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Fancy Fold Box Floral Inspiration Card┃Yasmin Diaz

Fancy Fold Box Floral Inspiration Card┃Yasmin Diaz

18 Jul 2022 4 Comments

Happy Monday, Pinkfresh friends! Yasmin here sharing with you a fancy fold inspiration card with a “Floral & Box” look made using: Brighter Days Hot Foil, Brighter Days Layering Stencils and Brighter Days Die for the floral look. Also, Small Butterflies Hot Foil Plate, Small Butterflies Layering Stencil Set and Small Butterflies Die to add the delicate butterflies. Along with those sets, I used Ornate Medallion Cover Plate to add the decorative background pieces to the card base and Foiled Sentiments 3 to add the card sentiment. And last but not least PFS- Inks to add the pops of colors to the floral cluster. So, without further ado let’s jump right into the step-by-step for how I made it.

Therefore, I started off by getting the hot foil stamping done so, to do that, I went ahead to line up the Brighter Days Hot Foil plate over the Glimmer Hot Foil System and then, I added a piece of Glimmer Hot Foil Roll - Gold over the plate with the pretty side down plus, a large piece of white cardstock and of course the die cut machine to finish the hot foil stamping process.

Thus, as soon as, I had finished with the hot foil stamping process, I went ahead to add the pops of colors to the flowers and leaves using Brighter Days Layering Stencils along with some ink blending brushes along with the following Pinkfresh Inks: Peach Fuzz Ink, Apricot Ink, Coral Reef Ink and, Marigold Ink for the flowers + Grassy Knoll Ink and Olive Ink for the leaves. Once, I had finished adding the pops of colors to them, I went ahead to use Brighter Days Die to cut out the flowers and leaves from the cardstock piece. I would like to mention that this set only has two pieces of greenery so, to create a fuller floral cluster look, I went ahead to repeat the same steps over another piece of white cardstock just as I did previously to create another two greenery pieces.

Moving on, after getting the die-cutting step completed, I went ahead to put all piece aside to create the box fancy fold card base. So, for the card base, I went ahead to line up over my score board tool a large piece of Peach hue cardstock with the following measurements W 11-1/2 x H 4-1/4 making sure the longer side was facing to the right side of the score board tool. Next, I used my bone folder to score some lines over the cardstock piece at 1/4, 1-1/4, 3-1/4, 4-1/4 inches point marks. Once, I had the scoring lines marked over the cardstock piece, I went ahead to fold them over in the same direction using the side of the bone folder to reinforce them.

Having that said, I got finished reinforcing the folds, I went ahead to add a piece of 1/4 of an inch double-sided adhesive to the 1/4 fold and then, I got the bottom part of it adhered to the card base creating that way the first box on the left side of the card base. At this point, I started to add the small white panels to the bottom part of the card base so, to do that I used Ornate Medallion Cover Plate to add texture to two white card panels. Next, I went ahead to trim down one of them in two pieces using my paper trimmer thus, the first piece I got it trimming down at H 4.0 x W 1-3/4 inches and the next one at W 3.0 x H 4.0 inches. Then, I got the backing of both pieces gluing down to the front parts of the card base.

Next, I went ahead to trim down three small white panels at H 3-1/4 x W 3/4 to decorate the two sides pieces of the box created in the left side of the card base. Then, I added the top part of the card base so, to do that, I went ahead to use another piece of the same cardstock hue with the following measurements: W 5-1/2 x H 3-1/2 inches. Thus, I went ahead to add some scoring lines to it at 4.0 and 5.0 inches and then, I got them fold over using my bone folder. Lastly, I added double-sided adhesive to the bottom part of the leftover 1/2 inch and then, I got the card base pushed to the right to completely flatten it up to get the top part adhered edge-to-edge to the bottom part.

While I still got it flatten up, I added another piece of double-sided adhesive to the bottom part on the other end of the top piece and then, I peeled off the film to get the other side adhered over the front part of the box created on the left side of the card base. I hope you get the idea as, can sound a little confusing but honestly is not at all. So, having that said, you can see on the image above how the fancy double box fold looks once all pieces are adhered together.

Before we move on to finish the card assembling off, I would like to mention that with the measurements mentioned above this card measures H 4-1/4 x W 5-3/4 inches when it’s completely flatten however, if you decides to recreate it but don’t like that extra 1/4 of an inch, you can start the scoring line at 1/2 instead of 1/4 then do the math by adding that 1/4 of an inch to the following scoring lines to end up with a standard A2 size card.

Therefore, to finish the card assembling, I went ahead to add the last smaller panel to the side of the top box and then, I created a floral cluster using the die-cutting flowers and leaves over the front part of the card base. Then, to add an extra delicate touch, I used Small Butterflies Die and Small Butterflies Hot Foil Plate to get some butterflies hot foil stamped and cut out from translucent vellum. Butterflies which, I got gluing down right afterwards over to the front of the card. Just as, you can see them in the image above.

Lastly, once I had the card almost completed, I decided to keep it simple and cohesive with the same glimmering look by adding one of the die cut ephemera gold foiled sentiment from Foiled Sentiments 3 pack. Finally, as I mentioned above this card it’s 1/4 of an inch larger than the standard A2 size card and will fits perfectly on an A6 size envelope. Honestly, even if you recreate it with the standard A2 size measurements, I will consider to mail it out still on an A6 envelope or a bubble envelope because, with all the dimension and delicate pieces I wouldn’t risk the bending handling process from the post office service.

And, with that being said, thank you so much for stopping by we hope you have enjoyed reading the step-by-step for how I’ve made this fancy fold inspiration card with a “Floral & Box” look using amazing products by Pinkfresh Studio. And, if you get inspired by today’s project don’t forget to tag us @pinkfreshstudio and use #pinkfreshstudio so we can see your projects! Happy crafting and much love to you and yours.

Crafty Hugs,
- Yasmin

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30 Jul 2022 Martha

The fancy fold box is such an effective way to present these blooms. Will try something like this project.

29 Jul 2022 Kathy Krenn

Thank you, this is so pretty!

27 Jul 2022 Barbara

Lovely 💐

21 Jul 2022 Jane Elliott

I’m trying to recreate your beautiful folded card but I am glad I saw the process on Instagram as it made it a little less confusing. But I think you have posted some of the measurements wrong for the small side panels created on the box, you posted cut three strips 3 1/4 × 3/4 where it should be only one the other two should be
4 × 3/4 to fit the sides of the left side.

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