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Spring Vibes Collection Reveal

Spring Vibes Collection Reveal

11 Jan 2023 85 Comments

Nothing will get you in the mood for spring quite like this beautiful paper collection! With vibrant colors, fresh patterns and a touch of silver foil here & there, Spring Vibes will leave you feeling refreshed & renewed. This fabulous new collection was designed by Erin McManness.

Spring Vibes will look beautiful on all your paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, greeting cards & more!

Check out the collection in full!




























The Spring Vibes collection will be available for purchase on Friday, January 13th at 7 am CST! We will also be celebrating with an Instagram Hop for each of the new collections later this week - make sure to check those out for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Spring Vibes collection! What is your favorite thing about spring? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Wednesday, January 25th to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 

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23 Jan 2023 Tonje

This collection is perfection! I love that spring gives the feeling of a fresh start!

23 Jan 2023 Tonje

My favorite thing about spring is when the snow is meltet and I can wear sneakers again, and ofcourse all the flowers blooming!

21 Jan 2023 Jade

I love spring and my favorite thing is when the tulips and hyacinths bloom. And the lilacs, how I love the fragrance.

20 Jan 2023 Jennifer Donovan

This one caught my eye the most of all the new collection. Besides the colors and versatility of the collection, both Ephemera, wood accents and frames are an absolute must have.

19 Jan 2023 Patricia Coleman

My favorite thing about spring is watching everything bloom again!!

19 Jan 2023 Gayle Bond

My favorite thing about spring is all of creation waking up from its slumber! The colors start bursting forth from the new growth on the flowers and trees. The baby animals are being born! The dirt in the farmer’s fields is being dug and planted with a new year’s crop. And everywhere you look people get that smile on their face and a pep in their step!

17 Jan 2023 Carol L McCready

My favorite thing about spring is watching the flowers pop up through the soil.

16 Jan 2023 Lisascreativeniche

I’m crushing on the mix of warm and cool tones on this one!

16 Jan 2023 Bunny Hoyle

Spring to me means warmer weather is coming. Praise the Lord! I detest the cold and I live in Florida.

16 Jan 2023 Else

Another stunning collection, can’t wait to create with it! What I love about spring is the budding of new leaves and flowers, fresh green on the trees. Feeling of hope and fresh starts!

16 Jan 2023 Jessica Toulmin

Such a gorgeous collection! LOVE the patterned paper. The best part of spring is the flowers and baby animals being born 😊🌷🌸🐑🐰

15 Jan 2023 Sharon Gullikson

These papers are so pretty, especially WILDFLOWERS

15 Jan 2023 Sharon Gullikson

My favorite thing about spring is the new flowers, leaves, and grass. SO pretty and fresh

15 Jan 2023 Jan Hansen

Spring has always been my favorite season because nature begins to wake up once again with buds on the trees, birds building nests and the promise of warmer days.

Your new collection has captured the very essence of Spring with your choice of fresh, lovely color.

15 Jan 2023 Elisa

This is lovely and fresh collection, love the daisies paper and that shade of blue.

My favourite thing about spring is the flowers budding and the weather turning warmer in the day time.

15 Jan 2023 Denise Bryant

Beautiful collection! I love the designs and fresh colors!
My favorite thing about spring is watching all the trees in my yard fill out with fresh growth.

15 Jan 2023 Julia Hartmann

My favorite thing about spring is the Warmer weather, longer days and it will be greener and colorful outside again. And of course the chirping of birds.

15 Jan 2023 Amber Bissonnette

Yay I can’t wait for Spring days!! Warmer weather and more daylight! Such a beautiful new collection, very inspiring

15 Jan 2023 Michelle Turner

I love the green grass and warmer days.

14 Jan 2023 Barbara Deichl

I live all of the spring flowers popping up and filling the ground with colorful plants. I also love the warmer weather snd the ability to play in the dirt.

14 Jan 2023 Barbara Deichl

I so love the colors. What a fun release! 😍😍

14 Jan 2023 Lynn Ekstrom

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year with everything reawakening, new babies, bright sunshine and explosions if colors. I absolutely love this new collection. My favorite is the paper pad but once you have that you need everything else, lol.

14 Jan 2023 Orit

I love spring, the nice weather, more natural day light.

14 Jan 2023 Connie Spector

My favorite are the papers, I am not a big fan of stickers and ephemera as I am mainly a card maker and not a scrapbook maker. I like my cards to be more homemade than something already prepared.

14 Jan 2023 Bonnie T.

My favorite thing about spring it going to pick fresh strawberries at a local farm. They are so sweet and delicious!

14 Jan 2023 Katherine Currie

Such a refreshing colour palette for spring!

14 Jan 2023 Laurie Black

My favorite thing about spring is sunshine, which means longer days and warmer weather.

14 Jan 2023 Gayle I.

Sunshine, flowers and colors galore always mean spring is here! This Spring Vibes collection captures that magic of spring!

14 Jan 2023 Valerie Gillis

Spring is the best watching trees staring to bud and bulbs starting to pop up out of the ground and the days becoming longer. Also getting to start my garden seeds indoors and watch my little plants growing ! This collection is beautiful !

14 Jan 2023 Molly Woodard

When you live in Minnesota, spring is a huge deal! It promises that we won’t continue to live like popsicles for eternity!!!

14 Jan 2023 Mary A

During winter, I watch the daffodil leaves come out of the ground, I look forward with much anticipation for the flowers to bloom

14 Jan 2023 Deepa Robbins

This is such a gorgeous release. I love all things spring especially now when there is little sun. My favourite thing about spring are the flowers, which Pinkfresh always has a ton of. Love ❤️ it!!!

14 Jan 2023 Jennifer Carrier

After a cold and wet winter, I love watching the ground for emerging new growth and watching every day for what will be bloom next in my garden. So much to look forward to!

I so enjoy your products and this new collection is just lovely and inspiring.

14 Jan 2023 Donna Whitham

My favourite thing about spring is the feeling of aliveness. The flowers blooming. The birds chirping. The buds on the trees. And the fresh smell. Love spring!

14 Jan 2023 Donna Whitham

My favourite thing about spring is the feeling of aliveness. The flowers blooming. The birds chirping. The buds on the trees. And the fresh smell. Love spring!

14 Jan 2023 Deanna Swafford

My favorite thing about spring is that it warms up!! And my flowers, lol

14 Jan 2023 Donna Oates

Spring is flowers to me. Fresh soft colors after a cold winter with little color in flower beds and on trees.

14 Jan 2023 Lisa C.

I love all the pretty flowers and cheerful colors in this collection! My favorite part of spring is all the blooming flowers.

14 Jan 2023 Shar

The promise of fresh, new life is my favorite thing about Spring! This new collection reflects Spring with beautiful colors and designs filled with newness!

14 Jan 2023 Yasmine Omar

Love how the temperature gets warmer so that’s quite nice and the flowers are in bloom. I adore the soft springy colors of this collection and totally in love with The Title Ephemera elements.

13 Jan 2023 Krista Hubb

I love seeing the green come back to the trees and grass and all the flowers that come out in the spring.

13 Jan 2023 Michele Duffy

I like the longer days with more sunshine.


Oh, what a lovely collection!

13 Jan 2023 Christie T

Warmer weather and the prospect of getting outside.

13 Jan 2023 Sara Belgrove

Lovely collection. My favourite thing about spring is all the beautiful blooms and the bees buzzing and veges growing in the garden.

Thanks for the giveaway.

13 Jan 2023 Brandi Hancock

Warmer weather! And blooming flowers/trees after the long dreary winter! Beautiful collection!!

13 Jan 2023 Atreece

My favorite thing about spring is the weather/temperature. It’s getting warm, but not too warm!!

13 Jan 2023 Jeane Campbell

The best part of spring is the longer and warmer days. I have a good sized back yard, so I do enjoy getting out and seeing my roses start to bloom. Not so gloomy.

And that is just what this Spring Vibes feels like. Colors just coming out, hopeful and the soft light of spring. New light. Good job at this.

13 Jan 2023 Samantha Pfrimmer

My favorite thing about Spring is the return of all of the lovely flowers and sunshine and the knowledge that sunny days are in my future!

13 Jan 2023 Mónica Santos

This is perfect to document my garden that I started last year!!!

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