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Bookmarks and Traveler's Notebook by Núria

Bookmarks and Traveler's Notebook by Núria

17 Apr 2017 0 Comments


It's núria here with two new projects: some very easy bookmarks and a traveler's notebook spread.

In Spain, well, in Catalonia, where I live, we celebrate Sant Jordi (Saint George) on April's 23th. This day is the same day that Shakespeare and Cervantes die so we have a beautiful tradition and it's to bring a rose and a book to our loved people.

Saint George killed a dragon and from his blood a rose born and the, he brings that rose to his loved preincess. (Hope you understand, it's dificult to me to explain tjis in English... sorry!) Since that men brings roses to his girlfriends, wifes and daughters. But last years even boys recieve a rose as a gift.

You can read more here if you are interested:

So, like the day is next week I decided to create simple bookmarks to bring to my boyfriend and family with the books.

There are pretty easy, so you can create some of them even if you are starting with scrapbooking.

I used two pieces of paper from Dream On collection (7"x2" and 6'5"x1'8") and then I sticked them together. Then I added some puffy wirds from MIX Nº1 and some other embelishments like the little golden stars. Then I added some bakers twine as a final touch, That's it!

My other project is a new page of my traveler's notebook.

I used Dream On collection.

I put a little piece of paper on the left page and then I added the photo, the tittle with the black puffy alphabet and some die cuts and puffy stickers.

For the right page I wanted a really clean and simple page so I used some stickers and washi tape to decorate the marges of the text.

I love to write in my traveler's notebook and I don't want many add ons disturbing the text.

Hope you liked my two projects




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