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Sunshine on my Mind Reveal

Sunshine on my Mind Reveal

15 May 2023 240 Comments

Colorful and fun, this new collection gives ALL the summer vibes! You will feel like you’re being enveloped in the warm glow of sunshine. Featuring bright colors and tropical florals, this fresh new collection was designed by Cassidy Demkov.

Sunshine on my Mind will look beautiful on all your paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, greeting cards & more!

Check out the collection in full!




























The Sunshine on my Mind collection will be available for purchase on Friday, May 19th at 7 am CST! We will also be celebrating with an Instagram Hop for each of the new collections later this month - make sure to check those out for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Sunshine on my Mind collection! Where is your favorite place to find sunshine? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Thursday, June 1st to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 

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16 May 2023 Pam Godwin

This collection is so beautiful, I love it!

16 May 2023 Janet Saunders

I find my sunshine at my subdivision pool with my granddaughter who welcomes everyone as they enter then asks “Are you coming to swim in my Grandma’s pool?” She just turned four and is the sunshine of my life 💕. This collection would be the perfect place to scrapbook these memories. The entire collection says happy sunshine 💕💕💕

16 May 2023 Deborah Crivello

I love being anywhere with sunshine but especially at the ball park, watching my home team, the Orioles, play. Spring training in Florida is a welcome respite from the northern climes.
Love all the soft colors and cheerful patterns with this release! Hope I win!!

16 May 2023 Angela Lewis

Love soaking in the sunshine during a cruise vacation, especially during “at sea days” – nothing to schedule other than lounging around, swimming & eating whenever you want! This is such a gorgeous new collection!!!

16 May 2023 Judy. RAY

Wow. I just love the fresh cheerful colors. The mini alphas with the mixed colors are a favorite of mine. So versatile. Two sets of enamel dots. This collection is a winner.

16 May 2023 Elaine Lozano

My favorite place to find sunshine is a chaise lounge in the courtyard of our apartment building…beautiful trees..the birds chirping and tables to craft on .what more does a girl need!

16 May 2023 Mary

Very pretty papers! My favorite place to find the sunshine in on our patio watching the sunrise with that first cup of coffee!

16 May 2023 Nicole S.

Love this! So pretty! On my deck! It gets the best afternoon sun.

16 May 2023 Luanne Ford

What a pretty collection of summery colors!

16 May 2023 Jeanne Beam

My favorite place is in my own backyard. I love to walked around and look at my vegetable garden.

16 May 2023 Becky Powell Reames

I got so excited about the collection I forgot to follow directions and share my favorite place to find the sun which is Key West, FL! Gorgeous, relaxed, super chill place to be. I love it there!

16 May 2023 Becky Powell Reames

Oh my gosh I LOVE THIS!!!! This collection has all the things I love. Bright, happy colors, tropical vibes, palm trees, sunshine, the ocean. This would be perfect for my vacation album I’m working on! So gorgeous!!

16 May 2023 Tamara Miera

I love finding sunshine out in the veggie garden. So fun watching it all grow then using it to make yummy meals. This collection is gorgeous as always. Those acetate pieces are so cool.

16 May 2023 Louise

On our porch where I can drink coffee and watch the new lambs frolic!

16 May 2023 Kathy Andrews
The entire Sunshine on my Mind collection is beautiful. The soft pastels are lovely and I can see tons of uses for all of it. I especially like the Acetate Ephemera. My favorite place to find sunshine is right on my back deck and patio because I overlook a beautiful greenbelt and I enjoy listening to the birds chirp and chat. On special occasions, I also get to see other wildlife like deer, rabbits, squirrels, and even a skunk now and then. It’s so peaceful and heartwarming. (Sometimes I even chirp back to the birds… LOL.)
16 May 2023 Dana Edwards

I love the summer theme in the soft, pastel colors. Love all the embellishments, too!

16 May 2023 Amy Waters

I live within walking distance to a harbor in a lake community. LOVE walking my dogs around it and catching sunrises and sunsets. This may be one of my favorite collections ever. 😍

16 May 2023 Aleks Lj

My favorite place to find sunshine is my backyard, lounging by the pool, or on a tropical island somewhere, anywhere! Love this collection for documenting these moments!

16 May 2023 Loretta Hauck

Love this new paper. It is so light and airy. I find my sunshine working with my crafts. It is so refreshing to work with light and airy colors in papers and inks.

I have a skin condition that keeps me out of the sun for most of the daylight hours.

16 May 2023 RJG

Pinkfresh always has very creative and useful releases whether for cardmaking or scrapbooking. I love this new release. Double sided paper offers endless opportunities to be creative. Looking forward to an early to to summer with this creative release! 😊

16 May 2023 Kathy McElfresh

I’m a sun seeker from way back! I try to get to Margaritaville Beach Hotel in Pensacola as often as I can! Love the florals and the tropical leaves!

16 May 2023 Debbie D

Yes I smell the salt air with this beautiful collection. The pastel colors are fantastic

16 May 2023 Vimmi Borkar

Love love love the soft colors. My favorite place to find sunshine is in our newly built sunroom, curled up on the couch.

16 May 2023 Tammy Lynne Davis

My favorite place to find sunshine is at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma. So many places to explore!

16 May 2023 Laura R

I have to hide from the sun because my skin is ridiculous 🙄
Love the matte enamel dots 😍

16 May 2023 Deborah C

I love to enjoy the sunshine on my back deck enjoying the sounds of the birds and bees and the chickens crowing.

16 May 2023 Carol Cole

I find sunshine in all different places- my kids, my family, my pets, my friends. My outdoor sunshine place is the shore- the small of the ocean and tar from the boardwalk, the sound of the waves…. People laughing – gulls singing. The feel of my toes down in the cool sand while the warm sun makes me feel beyond happy. That’s my sunshine.

16 May 2023 Donna Gajewski

My favorite place to find sunshine is my parents backyard laying on a raft in the pool, my dad had the pool built 50 years ago when we were young. It still looks as beautiful today. ❤️

16 May 2023 Suzanne Hare

I love the Colours and the variety of patterns. This will be a very versatile collection, with all the great add ons to the paper. It screams summer to me. I can think of several projects I will love to make with this collection.

16 May 2023 Mary W

The paper pad cover invites me inside with it’s treasured old quilt colors. The inside invites me to play in the warm, memories of sunny summer colors. This is a very inviting and happy release that will encourage and inspire me to enjoy making things to bring a smile to others.

16 May 2023 Debbie LeMarbre

Very Summery and fresh. Beautiful colors.

16 May 2023 Terri W

My favorite place to find the sun is a walk in the park with my son.


I love the Sunshine on My Mind collection. So bright and airy; just perfect for happy cards that make me smile while making them and the recipient smile when they receive them. Nice collection to all go together and make making beautiful cards easy!

16 May 2023 Helen B

My favorite place it right on my deck! No driving required :)

16 May 2023 Kathy Eddy

Favorite place to find sunshine is taking my youngest granddaughter to the pool. I worship the sun, and she, the water.

16 May 2023 Lisa Jamerson

My favorite place to find sunshine is at the beach.

16 May 2023 Tara H.

I love being out in the sun on the back deck, with a book and something yummy on the bbq, watching the dog playing in the yard.

16 May 2023 Christi Boyd

My favorite place to find sunshine in in my own backyard and pool. Quiet and peaceful.

16 May 2023 Mitzi Pittman

My favorite colors! Love this collection!

16 May 2023 Manasa Vavilapalli

My favorite place to find sunshine has always been my grandmother’s house in Visakhapatnam.

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