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Butterfly Hanging Mini Album | Celes Gonzalo

Butterfly Hanging Mini Album | Celes Gonzalo

15 Apr 2022 0 Comments

Hello everyone! How are you?  It's Celes here ;) and I'm super excited to be here again to share my new idea with you... The Happy Heart Collection is so beautiful that it is a source of infinite inspiration. I'm in love with the latest Pinkfresh Studio collections!

Butterfly Hanging Mini Album 1

Are you ready to create a lovely and original mini album? We are going yo make a super easy Butterfly Hanging Mini Album. Yes! It's like a wonderful ornament ;)

For making this hanging mini album I used the Butterflies Die and most of the products of the The Happy Heart Collection.

Butterfly Hanging Mini Album 2

First thing that I have to mencione is that you can use the Happy Heart 12x12 Paper Pack or the Happy Heart 6x6 Paper Pack . We are going to cut 6 butterflies from design paper and 6 butterflies from photos (you need to have 6 photos for this mini album). Also have a ribbon on hand (can be velvet)

Organize all photos and paper design pieces. I have decided to intersperse one and one of each. Butterfly Hanging Mini Album 3

Butterfly Hanging Mini Album 4

We must make a fold through the center of each butterfly to be able to make this mini album. When gluing the pieces together, we must not forget to glue even the antennae of the butterflies.

Butterfly Hanging Mini Album 5

Once you glued all the pieces, it will be in the form of an ornament. We will pass the ribbon through the center. Leave the necessary length of ribbon and tie a knot. Pass it through the center with the help of tweezers and decorate with some Wood Accent Stickers. Doesn't it look amazing?

Butterfly Hanging Mini Album 6

Time to decorate! You can use all you want. Just remember that you can use small embellishments. I combined Puffy Stickers, pieces from the Ephemera Pack, pieces from the Cardstock Stickers and Chipboard Frames. Also I added some colorful Enamel Dots.

Butterfly Hanging Mini Album 7

Also you can add a bit of journaling or decorate with stamps ;)  And voalá! Your mini is ready! ;)

Butterfly Hanging Mini Album 8

 Thanks for stopping by! I hope you like this idea ;)

See you next time! :)

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