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Celebrate a friend with small gifts | Celine Erbetta

Celebrate a friend with small gifts | Celine Erbetta

31 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Dear crafter friends !

I must admit that I have a big problem ... I can't give a little gift without putting it in a handmade box ! Especially, like here, when it's for a scrapbooking friend! ;-)

So for this little gift - scrapbook embellishments :-)) - I prepared homemade wrappers with the very pretty and sweet Celebrate collection from Altenew and Pinkfreshstuio.

For the gray pocket, I cut a rectangle in the sheet This Day : I marked 2 folds in the length, 2 in the width, I removed the 4 parts on the angles, and folded the 4 flaps. Very easy to do ! ;-)


 For the decoration, I stamped the Celebrate Today flowers and I colored them with the Pinkfresh Studio ink pads. In the Everyday Moments sheet, I cut a small strip, cut out some fringes and rolled the strip onto itself to make a pom pom. A P for Pauline, cut at the bigshot with the Kelly Alpha Upper Case die, completes the decoration.

For the small box, I used this great Everyday Moments sheet again. I cut a 9 'by 6' ¼ piece. In the length, I marked the folds at ½, 1 '¾, 4' ¾ and 6 '.

In the width, marking at ½, 4 ½ and 5 '¾. I then cut the excess pieces as in the photos below:


On the 2 lateral sides of the box, the fold is not marked along the entire length in order to be able to tighten the side at the top.

I cut the flap in the Progress sheet, my favorite sheet ! I also stamped the Celebrate Us flower there. With a brush and water, I ran a little gray ink on the leaves.

The clasp is a string that goes through a hole on the flap and around a button stuck on the box !

This collection is a joy to scrape, so sweet it is !

See you in September with the brand new Pinkfresh Studio collection !

Take care !


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