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Inky Bouquet Fun Fold Inspiration Card┃Yasmin Diaz

Inky Bouquet Fun Fold Inspiration Card┃Yasmin Diaz

17 Mar 2023 1 comment

Happy Friday, Pinkfresh friends! Yasmin, here sharing another fun fold inspiration card with a “Dimensional Floral Bouquet” look using the Inky Bouquet StampInky Bouquet Die, and Inky Bouquet Stencil for the floral touch. Also, I used the Sparkling Diamonds Die to add the textured stitching details. Along with these sets, I used Wonderful Sentiments Hot Foil with a combination of  Wonderful Sentiments Die for the card sentiment. And last but not least, I used the Stamp Press Tool for the stamping, and 1/2 Blending Brush Set1/4 Blending Brush Set + PFS- Inks to add pops of colors to the flowers and leaves plus, Ombre Glitter Drops: Sparkle & Shine to add a touch of sparkle. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the step-by-step for how I made it.

Therefore, I began by placing an A2-size white card panel inside the stamping tool, and then I lined over it the floral stamp image included in Inky Bouquet Stamp. Next, I got the floral stamp stamped over the card panel using Warm Buff Ink and the Stamp Press Tool for a better impression. Then, after getting the stamping done over the card panel, I removed it from the stamping tool but not the stamp image, so I could come back and get it re-stamped after getting it inked up using the coordinating layering stencils. 

As for the inking process, I used the 1/2 Blending Brush Set and 1/4 Blending Brush Set alongside the following ink combination Warm Buff InkPeach Fuzz InkApricot InkLemon Whip InkMarigold InkClementine InkPersimmon InkSweet Mustard InkOcean Breeze InkAquamarine InkTidal Pond InkFresh Pear Ink, and Olive Ink. Next, as soon as I got the image inked up, I went back to get the image stamped once again to bring back the precise lines, and then after getting that, I used the Inky Bouquet Die to cut the bouquet out from the card panel.

Once I finished the die-cutting step, I put it aside to create the fun fold card base. So, for the card base, I placed an 11.0 x 4-1/4 inch piece of white cardstock over the scoreboard tool with the longer side horizontally to trace some scoring lines using the Teflon bone folder at 1.0, 5-1/2, 9.0, and 10.0 inches marks. Next, I used the side of the Teflon bone folder to get the folds folded over in a mountain, valley, mountain, valley, and mountain folding way. So, after finishing that step, I used the paper trimmer to cut out a piece of white cardstock to 10-3/4 x 3.0 inches. And once I got it trimmed down, I placed it over the scoreboard tool to trace some scoring lines at 1.0, 5-1/4, and 9-3/4.

Moving on, after getting the scoring lines traced over the piece of white cardstock, I put it aside to get the die-cutting step done for the textured layering panels. Thus, to add texture, I used the Sparkling Diamonds Die to add texture to three A2-size white card panels. So, as soon as I added the texture to each card panel, I trimmed off the layering pieces from them, and here are the measurements for each layering piece:

- Two pieces at H 3/4 X W 4.0

- Two pieces at H 2-3/4 X 4.0

- One piece at H 4-1/4 X 2-3/4.

Therefore, after cutting the pieces from the textured card panels, I put them aside to get the fun fold card base assembling steps. So, to do that, I got the Two pieces with H 2-3/4 X 4.0 measurements glued down to the front and back sides of the large mountain fold. And, after getting those glued down, I got the smaller cardstock piece with the scoring lines folded in half. Next, I got its ends folded inwards and added liquid glue to the front side of the front and back sides. Then, after adding the glue, I got both ends attached to the center of the large folded piece. You can see in the image above how it should look after getting the smaller cardstock piece attached to the large.

Nevertheless, I got the two smaller textured layering pieces glued down to the front and back sides, and lastly, I got the longer textured piece glued down to one of the longer sides of the fun fold card base. In the image above, you can see that I only added texture to one of the longer sides of the fun fold card base because I wanted to leave the backside plain white to have a place where to write a message.

In the image above, you can see how the folds look from a slight side/upper view of how I have adhered the textured panels to each fold.

I am sharing a close-up image for you to see that due to the pattern and cuts of the textured panels, I didn’t get a continuous background look, however, if you get bothered by that, feel free to use colored cardstock instead. As for myself, I didn’t mind at all because I ended up loving the way of the geometrical textured look.

To continue with the card assembly, I moved on to get the inked bouquet attached to the front side of the card base.

So, to get the floral bouquet mounted over the card base, I created a paper spring to add dimension. Thus, I got the upper side of the floral bouquet adhered to the paper spring, and then I got the upper side of the floral bouquet glued to the upper center part of the fun fold card base. While getting the lower part glued to the front side of the bottom fold.

In the image above, you can see a side view of how I got it adhered to the card base.

And, here is a closer look at how much dimension the paper spring adds up for a 3D-dimensional look to this fun fold card.

So, to keep going with the card assembly, I used one of the hot foil-stamped card sentiments that I had leftover from a previous project. But in case you wonder what set I used, I used Wonderful Sentiments Hot Foil and its coordinating die included in Wonderful Sentiments Die.

Lastly, I finished the card by getting the card's sentiment mounted with craft foam adhesive to the lower center part of the floral bouquet.

And last but certainly not least, I got some of the Ombre Glitter Drops: Sparkle & Shine glued down here and there to add an extra touch of sparkle to the card.

And, with that said, thank you so much for stopping by. We hope you have enjoyed reading the step-by-step of how I’ve made this fun fold inspiration card with a “Dimensional Floral Bouquet” look using an array of beautiful products by Pinkfresh Studio. And, if you get inspired by today’s project, don’t forget to tag us @pinkfreshstudio and use #pinkfreshstudio so we can see your projects. Also, don’t forget to stop by our Instagram feed to see this card in action when we share it in our reels. Happy crafting, and much love to you and yours!

 Crafty Hugs,

- Yasmin

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1 comment

18 Mar 2023 Jacqueline B

Love this card! I think tho that there has to be another score line at the 2" mark on the larger piece which forms the inside. I count 4 score marks but you need 5 to get the mountain, valley, mountain, valley, mountain. I tried it and definitely need one at 2". Thank you Yazmin for a gorgeous card and how to make it!

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