Behind the scenes

In business since 2014, Pinkfresh studio is known for unique paper crafting products that we bring to the market. Innovation and versatility is at the forefront of our product design! Our biggest goal is to make paper crafting easy, fun and accessible to crafters of all experience and skill levels, giving them the ability to effortlessly create something beautiful every time they reach for our products. 

Our product selection

Keeping innovation at the heart of our designs and in true Pinkfresh style, we strive to make each design versatile by offering a selection of coordinating products. From stamp/stencil/die combos, to washi tape product suites, coordinating hot foil plates for card makers, and paper collections with coordinating embellishments for memory keepers...there truly is something for everyone at Pinkfresh Studio. All of our products are sold separately so customers can really pick what they love the most, and fits their crafting style best.

Our team

We are so very proud of our amazing team at Pinkfresh Studio. It has taken grace, understanding and a whole lot of perseverance to figure out how to run a business amidst a pandemic. Our entire team has been right there with us; going with the ebbs and flows, helping find solutions, and most importantly, being concerned about the health & safety of fellow team members and our customers.

We proudly employ people in full-time, part-time & freelance capacities. There is that saying that goes, “When you make a purchase from a small business, someone does a happy dance.” It’s so much more than that! When you make a purchase from a small business like us, you ensure that we can pay all of our amazing team members a living wage, so they can in turn provide for their families. Each and every employee of Pinkfresh Studio is like family, and they work hard to make Pinkfresh Studio the very best it can be. We are a small team, but we are mighty - from graphic design & production, to marketing & shipping/logistics...every single person on our team is valued and makes a significant contribution to our company.

Our design team

Once you have your products in hand, this is where our fantastic creative team comes into play. We handpick all of our design team members and do not do design team calls because we just do not have enough resources to assign to go through design team applications. 

We truly believe that we have one of the most talented design teams out there! They are busy at work each month, creating blog posts and video tutorials, and doing Live crafting shows on our YouTube channel and Facebook page. We provide all of this content to customers & crafters for free, so that you have tons of gorgeous inspiration for all of your Pinkfresh Studio products! 

We feel there is some misinformation out there about design teams, and while we can only speak for our company...we pay our team for their work. Of course, we send them all of the Pinkfresh Studio products they need to create. All of our design team members get every product we release during their design term and all of their products are shipped at no extra shipping/customs duties to them. 

We also pay for every single assigned project they create, because we value the time & skill it takes to create these gorgeous projects. 

Finally, we offer an affiliate program where they can link to the products used and earn a commission when a purchase is made. We absolutely encourage customers to use our team’s affiliate links, as it gives that project designer a nice little bonus. 

Hope and fears

It goes without saying that the pricing on a product isn’t only dictated by the cost to manufacture it. There is so much more to it. Add in learning how to continue doing business safely during a global pandemic, and all the logistics that are required to run our operations smoothly. Can we get a little vulnerable? Of course yes.

Operating a crafting business, like any other business, is hard & scary sometimes. In the middle of a never ending pandemic, supply chain has been greatly affected and shipping is at an all time high. Not only has shipping become slower & erratic, but the rates have skyrocketed. 

Copyright theft is also rampant, and it is disheartening to see our stolen designs on inferior & unsafe products. We do what we can to combat copyright theft, which includes photographing our products at an angle. This is why you will never see a computer generated images  for most of our products. We do our very best to showcase multiple projects for each product. We also include a detailed product description for each product, with all sentiments included and dimensions when necessary.

Create and connect

With that being said, we LOVE this amazing industry! We love creating products, and watching them come to life from the graphic design stage, all the way through manufacturing. What we love most of all is when our team, and YOU, create amazing projects with your favorites! We love the community we have created in our Facebook Friends Group, where you can share all your Pinkfresh studio projects and connect with other crafters. 

We also love the community that comes together each week to watch our live shows on YouTube and Facebook - it’s been a much needed time of connecting with one another, even when it isn’t possible to do it in person.

Thank you so much for being customers and friends of Pinkfresh Studio. We are able to do what we do because of you, and we don’t take that for granted.