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Advent Calendar and Gift Wrapping by Núria

Advent Calendar and Gift Wrapping by Núria

20 Nov 2016 0 Comments
Hello everybody!
It's Núria hre with two new projects using the Oh Joy collection.
The first one is an Advent Calendar that I created using the Advent Love paper and some die cuts, stickers and washi stickers.
I started cutting little windows in every single space using the 25 days of December until Christmas. Then I filled every single window with lovely messages.
My idea is to document my special days of December with words in every window.
The other project I want to show you is this little box. I love boxes to wrap little gifts.
In this case I used baker's twine to close the box and I put a handmade tassel and two tinny tags on the top of the box.
I used the acetate card and a little piece of paper as a card and I wrote a message to my bestie in the backside.
Hope you like both of them!
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