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Layout and Snail Mail using Life Noted

Layout and Snail Mail using Life Noted

Hello everybody!

Today I will show you two new projects using the amazing collection Life Noted.

My first project is this layout using some pieces of paper, gesso and watercolors.

I used a photo from a friend's wedding because I loved the colours of that confetti petals.

First I sewed the paper pieces to the white cardstock and then I used gesso for preparing the surface.


When gesso was totally dry, I played with watercolors adding colour to the background.

Then I only need to add some embelishments like foild stickers or phrase shapes.

Hope you like this layout!

Now it's time to explain my second project.

Maybe you don't know but I'm a big lover of snail mail, I love to send and recieve pretty mail, so I decided to write a new letter for one of my friends.

This letter is like an explodding minialbum: when you recieve it you have a little packet, but when you open it...

... a big amount of pockets, labels, envelopes and pull overs apear in front of you.

IIn the central part I added the letter and some little details in an envelope.

In the upper part a small pocket includes some washi tape and baker's twine.

In the left side you can find sweets and an envelope with a tea bag.

Hope you loved my new project.

Thank you for reading.


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