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"And where am I sending this to you?" | Celine Erbetta

"And where am I sending this to you?" | Celine Erbetta

25 Jan 2021 1 comment

I don't know how often this happens to you, but very often I have to ask again for the address of the person I want to send mail to! Between the phones that change, the computers that lose data, I never find the information I need ! ๐Ÿ˜‰
So I thought it was time to have a nice address book and use these beautiful puffy alphabets stickers from the new Some Days collection !

I chose it round because I really wanted to work with this great die Braided Circles ! I used the biggest circle to cut all my pages. The perforated circle, the medium one, was used to make the shaker box on the cover of the notebook. As for the smaller one, I used it on each insert page. I like that there is a pattern in my designs, here, it will be the round ๐Ÿ˜‰ Second thing I repeat in this notebook, the Leafy Branch, in full, as on the cover, or half, as on the divider pages .

Each of these pages is decorated with green or blue alphabet puffy stickers. As well as with the cardstock stickers and the cute little puffy stickers. I added some flowers and lemons that you will find in the ephemera pouch. Beware, explosion of tangy colors when opening the package ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I made the squared sheets myself: it's very simple. Open an Excel document, determine the size of your tiles. Add an outer and inner border in the color of your choice. Print on white cardboard paper ! Easy isn't it?

Oh yes, I almost forgot: I put in my shakerbox these beautiful Jewel Mix rhinestones, guaranteed shine for your projects !

Now all I have to do is take my best pen and write down the addresses of friends to whom I will soon be sending handmade cards !

Beautiful day to you!

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1 comment

25 Jan 2021 Margaret R

What a great idea! So pretty and so useful!

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