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Modern Wildflower Bouquet | Anne Fiene

Modern Wildflower Bouquet | Anne Fiene

16 Feb 2024 2 Comments

Hi everyone! I'm on the Pinkfresh Studio blog today with a card I made using their newly released Wildflower Bouquet. I love the look of the eclectic bouquet you get when using this suite of products. I thought putting my wildflower bouquet on a modern-looking background would look so pretty. 

I started with the background, an oversized panel of white, heavyweight cardstock, cut to about 5 3/4 X 4 1/2. After ink blending it, I'll cut it down to an A2 size. I like the extra border while ink blending; that's where I try to keep my fingertips so I don't make impressions in the ink. Also, it makes for a seamless color blend when I cut it down; I don't prefer it when the ink builds up on the edges.

So, I blended with Soft Lilac and then Lavender on my panel, leaving some of the panel white. Then, I lightly blended Sheer Freesia and Wisteria over my purple blend. To change the color a little.

I used a circle die to cut out a circle, adhered the panel to an A2-sized lighter weight panel (80 lb.)., reversed the circle and taped it back in place on the panel. Then I pulled out a neat little die from the Wildflower Bouquet die set, which cuts out two small parallel slits so that you can slide ribbon or... string or whatever through them, tape them down on the back of your card panel, and just have a springy bow on top! So cute! 

I combined a couple of different ribbons and twine, slid them through the die-cut slits, and tied a small bow, but left the ends loose so that I could build my bouquet before pulling them taut and taping them down on the back of the panel.

I used the Wildflower Bouquet stencil set on a 5 1/2 X 8 1/2-sized panel of white cardstock. The stencil and die have some additional stems not included in the stamp. I used purple and orange for my ink-blended wildflowers. Then, I put the panel into my stamping platform to use Detail Black over five stems and cut everything out with the Wildflower Bouquet die set. I also used the die to cut out stems from colored cardstock to play with. I ended up including brown and gray in my purple, orange, and white arrangement.

After arranging my stems into two groups, with small dabs of glue to hold them together, I slid them through the bows' loop and used more glue to stick them down. Then, I tightened the bow from the back of the panel and taped the ends down. I stuck the whole panel to a 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 cardbase.

The sentiment is from the Wildflower Bouquet stamp set. (I subtly blended some color here and there on the die-cut sentiment to match the background I placed it over.) I used some Stargazer Jewels here and there. I love the dark blue shade. And I was done!

I hope some of these design choices have inspired you to make something new today. Thanks so much for coming by!

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23 Feb 2024 Annette Gordon

I love the ink blending on this card and how the circle with the white ink blended on the opposite side for contrast. The flowers arranged around it are beautiful!!! This is a favourite card!

19 Feb 2024 Marcia Fellner

Beautiful, elegant, and dainty card! Great colors.

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