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A Handmade Card With A Mini Album Style┃Yasmin Diaz

A Handmade Card With A Mini Album Style┃Yasmin Diaz

15 Mar 2022 2 Comments

Happy Tuesday, Pinkfresh friends! Yasmin here sharing with you a very “Fun & Dimensional” feminine inspiration card with mini album looking style made using the latest Pinkfresh: Happy Heart Collection. So, without further ado let’s jump right into the step-by-step for how I made it.

Therefore, I started off by getting the base pieces, so to do that, I went ahead to trim down two heavy white cardstock pieces to H 5-1/2 x W 6.0 inches. Next, I trim down another two heavy white cardstock pieces to H 5-1/2 x W 6-1/4 inches. Next, I placed down one of the larger cardstock pieces over my score board tool with the wider side to the right and then, I proceeded to trace a scoring line over it at 4-1/4 inches. Then, I repeated the same steps for the second cardstock piece with the same measurements and once, I had the scoring lines traced over them, I went ahead to get them fold over using the side of my Teflon bone folder to achieve cleaner and crisp folds.

Once, I’ve had finished folding them over, I went ahead to put them off to the side while, I went ahead to place one of the other pieces over my score board tool also, with the longest side to the right to trace a scoring line at 3.0 inches. Thus, as soon as I had those steps completed, I proceeded to mark the middle of the 5-1/2 x 3.0 folded pieces to cut out a half circle using a circle hole puncher to add a decorative touch to the pockets. I’d like to mention that this step isn’t necessary because, as soon as I started to get the embellishments adhered to the card, I realized that some of them got covered. However, for an extra decoration feel free to added them. Having that said, after adding the half circles to both cardstock pieces, I went ahead to select the patterned papers that I was going to use from the Happy Heart: 12 x 12 Paper Pack.

Next, as soon as I’ve had done selecting the patterned papers, I went ahead to trim down two of them at H 5-1/4 x W 1-3/4 inches. Four pieces at H 5-1/4 x 4.0 inches. And, another four at H 5-1/4 x 2-3/4. Since, I added the half circles to the cardstock pieces that I was going to use as pockets, I went ahead to add them too, the last four patterned paper pieces. However, If you look closely in the image above, you’ll notice what I meant about covering part of the half circles in the pockets with the embellishments. Anyway, to keep going, I went ahead to glue down with liquid glue the patterned paper pieces to each side of the folded cardstock pieces and once, I had that done, I’ve gone ahead to carefully place one of the two cardstock pieces with the smaller flaps and then, I’ve got added a skinny strip of liquid glue to each side to glue down the top and bottom if you’re looking it at a portrait design or, the right and left if you’re looking it at a landscaping design to create a narrow pocket to the card just as you can see in the image above.

Moving on, after adding the narrow pocket to the card, I went ahead to add a skinny strip of liquid glue to the inner sides of the smaller cardstock pieces and then, I’ve got them adhered as shown in the image above. Once side of the folds to the front and the other to the back of the large flaps. Next, I repeated the same steps to get glued down the second small, folded cardstock piece creating that way all four decorative pockets.

And,this is how it looks after I’ve had finished adding the pockets to it. Two large flaps with two small pockets in front and back of each of them plus, a narrow pocket in front of the handmade card with pockets since I don’t add photographs to it or, mini album if you prefer to add some to it.

This is how the inner part looks like, having that said, from here it’s all about getting creative by adding and adding embellishments to decorate the outside and inside of the pockets. As, for the embellishments, I used a combination of Happy Heart: Title Ephemera for the wording, Happy Heart: Floral Ephemera and Happy Heart: Ephemera Pack for the floral look. Happy Heart: Journaling Bits to add the tags and small envelope and lastly, Happy Heart: Enamel Dots to add a puffy shine to it.

To keep the card/mini album closed, I created a portfolio with a string tied closure. So, to do that first, I went ahead to get a large piece of narrow ribbon glued down in the center of the top side of the narrow pocket with hot glue. Next, I created a floral cluster with the die cut leaves a floral branch and I’ve got it glue down over the ribbon also with hot glue to secure the ribbon even more. Lastly, I mounted two of the floral die cut shapes with a double craft foam piece to raise dimension to it, so I could go ahead and wrap the ribbon around the card and then, to wrapping and tiding the ribbon around the dimensional craft foam piece.

In the image above, you can appreciate how this project looks fully closed. The dimension from it will depends on how much embellishments you add to it, as for this example, it has a total 5-1/2 x 4-1/4 x 3/4 inches.

TIP: from here you can go on and on to add more flaps and pockets, to make it more constructive and dimensional however, the more and more flaps and pockets you add, the heavier and wider will turn out so, just keep that in mind that if you add more, you might want to add a small spine or extra cardstock pieces to get them attached.

Lastly, in the image above you can see a bonus pocket created from one of the mini envelopes that I got glued down over one of the inner pockets plus, an extra pocket hiding pocket behind of it as, I only got glued down with liquid glue the sides and bottom part of it to it.

Also, here you can see the back of the card/mini album with the same extra and hiding pockets effect.

Finally, if you are not into adding pockets or extra dimensional effect to your handmade cards but you love using pattern paper for them. This design, can be useful to make a tri-fold card as well. The sky it’s the limit when comes of the using from so many beautiful elements from this collection.

And, with that being said, thank you so much for stopping by we hope you have enjoyed reading the step-by-step for how I’ve made this “Fun & Dimensional” feminine inspiration card with mini album looking style using the latest Happy Heart Collection by Pinkfresh Studio. And, if you get inspired by today’s project don’t forget to tag us @pinkfreshstudio and use #pinkfreshstudio so we can see your projects! Happy crafting and much love to you and yours.

Crafty Hugs,
- Yasmin

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05 Apr 2022 Paula Atkinson

Stunning design 😍

15 Mar 2022 em

Very versatile ideas…I plan to try these out. Lovely way you’ve decorated. Thank you.

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