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Advent Calendar with Happy Holidays collection | Susi Becerra

Advent Calendar with Happy Holidays collection | Susi Becerra

23 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Hello everyone! It's Susi here today on Pinkfresh Studio blog sharing with you my favorite project for Christmas! Are you ready to create your Advent Calendar? I used the beautiful Happy Holidays collection. I'm in love with it! So colorful and bright.. It's perfect!

I love the exploding boxes so this year I wanted to use those boxes to create my advent calendar. An explosion of boxes and colors! To make it I have used matchboxes. Yess, I bought  twenty four matchboxes in two different sizes. You have other options to make them. You can use a cutting machine with a cutfile or make them by hand (this option is a hard work).


Exploding Box: To make it we are going to need white cardstock or patterned paper. As I said before I have two sizes of boxes.

Big box: We need a piece of white cardstock of 9" x 9". Score at 3", 6" horizontally and vertically. Then we are going to cut out the squares  from the corners. We are going to repeat the process four times.

Lid of the box: We need a piece of patterned paper of 4" 5/8 x 4" 5/8. Score at 3/4", 3 7/8" horizontally and vertically. Then fold it and assemble the lid.

Small box: We need a piece of patterned paper of 6" x 6" . Score  at 2", 4" horizontally and vertically. Then cut out the corners ( four squares) . We need two small exploding box.

Lid: Patterned paper: 3 1/8" x 3 1/8". Score: 1/2", 2 5/8". Fold and assemble it.



Matches Boxes: Now we are going to make the matches boxes using our favorite papers from the collection. I made a template using one of them to create the covers of the matchboxes. The insert of the box is the matchbox. Once the matchboxes are ready..It's time to decorate them. YAY! Fun Time!

I used all the elements from the collection, Die cuts, Puffy Stickers, Wood Accents, Cardstock Stickers.... You can add anything else you like!



To complete the Advent Calendar we are going to use the Heather lowercase Die Set. I cut all the numbers in a glitter gold paper. They look wonderful! I used glitter red paper to create some of them.



To finish , we need to add the matcboxes to the exploding box, so we are going to glue them as you see in the next photo. I used double size tape.


To finish I also create a small box for Christmas Day. It's a special day! The last detail is add the gorgeous Glitter Drops. Gold, Ruby, Blush...

Fit your calendar with candies, presents...everything you want! I hope you like this idea!



Thanks for stopping by! Have a great time and see you next time! Merry Christmas!

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