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BOX WITH DRAWERS | Céline Erbetta

BOX WITH DRAWERS | Céline Erbetta

10 Feb 2021 0 Comments

I did it again! I gave in again to the call of the homemade gift box, rather than a simple wrapping from the store where I bought this gift ! 😊
A beauty gift, 4 face masks for a relaxing moment, stored in this little box with drawers made with the very springtime Keeping it Real collection ! An explosion of tangy colors, I love it !

I won't give you all the measurements this time as they will vary according to what you'll wrap, but rather some information about the structure in general ...
I made it simple: a strip and a rectangle cut from the patterned papers, of the same length, folded in some places. The rectangle in the length, the strip of paper in the width. The rectangle, once folded and glued, must be the same width as the strip of paper, to obtain this:

Make a small notch on the top, round or cut the corners at the ends of the strip; glue a small tab on the base of the box to make it slide more easily afterwards. Now all you have to do is slide the strip into the rectangular tube ! Easy isn't it ? 😉

After repeating the operation 3 times, choose the paper that will be the outline of the 4 boxes. Cut a strip by doubling the measurements of a small box. Mark the folds, fold and glue !

For the decoration, I used the Leafy Wreaths die : this crown is really beautiful with these openwork sheets ! I cut a label on the sheet Real Life : a whole page of labels ready for all your creations ! A flower from the ephemeras pack reminds the paper of the small boxes. A few Enamel dots, and that's it !

Beautiful day to all!

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