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Holiday Dreams Reveal

Holiday Dreams Reveal

01 Sep 2023 365 Comments

With modern colors and a cozy vibe, this year's holiday collection is wonderfully festive! With a mixture of Christmas & wintry themes throughout, crafters will be able to use much of this collection through the winter months. With iconic holiday elements and twinkling gold added here & there, Christmas crafting can officially commence! This collection was designed by Erin McManness from Paper Raven Co.

Holiday Dreams will look beautiful on all your paper crafting projects, including layout designs, December Days albums, greeting cards & more!

Check out the collection in full!





O Christmas Tree

Deck the Halls




















The Holiday Dreams collection will be available for purchase on at the end of September! We will also be celebrating with an Instagram Hop for this collection closer to that time - make sure to check that out for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Holiday Dreams collection! What are you dreaming about for the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Thursday, September 14th to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 

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12 Sep 2023 Mary Koby

I’m dreaming of lots of Christmas crafting before celebrating with my whole family!

10 Sep 2023 TAMMY THOMAS

I’m dreaming of everyone being well so the family can gather this year – family is Christmas. :)

10 Sep 2023 Aleks Ljub

I’m dreaming of making handmade gifts for everyone in my family and the joy when they open them.

10 Sep 2023 Aleks Ljub

I’m dreaming of lots of quality time with family

10 Sep 2023 Aleks Ljub

I’m dreaming of lots of cozy crafting time!

08 Sep 2023 Amy Waters

Gorgeous as always! I’m dreaming of lots of family fun this year.

08 Sep 2023 Sheri Martin

Love this collection . So beautiful!

08 Sep 2023 rebecca

Love the soft colors!

08 Sep 2023 Belinda

Just gorgeous, of course! That colour palette is so pretty.

07 Sep 2023 gail yanek

what a festive selection – loving the houses. It’s that time of year!

07 Sep 2023 Rhonda

Maybe a little cliche, I’m hoping for a white Christmas!
Such a pretty collection!

06 Sep 2023 Yen O.

Beautiful collection of paper!

My father had a stroke last year and again this February so I’m dreaming of spending my Christmas with him and my family as much as possible.

05 Sep 2023 mary jm

sorry, commenting again since there are probably lots of "mary"s :)

I think I am dreaming about rest and peace! I love the mistletoe page in the papers :)

05 Sep 2023 mary

I think I am dreaming about rest and peace! I love the mistletoe page in the papers :)

05 Sep 2023 Valerie Gillis

love the soft colors and the paper is beautiful. agree with a lot of the comments about holidays and family being so special!

05 Sep 2023 Sherrie

The city line of houses is adorable! I’m hoping to get this collection!

05 Sep 2023 Teresa L Pavlakis

I’M DREAMING THAT IF I WON IT ALL, I’D be able to create so many wonderful projects using the new paper(s) and etc, along with utilizing the craft supplies I already have (too much of).
So many amazing prints and color combinations!

05 Sep 2023 Pamela K. Poetker

Wow. What amazing design work. Just looking at the paper and embellishments gets me super excited for the upcoming holidays. I include my three kids in the journaling, card making, and memory keeping and this would be a fun set to share with them! Great work!

05 Sep 2023 sonya

I’m dreaming of bundling up in sweaters after this Texas heat!

05 Sep 2023 frances m grillo

Love the color palette, love the font on the red alphas!

05 Sep 2023 Deborah C

I am dreaming of a holiday season with family, without sickness. The last few Christmases we have not even been able to celebrate due to sickness. My favorite cards to make are Christmas Cards and this kit looks awesome!

05 Sep 2023 Stacy H.

I’m dreaming of a quiet and peaceful Christmas holiday season.

04 Sep 2023 Karalei

I’m dreaming about getting some extra time off around the holidays to spend with my family relaxing. Such a beautiful collection!

04 Sep 2023 Ms. Tamp

Great coordinating collection. Thanks so much for the chance. I’m hoping for snow this year. There were little flurries, but nothing big, so it would be nice for at least a few days of cover. I’d love that mixed with all the seasonal lights.

04 Sep 2023 Donna Wyant

Lost my husband this year. So hoping to have a quiet Christmas with my children. Love the paper and the dots. Puts me in the mood to make Christmas cards for my kids and grandkids and great-grandkids. Gives me lots of inspiration for cards with the paper.

04 Sep 2023 Karen Reeves

I am dreaming about seeing my son who lives in Hawaii and only gets to come home for the holidays and spending time with him and my son and his family.

04 Sep 2023 Kim Fitzgerald

I am dreaming of relaxing times spent with family and friends.

04 Sep 2023 Emily Henry

My dream for this Christmas is good health for both my husband and myself and a phone call from each of our children and grand children. To be able to hug each of them would be wonderful, but alas, I don’t think that’s in the cards. I’ll make each of them a special card and fill it with all the love that I can and just hope that they can feel it!

I’m loving the papers and the colors that you have chosen. I love to have a starting off point like that. Really fuels my creative juices!

04 Sep 2023 Ann

Dreaming of spending extended time with my daughter who’s away for college. Hopefully with the house all spruced up!

04 Sep 2023 Jennifer Donovan

I am dreaming about spending time with my youngest daughter. She lives 1,000 miles from me and its the only time we get to spend time together.

04 Sep 2023 Nicole Nardi

I’m dreaming of spending time with my daughters during the holidays.

04 Sep 2023 Donna Mesalk

I am dreaming about spending time with family. It will be the first Christmas without my dad, so it will definitely be bittersweet

04 Sep 2023 Debra J Davison

I am wishing for a nice quiet shift at the hospital since I am working Christmas Eve and Day this year .. Hoping our patients and their families can have a nice visit. together Then looking forward to going home to my guy and our sweet cat Pixie .. Amazing Christmas collection from Pink Fresh as always !!!

04 Sep 2023 Angela Lewis

I always get SO excited about reveals of your new collections & this one doesn’t disappoint – it is fabulous!!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this bundle of lovely new goodies…

03 Sep 2023 Pat McCleary

A beautiful collection, with some unique designs. Thanks for a chance to win.

03 Sep 2023 Leigh Bowman

Especially love the snowglobes!

03 Sep 2023 Mama G

I’m dreaming of spending time with my grandchildren and how much fun we could have with this collection.

03 Sep 2023 Denise Bryant

Awesome designs in this pretty collection!
I’m dreaming of getting to spend the holiday with my daughter and her boyfriend! I so look forward to their visit!

03 Sep 2023 Anne Richards

I am simply dreaming. Dreaming of peace,pretty papers. People and projects and a colorful Christmas.

03 Sep 2023 SmilynStef

I’m dreaming of time with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company.

03 Sep 2023 mj

The joy of snow and breakfast as a family.

03 Sep 2023 Maria Heon

Oh my gosh, what a perfect paper pad of muted Christmas colors and unfussy designs with a little vintage, whimsy and traditional all in one beautiful collection!

03 Sep 2023 Stephanie Wesley Brady

Classic Christmas colors with just the right amount of bling. Can’t wait to order and make some cards.

03 Sep 2023 Kallien Meris

I’m dreaming of spending the holiday’s with family and friends in our new home!

03 Sep 2023 Margo Columbus

For Christmas 2023, I am dreaming that I’ll be happy and with my family. Last year Christmas was extremely difficult for me because my mother died in July 2022. I found it very hard to celebrate. Hopefully, this year I can spend quality time with my husband, son, and my brother and his family. I would really enjoy putting up the tree and decorations and finding peace and beauty in the holiday season.

03 Sep 2023 Natalie Strand

Wow, what a stunningly beautiful collection! I’m dreaming of a peaceful time of rest at the end of December, and spending cozy time with family!

03 Sep 2023 Marci Payne

Dreaming of family, friends and good food!

03 Sep 2023 Jennifer Honaker

I’m dreaming of spending as much time with family and friends as I can. I’m also dreaming for a lot of pretty snow!!

03 Sep 2023 Claire Bilodeau

Dreaming of having the whole family together for the holidays

03 Sep 2023 Angella

My dream for this holiday season is for my husband to recover fully from his upcoming surgery which will be at the beginning of the holiday season.

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