to be the June scrapbooking guest designer. I just want to start out by saying how grateful I am for being here and a huge thanks to the Pinkfresh Studio Team for giving me this opportunity. For this special occasion, I have created four projects in total, two little mini albums and two cards, I’ll tell you all about how I made them, let’s get into it.

      Mini albums are one of my favourite scrapbooking projects, I enjoy making them very much. I’m always thinking of new ways to make them, using different shapes or techniques. They’re a great way to document memories and are so fun.  As I mentioned above, I absolutely love creating home decor and scrapbooking projects, so the first one I’ve made is an accordion style mini album in a recycled vintage looking alarm clock.

      The first thing I did was unscrew and take out all the mechanisms in the alarm clock, after doing that, the clock is ready. The accordion style is one of my favourites, although being simple I just love how it looks. I used ephemera from the Joyful Day collection for the cover and some ribbon to hold the pages in place when it is standing up.

      On the inside, I used pictures of myself in front of several pretty walls I found along my summer trip last year. I used a mix of papers and embellishments from Everyday Musings and Joyful Day. Here are a few pictures, hope you like it.

      The second mini album I’ll be showing you I’ve named “The teacup album” and yes sometimes I “name” my projects hahaha do you do it too?

      I was inspired by the Everyday Musings yellow patterned paper that has teacups on it. When I saw it I almost instantly knew it was going to be a mini album. The entire album is in the shape of a teacup, covers and pages, I cut them using my Silhouette Cameo.

      For this album, I used old pictures of our family, it’s always a fun idea to go looking for old pictures and use them in projects.The Everyday Musings collection with the old family pictures was the perfect combination.

      Once you have the covers and pages made, the best part is left: adhering the pictures and then decorating. I love the phrase stickers and all the floral embellishments. Hope you find it inspiring!

      I’ve also made two cards with the Out and About collection, I am in love with all the vibrant colors and the travel theme is my favourite.

      The two cards have a dimensional style. The center of the front of the card is cut in a shape, a heart and a circle on the other. The sentiment is on the inside of the card but is seen on the front also.

      I also decorated the front of the cards with some stickers, here are the pictures. Hope you love them as much as I do!

      That’s all for today, hope you like my projects and find them inspiring. I really enjoyed making them. Thanks again to the Pinkfresh Studio Team for having me on the blog, it really is a dream come true.
      Thank you for all the amazing projects & inspiration today, Obed! We are so honored to have had you on as a guest this month!

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