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07 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Hi everyone! Autumn is just around the corner and it is becoming time for autumnal decorations. What goes best with autumn or even Halloween - pumpkins! Today I have a "kerstinlike" project for you! I like to use Dies in a different way than they are designed for. Let's get

I used the Festive Tickets to make the base for these pumpkins. Yes, you read that right - the Festive Tickets combined with the amazing Tourist Mode collection. I think this collection has an autumnal touch and is perfect for this


I punched out 12 tickets from the 12 x 12 Tourist Mode paper Great Outdoor. I cut off a longer corner on the right and left of each ticket. I made a template for this. You can see it in the photo above. I put the template on each ticket and cut off the corners on the right and



Next I glued 2 tickets together on the long side. I kept the glued edge short. This makes 6 long strips out of the 12 tickets. I made sure that all the strips had the same length when I glued them together.I pulled these 6 strips over a folded paper strip. The size of the strip does not matter. It should just not be too thick. At the bottom of the strip I glued a small circle with hot glue. This small circle holds the


Now carefully pull the upper end of the strips over the paper strip. AND - the pumpkin is almost


From the Foliage Shaker Die I made a few leaves to hang on the pumpkins. I punched out the "whole" leaf twice. I glued the two "whole" Foliage Shaker leaves together - with a fine gold wire in


A pumpkin rarely comes alone! I made a whole pumpkin family from the 12 x 12 Paper Pack Tourist Mode. The words "Hello" and "Fall" are from the beautiful Tourist Mode Alphabet


You can make a garland out of these cute pumpkins or put a string of lights inside or ...

What would you make out of these cute pumpkins?

I hope you like these DIY pumpkins from Festive Tickets. If you make them, link me on Instagram ( @kikki.sch ) so I can see it!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful creative time!

See you next time!

Kerstin xx


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