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4th Birthday Bash Blog Hop

4th Birthday Bash Blog Hop

Hi there! Thank you so much for joining us today to celebrate Pinkfresh Studio 4th Birthday with this very special blog hop. We have quite the line-up and tons of prizes and giveaways! 

Here is just a peek at all the inspiration we have in store for you on the blog hop today!



Each stop on the blog hop will have a winner - either a $40 gift certificate or a $40 prize package of our latest scrapbooking products!

Entry closes on Monday, April 9th at 6am PST.. We will post the winners on the Pinkfresh Studio blog on Monday April, 9th at 12:30pm PST.  


We have the grand prize of the hop, with a $100 gift card up for grabs!

Leave us comment below telling us what is your favorite part of your birthday?

We also have a few giveaways on Instagram! Hop on over there, and check out other ways to win! Be sure to follow us, and follow all the giveaway instructions.

And finally, we will also have a giveaway on Facebook! Be sure to head on over, and like our page if you don't already.

Here is our line-up of amazing designers celebrating our birthday with us today! Be sure to visit each blog and leave a comment for your chance to win the giveaways. We just KNOW you are going to be SO inspired by what they have created for you today!


We are so honored to be part of this industry and YOU are the reason we have been here for 4 amazing years. Thank you, and here is to 40 more! We hope you have so much fun on the hop as we celebrate our 4th birthday!



236. Apr 09, 2018

Happy Birthday! My favorite part about my birthday is seeing how excited my daughters are about my big day!

235. Apr 09, 2018

I love every piece of your collections. They are beautiful and really “fresh”. my favourite part on my birthday party is to spend time with friends and my family. Thank you for the chance.

Simone Jobst
234. Apr 08, 2018

First , Happy Birthday Pinkfresh !! Thank you so much for this great hop and all these awesome prizes. And second, my favourite part on my birthday is receiving gifts !! Of course !!

233. Apr 08, 2018

Happy Birthday Pinkfresh!!! I am new to your products but have already fallen hard for your gorgeous stamps! The best part of my birthday is when my 10 year old pampers me with handmade gifts, hugs and kisses :)

Renee VanEpps
232. Apr 08, 2018

The favorite part of my birthday in preparing it, I love it.

María del Carmen Rabuñal Barrientos
231. Apr 08, 2018

Happy Fourth to you!! I absolutely loved all the projects! I’m one of those that have to read all the details and look at all the photos as well, just like reading a scrapbook magazine! I love it!

Julie {CalleLillyCafe}
230. Apr 08, 2018

Wow! What a fabulous creations! Thanks for giving us the chance to win a nice prize!

Made By Fairy Sky
229. Apr 07, 2018

SQUEAL!! HAPPY 4th Birthday!! Such BEAUTIFUL Inspiration!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS Weekend!! =)

Larissa Heskett
228. Apr 07, 2018

My favorite part of my birthday is when I get to make a wish before blowing out the candles. I always make the same wish, which is that my family be happy and healthy.

Michelle Hackett
227. Apr 07, 2018

Huge congrats on your 4th anniversary! Looking forward to the next 4!!
What do I look forward to? Another day older and wiser. : )

D.Ann C
226. Apr 07, 2018

My 7 kids and hubby make me a cake from scratch and decorate it! So very special! I also love the little bag of scrapbooking goodies I am gifted! Thank you, PFS!

Sarina Coffin
225. Apr 06, 2018

This is what I love about blog hops … I haven’t seen your products before but because I follow some of your talented contributors I’ve discovered your lovely products. I live in Australia and we don’t have access to a lot of companies. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Sharon Taylor
224. Apr 06, 2018

Happy Birthday! My favorite part of a birthday is time spent with family and friends.

223. Apr 06, 2018

My favorite part of my birthday is spending some time reflecting on the blessings the previous year has brought into my life…

Stacy Breidenbach
222. Apr 06, 2018

Happy 4th birthday to you. I wish you continued success in the industry. My favourite part of my birthday is celebrating with my children.

F. Andre
221. Apr 06, 2018

Happy 4th birthday. My favorite part of birthdays is having family to share it with.

Sue D
220. Apr 06, 2018

Congratulations Pinkfresh! Four years already and countless more I am sure!
My fave thing about MY birthday is it is on St. Patrick’s Day, so everyone is celebrating and happy right along with me and that is EVERY year!

Teresa Doyle
219. Apr 05, 2018

Happy 4th Birthday! I am a big fan of birthdays. One of my favorite things is receiving handmade cards from my children on my birthday.

218. Apr 05, 2018

Happy 4th birthday to you PinkFresh and wishing you many more birthdays and successful endeavors to come!

My favorite part of my birthday when I celebrated my 50th and graduation from a Universitu was celebrating with family and friends, and I especially loved opening my birthday/graduation cards and reading my friends & family’s personal sentiments, that was the best part for me :) xo

ronette m fajardo
217. Apr 05, 2018

Happy Birthday!! Looking forward to what you will have in the future!!

Dana W
216. Apr 05, 2018

HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY! What beautiful projects you have inspired with your wonderful products. Wishing you many more celebrations to come!

215. Apr 05, 2018

Happy 4th birthday, Pinkfresh Studio! 🎉🎂 My favorite part of my birthday is spending the exciting day with my friends and family (of course, cake is an added bonus!)

214. Apr 04, 2018

Happy Birthday!! Wow…celebrating 4 years!?! That’s something to celebrate! My favorite part of my birthday is getting free food (lol) and eating with my family. It’s a tradition and I love it! But I think I should start a NEW tradition gathering stamp sets for each year I’m celebrating….do you think my husband will go for that?! Ha, ha. Have a great celebration~

Kari VanNoy
213. Apr 04, 2018

Congratulations on your 4th birthday – I’m new to PinkFresh products and what I’ve seen so far, I just love! The favorite part of my birthday is hearing from friends I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. And a standing lunch date with one of my best friends!

212. Apr 04, 2018

Happy Birthday! I always take my birthday off and my rules are I can’t make plans in advance and I do whatever I want at the time. It’s fun (especially as a mom) to have an unscripted day (or most of a day) to myself!

Miriam Prantner
211. Apr 04, 2018

Happy Birthday Pinkfresh! The favourite part of my birthday is the excuse for a special dinner. ;)

Lindsey M-P
210. Apr 04, 2018

Family time is my favorite part of my Birthday. We come together to laugh and enjoy good food. What could be better!

Shemaine Smith
209. Apr 04, 2018

My favorite part of my birthday is going out to my favorite restaurant for dinner. It is such a nice treat!

Amy Papale
208. Apr 04, 2018

Beautiful cards! Thanks for the generous giveaway 😊

Annie Nigro
207. Apr 04, 2018

Happy Birthday Pinkfresh. My favorite part of my birthday is homemade German Chocolate Cake.

206. Apr 04, 2018

My favorite part of my birthday is spending time with my grown children. When they can get home, they do. For my son who lives further away, I always get a special phone call.

Denise F.
205. Apr 04, 2018

Forgot to mention that my fave part of my birthday is opening presents. Still! I’m like a kid in a candy shop, I can’t help it!

Erica A-b
204. Apr 04, 2018

Happy 4th birthday!! Here is to many, many more glittery ones!!

Erica A-b
203. Apr 04, 2018

Happy Birthday!! 4 years already—wow—how time flies!! Congratulations, and here is to many more years of awesomeness!

Laura Gauthier Turcotte
202. Apr 04, 2018

Happy Happy Birthday to you….My favorite part of my birthday is eating the cake was made by my girl (9y) :-)

Temesfői -Szilágyi Marianna
201. Apr 04, 2018

Happy 4th Birthday, Pinkfresh! May you have many, many more! My favorite part of my birthday each year is cake. I really don’t have a preference; I’m equal opportunity when it comes to cake! Thanks for the fun blog hop to celebrate your birthday!

Cathy Lillie
200. Apr 04, 2018

Happy 4th Birthday Pink Fresh Studio.
Birthday cake with my grandchildren always makes a special treat.

199. Apr 03, 2018

Happy 4th birthday…. May u held more giveaways in future…..I love it pink fresh poster……..u making us lit…thanks for the chance….thank you so much love Ur theme…

198. Apr 03, 2018

Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!! My favorite part of my birthday is playing games with my family. I can’t remember the last birthday that didn’t involve some sort of board or card game with whatever family members were around. It’s our thing. That and making a big meal of whatever the birthday person wants and singing “Happy Birthday” in multipart harmony. My family is kind of fantastic that way.

197. Apr 03, 2018

Happy Happy Birthday to you…. Love your stamps, so whimsical, so fun — Hope PinkFresh Studio has many more birthday to come!

Jnana Bryant
196. Apr 03, 2018

I don’t celebrate my b-day for religious reasons. So I’m afraid I don’t have a favourite thing about it. When I was a kid, it was always awesome to be a year older. I was always a small kid so each year represented not only getting to do more fun things but also a chance to grow!

Rebecca Ednie
195. Apr 03, 2018

Happy 4th Birthday! Thank you for a fun and inspiring blog hop! I enjoy the extra attention I get from loved ones on my birthday :-)

Hamutal Shafrir
194. Apr 03, 2018

Happy 4th birthday! Congratulations and many more to come 😊💕. Such a wonderful blog hop giveaway. 😊

Raga senthil
193. Apr 03, 2018

Can’t believe you’ve been around for 4 years! Here’s to many more.

Marcia Scantlin
192. Apr 03, 2018

Happy Happy 4th Birthday!

Rachel Hodum
191. Apr 03, 2018

Happy 4th Birthday! Such a wonderful blog hop giveaway.

Cynthia Cole
190. Apr 03, 2018

First….Happy Birthday!!!! Second…I am super excited about your company. I just bought 3of your stamp sets, and I feel like I’m going to wear them out. I love the whimsical feel of your stamp designs, and how wonderfully they can be used together to create amazing cards. Congratulations on 4 years, and I can’t wait to see what’s to come in the years ahead.

Michelle Hackett
189. Apr 03, 2018

HB Pinkfresh and many more to come! Birthdays let you know how much you are loved by those that matter most!

Donna Cuevas
188. Apr 03, 2018

WooHoo! Party!

187. Apr 03, 2018

Happy 4th birthday and I am looking forward to more pinkfresh stamps!

kathleen dumpert

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