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Garden Bouquet Reveal

Garden Bouquet Reveal

19 May 2023 213 Comments

Our Garden Bouquet collection is a washi tape product suite that we’ve taken a step further by adding coordinating embellishments! With a mix of stunning flowers and gorgeous watercolor elements, this collection is truly lovely. The colors range from cooler blues, pretty pinks and warm corals with lush greenery that are pure magic together.

Garden Bouquet will look beautiful on all paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, greeting cards & more!

Check out the collection in full!














The Garden Bouquet collection will be available for purchase on Friday, May 19th at 7 am CST! We will also be celebrating with an Instagram Hop for each of the new collections later this month - make sure to check those out for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Garden Bouquet collection! Do you like to garden - and if so, vegetables or flowers? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Thursday, June 1st to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 

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29 May 2023 Aleks

I love to garden, both veggies and flowers! Love this collection!

28 May 2023 Elaine Lozano

AlwAys plant some herbs in the garden..helps flavor my summer dishes with freshness..these blooms give a spot of color!

28 May 2023 Jennifer K

Another great collection! I love to garden especially vegetables. There is nothing better than a home grown tomato.

27 May 2023 Jeane Campbell

I enjoy gardening to a point. I hate to weed. But that comes with the joys of gardening. We got a lot of water this year, so things should be better than the last few. Califoria here. Mostly roses.

24 May 2023 Jess Toulmin

I hate gardening but I love flowers! They’re so bright and beautiful and cheery.

24 May 2023 Lisa Zepponi

I do not like to garden, so thank you for making such a beautiful garden collection for me to use! Love this collection.

23 May 2023 Brenda K

I love all things flowers! Your release sets are so awesome💕 The vegetables would be cool also.

23 May 2023 Lisascreativeniche

I love gardening! And I have both vegetables and flowers in my garden. This year, I am trying sweet peas, wildflowers, cucumbers, zucchini, parsley, sunflowers. Beautiful collection!

23 May 2023 Krista Hubbard

I plant only flowers, I don’t have much of a green thumb!

23 May 2023 MaryLee DeFrain

Another great collection. Will work great for my scrapbook pages but also for cards. I don’t garden but if I did would probably go with vegetables. Think the harvest would be great.

23 May 2023 Tricia Hoy

I can’t imagine what it’d be like to win this entire set!! I’d have to take a week off of work just to spend all of my time using Pinkfresh products!!! LOVE all of it!!

23 May 2023 Carol Webb

I prefer flowers to grow over vegetables. I’m not a big green thumb though, inside we have faux plants so no chance of killing them!

23 May 2023 Glorie

What a beautiful collection. I do garden – vegetables and flowers – but I love seeing my vegetables grow tiny seedlings to bearing fruit.

22 May 2023 Beverly LoPinto

I love them both! But I really love vege gardening 💗

22 May 2023 Lisa L

Love to garden both flowers and vegetables! Flowers bright colors like Garden Bouquet colors!! But garnet veggies you can’t beat them! My absolute favorites are cukeumbers, tomatoes and peas!,

22 May 2023 SusanMcL

Love my flowers and my veggies, but my favorite is home grown tomatoes!! Can’t beat them!

22 May 2023 Marci Nelson Villanueva

I want to be a gardener but I’m not. I get annoyed that the weeds just keep coming back. 😂 We did just plant our vegetable garden for the year. We have rhubarb, tomatoes, corn, peas and zucchini. I’m in the Pacific Northwest of the US so our crop won’t be huge. We just do it for fun.

22 May 2023 Stacey Kowbel

Gorgeous collection! I love to garden and grow flowers and vegetables every year. I seeded my own tomatoes this year for the first time, so I’m excited to see how they grow now that they’re planted outside.

22 May 2023 Yasmine Omar

Wow! Such beautiful colors! The washi tape and Ephemera are so gorgeous. I love Flowers and would love to have a garden full of beautiful flowers.

22 May 2023 Rhonda

The flowers are stunning! I love to surround my home with flowers each year! And most of my cards showcase flowers!

22 May 2023 Nita Williams

What a lovely collection! I love flowers they bring me such joy and what a wonderful way to share that joy.

21 May 2023 Rosemarie Levandowski

Who doesn’t like flowers, they bring such happiness always, and this colorful washi tape with a touch of gold is over-the-top joy! Can’t wait to bring them to life on my pages and cards to spread the joy!

21 May 2023 Robert Lozano

LIke working in my vegetable garden…makes a great salad at harvest time!

21 May 2023 Teresa Rogers

Super fun release! I love to grow vegetables but sadly do not have the ability at my new how so instead I have filled my front porch full of flowers. The hibiscus give me such joy when they bloom

21 May 2023 Jade

A must have set. I love to garden. I fill my yard with shrubs and perennial. My yard is fairly shady so I don’t have enough sun for vegetables – a downside of my house.

21 May 2023 Karen V.

Love your washi tapes and you hit it out of the park with the garden bouquet. Just potted up lots of annuals for outside and also have lots of house plants.

21 May 2023 Stacy H.

I have a beautiful butterfly garden with many different host plants and pollinator plants. I’m looking forward to seeing everything in full bloom in a few weeks.

21 May 2023 Andrea Shell

What a beautiful suite of products! I love the colors and patterns!

20 May 2023 Audrey Freedman

I’m a big fan of washi plus the matching dies – all the other goodies look fantastic too! Good job on the collection

20 May 2023 Samantha Dawson

This mama loves to garden, both flowers 🌺 and veggies 🥕 😍💕

20 May 2023 Debbie Frank

Love this collection since I’m a huge gardener with veggies and Flowers! Lots of work but love being outside and seeing all my hard work grow! And yummy veggies!

20 May 2023 Linda

I love flowers. I grow a lot of azaleas.
Love your new collection

20 May 2023 Melissa A Flieg

Beautiful collection of products.

20 May 2023 Melissa A Flieg

Beautiful collection of products.

20 May 2023 Anneleise Hampson

I love my flower gardens around my house – but sadly did not inherit my grandmother’s green thumb. This is my favourite of all the collections- stunning!!

20 May 2023 Donna Phelan

Wow! That Garden Bouquet Suite is so beautiful, so many lovely products! I love to garden! Mainly flower gardens throughout the yard, many, many of them! Top 3 favorite flowers are Purple Cone Flower, Daisy and Black Eyed Susans!

20 May 2023 Nancy R Walker

Gardening of all kinds…but growing hearty succulents is my latest craze! They have almost completely surrounded my water garden (yes, I have big fancy goldfish, too). Flowers take my breath away!

19 May 2023 Dawn T

Definitely Flowers in my Garden. Loving all your beautiful florals.

19 May 2023 Bo Gilmore

175. from comment 175. Sorry I forgot to comment on my garden.
I have flower and veggie gardens They are beautiful and yummy.

19 May 2023 Bo Gilmore

I love this collection. You always come out something more beautiful with every release. The Garden Bouquet is so delicate and I love the colored enamel dots.

19 May 2023 Anna M

I love flowers and flower gardening. This set is amazing. I love the colors on the washi tape.

19 May 2023 Karen

That is a stunning collection. I do container gardening as we have a small space. Colourful pots bring me a lot of joy

19 May 2023 Brenda Dickerson

I love the florals washi and the wonderful coordinating collection. So beautiful 💕

19 May 2023 Cynthia Johnson

This new collection is fabulous, as usual! I love that there are so many coordinating products! I want them all!

19 May 2023 Patricia Proulx

I love every single piece and bit f your new collection! This would be such a beautiful prize for me. I could say it was an early birthday gift as my b-day is June 9th!!!!

19 May 2023 Lori

My Sister is the Green thumb of the family, but I do enjoy my flower gardens.
This is a beautiful new release!

19 May 2023 Claudia R.

Adorable and romantic product suite! I am a passionate gardener with 16 flower beds to care for plus a vegetable garden. 🥰

19 May 2023 mary

oh this collection is GORGEOUS. I don’t have a garden but if I did it would definitely be vegetables!

19 May 2023 Donna Meyer

Another beautiful collection!!!💕 I love to add flowers to my scrapbooks , but in the my garden it’s all about the vegetables 🥦 🍆🥕🌽🥬

19 May 2023 Linda McDonald

The washi is great! I already have ideas to make a gift holder with cards in it with my card-making gals. Many years ago we vegetable gardened to enjoy them fresh in the summer and to freeze for the rest of the year. And had so many they had to be given away too. Now I’m focusing on flowers and landscaping around two homes—one in Florida and one in Maine.

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