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Paper Collection Reveal: Some Days + GIVEAWAY

Paper Collection Reveal: Some Days + GIVEAWAY

02 Jan 2021 224 Comments

We have two new paper collections to start off 2021 and up first we are revealing Some Days, our first collaboration designed with Kelly Purkey. We are genuinely excited about this collection, and we look forward to a continued partnership with Kelly!

Modern, geometric and full of color, this collection is perfect for documenting the good, bad and in between that happens every day. With whimsical lemons, beautiful florals and bold geometric patterns, the papers and embellishments are versatile enough to use throughout the entire year. Perfect for layouts, mini albums, pocket/notebook pages and more...we cannot wait to see what you create with this amazing new collection!

Check out the collection in full:






















The estimated ship date to retailers for this collection is mid-February.


Here is YOUR chance to win the Some Days collection! What is your favorite thing about this collection? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Friday, January 22, 2021 to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection collaboration with Kelly Purkey as much as we do!

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04 Jan 2021 Denise Bryant

Awesome collection! I love the variety of patterns and the pretty colors! The 6×6 paper pad is awesome… so perfect for cardmaking!

04 Jan 2021 Juliet

Love the b side of what a day!! Love the pink and white!

03 Jan 2021 Jeannie

I love the fun bright colors, especially the elements pack.

03 Jan 2021 Ann Low

Love the colors of this collection. The “Friendly Daisies” paper and the elements pack with all those flowers are my favorites!

03 Jan 2021 Melissa C

I love the color scheme and the vintage patterns and florals mixed with modern elements. Very nice!

03 Jan 2021 Anneleise Hampson

Another great collection. Wonderful bright vibrant colors.

03 Jan 2021 Donna Esmiol

I love the eclectic mix of patterns that combine the modern with the vintage. The florals remind me of 1970s wallpaper and the colors bring the styles together for a very cohesive look that is very on trend.

03 Jan 2021 Lynn Lindsay

I absolutely love this collection. My favorite things about it are: 1) the combination of bright orange, pink and the turquoise and light blues. 2). I love the journaling bits! So fun.

03 Jan 2021 Karen Severeide

I love the Some Days collection. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. I will use every bit of this paper pack and embellishments in making my planner, my own. I know it’s easy to decorate special days, but ‘some days’ require more creative juices. With ‘Some Days’ my planner will be filled with JOY! Thank You!

03 Jan 2021 Marisela Delgado

I love the Elements Pack! So fun and fruity!

03 Jan 2021 Sue D

Fun collection. I like the colors and patterns.

03 Jan 2021 Pat McCleary

Beautiful bright and cheery colors are always in style.

03 Jan 2021 Pat McCleary

Beautiful bright and cheery colors are always in style.

03 Jan 2021 Giselle

My favourite thing in this collection are the colours! So bright & cheerful, just right for spring photos!

03 Jan 2021 Juliana Michaels

It’s so hard to pick one thing, but I love how you’ve incorporated a coffee theme without it being over the top. Such a fun collection and can’t wait to play with it!

03 Jan 2021 Denise

Nice collection! My favorite thing is the die cut package and the elements!

03 Jan 2021 Emma Sleppy

Love the color combos and the lemons and flowers together! Great collection!!

03 Jan 2021 JoAnneRIL

I love everything about this collection. Everything. I’m especially giddy over the geometric circles and squares and the beautiful bright yellow lemons.

03 Jan 2021 Nikki M

I love this collection. I am excited about the chipboard flair and puffy stickers but love it all!

03 Jan 2021 Kara

I love the lemons and flowers!

03 Jan 2021 Deb Nielsen

Love the retro geometrics!

03 Jan 2021 Michelle R Schneider

Ooohhh, I love this collection. Hard to say which part is my favorite. I do especially love the flower elements and the puffy alphabets. PFS always has amazing alphas!

03 Jan 2021 Amy Melniczenko

This collection is so fantastic! The puffy stickers jumped out to me as a favorite but I love it ALL!!

03 Jan 2021 Ana Santos

Love this collection, the collors and especially the flowers 😍

03 Jan 2021 Meghan Kennihan

I love the coffee paper! All are awesome! I would definitely make a few coffee cards for my coffee loving friends!

03 Jan 2021 Anita

I love seeing the make lemonade paper/designs. I was reflecting on last year’s lemons & being mindful of making lemons into lemonade.

03 Jan 2021 Patricia

I love the bright colors and all the lemon designs. Thank you!

03 Jan 2021 Melissa

The Some Days collection is absolutely beautiful. I love the bright vibrant colors. It would be perfect for all my Summer pics.

03 Jan 2021 Elizabeth

I’m really loving the elements pack!

03 Jan 2021 Melissa

The Some Days collection is absolutely beautiful. It would be perfect for all my Summer pics.

03 Jan 2021 Helen B

My favorite thing is the cheerful colors…they bring the sunshine and smiles. tfs-stay well.

03 Jan 2021 Aleks

Love the colors and the real life applicable phrases

03 Jan 2021 Lisa H

Love the mini Alphabet stickers, the geometric paper patterns and the colors. Great collection

03 Jan 2021 Christi C

I LOVE these florals!! I could make so many happy cards with this collection!! :)

03 Jan 2021 Lisa H

Love the Mini Alpha stickers, the geometric paper patterns and the colors! Great collection.

03 Jan 2021 Kathy Perry

After the year 2020, I really needed something bright and cheerful in 2021. This collection is just what I needed! Love the bold colors in these fun prints, and all the extra ephemera, tags, alphas etc. make it even better. Can’t wait to get it!

03 Jan 2021 Midori

Love the colors!! So cheerful!

03 Jan 2021 Karen Michael

I love the happy, bright colors and the abstract designs of the paper. I am already imagining them on my cards!

03 Jan 2021 Susan Sprott

Such a colourful, cheerful, whimsical collection
…..just great for making bright and happy greeting cards……
Would just love to get this collection in my hands and start creating…
Also coincidentally give away is drawn on my birthday….a sign?? 😁😁❤

03 Jan 2021 Vanessa Bell

Love the colors and the nod to coffee and books.

03 Jan 2021 Sharon Rideau

I absolutely love the colors. Some bright and some muted. I also love the geometrics! I’m already envisioning pictures I have that will be perfect for this collection.

03 Jan 2021 Rebecca Campbell

WOW ! How Fun & Colorful , else definitely make sure since great summertime projects 🍋💐💗

03 Jan 2021 Allyson Blanchette

this is such a cute collection! I love the paper and stickers! I mean the whole collection is so darn cute!!!

03 Jan 2021 Kathy G.

I love the bright, clear colors and the retro feel of some of these designs. So nice to have the alphas to go along for scrapbooking!

03 Jan 2021 Tracy Lautenschlager

The lemons! I love anything with lemons and the fact that you were able to work them into this collection just makes it that much better🤗
Love it all!

03 Jan 2021 Lexi D

I love the colors and the graphic looks of this collection! Well done!!

03 Jan 2021 Lilly Belle

Take out & sweatpants. Yup, that’s me!

03 Jan 2021 himmelsengelkind

The sweatpants! LOL

03 Jan 2021 Laura Evangeline

The lemons! I love them!!!

03 Jan 2021 Laura B

Ah! I love the colors in this so very much

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