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Candy box | Céline Erbetta

Candy box | Céline Erbetta

Brrrr ... it's cold outside, so let's stay warm and scrape !
For this new creation, I decorated a candy box, offered for a birthday, with a snowflake… Shall we make it together?

I chose my paper from the Celebrate collection, you know, the Altenew and Pinkfresh collab… you will need 35 3/8th inches strips of paper. Then cut, in these, 5 strips of 4'7/8th, 10 of 4'3/4, 10 of 3'7/8th, and 10 of 2'3/4 in length. For those that count in centimeters, the bands are 1cm wide. For the lengths, you will need to cut: 5 of 12.5cm, 10 of 12, 10 of 10 and 10 of 7cm ;-)
Fold them in 2, and glue them on 2/3 of the length to get this :

Take a 4'7/8th strip, it will be your main branch. Now take 2 branches of 4 '7/8ths and glue them on either side of the 1st. You get this:

Then take those of 4'3/4, and repeat the gluing operation! Then those of 3'7/8th and finally the smaller ones.
Repeat the same collages for the 4 other branches.

Cut a strip of the same width, longer this time, about 12 inches. Roll it up on itself. Hold with a dot of glue. It will be the center of your snowflake.
Come stick the 5 branches! Your snowflake is ready !

On my wooden box, I did a few spots with acrylic paint, for the snow effect ! ;-) I added some enamel dots from the Let's Stay home collection, perfectly matched to my sheet…. In velum paper and gold paper, I cut out my words using the Happy Birthday die. I put them on my snowflake. A small white ribbon adds volume and finishes the candy box ... And if you're wondering, yes, I ate a little candy in the process ! ;-)

The flakes can also be perforated at one end to pass a thread through and hang ! ;-)
Have a nice day everyone… warm !

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1. Jan 19, 2021

Very good work. Thanks

Ana María Rojas

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