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21 Nov 2023 2 Comments

Hello everyone! It's THE time of the year again - Christmas time! Candlelight, cozy get-togethers, hot chocolate, cookies ... AND what should not be missing to shorten the time until Christmas Eve? An Advent Calendar! I have made a Christmas Tree Advent Calendar from the magic HOLIDAY DREAMS collection. I'm going to put little surprises in it.

Let's get started!


The three sections are slightly different sizes, but the structure is the same! I have made small folders for each section in which I can put small messages, vouchers or raffle tickets. Maybe even a few sweets, because they should never be missing in an advent calendar!






I have opted for a crown binding. It's quick and (almost) nothing needs to be glued. I made the Christmas tree advent calendar in three parts. 

I chose the Holiday Dreams 12 x 12 Paper Pack - Sweet Holiday paper for the base. I cut 2x 5 inch x 12 inch and 1 x 4 inch x 12 inch. I folded the long side - right and left - at 1 inch. On the short side at 1 inch. Cut at every 2nd inch - up to the lengthwise perforation. The corners are folded towards the center. This creates small triangles. Then fold towards the center. When everything is turned in, an accordion is folded.




I cut small folders from the papers Under The Tree and Peace, Love, Joy from the Holiday Dreams 12 x 12 Paper Pack, cut off a corner that I could insert something and glued them together at the bottom and back. These folders are inserted into the crown binding.




The base is glued together with double-sided adhesive tape. To create the effect of a Christmas tree, I cut folders from the leftovers, sewed them together with some yarn and inserted the empty spaces.




 That sounds difficult, BUT it's not! It's a bit time-consuming, yes .... but the result is amazing!
I decorated with various elements from the HOLIDAY DREAMS collection - Holiday Dreams Ephemera Pack, Holiday Dreams Puffy Stickers, Holiday Dreams Title Ephemera, Holiday Dreams Cardstock Stickers and Holiday Dreams Enamel Dots




I attached the three parts to a thin stick. I made a pyramid out of Vellum as a top and decorated it with the Holiday Dreams Enamel Dots. The Christmas Tree Advent Calendar is finished!




I hope you like this idea and I can inspire you to get creative with the wonderful HOLIDAY DREAMS collection!

Thank you for stopping by! See you next time!

Kerstin xx



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21 Nov 2023 Anne R.

Amazing and pretty clever

21 Nov 2023 Becky Gregory

Such a great idea and so unique! So glad you gave instructions! Love it!

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