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Chrysanthemum Collection Reveal

Chrysanthemum Collection Reveal

12 Jan 2023 93 Comments

Our Chrysanthemum collection is a washi tape product suite that we’ve taken a step further by adding coordinating embellishments! With elegant florals and stunning watercolor elements throughout, this collection is truly stunning. It features warm shades of pink & orange, and lush greens that are pure magic together.

Chrysanthemum will look beautiful on all paper crafting projects, including layout designs, mini albums, greeting cards & more!

Check out the collection in full!












The Chrysanthemum collection will be available for purchase on Friday, January 13th at 7 am CST! We will also be celebrating with an Instagram Hop for each of the new collections later this week - make sure to check those out for tons of inspiration and PRIZES!


Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Chrysanthemum collection! Have you ever grown Chrysanthemums? Let us know in the comments below and you will be entered for your chance to win it in full!

We will post the winners on Wednesday, January 25th to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are the winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do! 

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13 Jan 2023 Jeane Campbell

Chrysanthemums are very popular and easy to grow here in most of California. They just don’t like sprinklers hitting them. And I must say that you all did right by them with this collection. You made those flowers shine.

Love the new additions to this collection. It is one of your best.
13 Jan 2023 Mónica Santos

I’ve not grown such beautiful flowers, I started a garden last year and this is so gourgeous, that I might to try it this year!!

13 Jan 2023 Michele Meers

I love this collection!💕

13 Jan 2023 Miriam Matsuda

I can’t say I have grown chrysanthemums myself, but they were often giving happiness from the vases my mom used to decorate the house. Nice memories. 💕

13 Jan 2023 RuthAnn Ghiglia

I have grown mums for years… had to keep in pots since moving to Colorado… love all the varieties too!!!

12 Jan 2023 Karen Winkels

I’ve definitely grown them and love them. We live where they can’t reliably count on them surviving and thriving after our winters but I love them in planters too.

12 Jan 2023 Sue DiPasquale

Have not tried to grow them. I would luv to fill my scrap pages with your beautiful collection!

12 Jan 2023 Pam Torkelson

Gorgeous! I’ve tried to grow them but let’s just say I don’t have a green thumb!!!!! I’ll stick to buying gorgeous products like this. Love that you even have coordinating enamel dots!!!

12 Jan 2023 Deb K.

For years, Special Olympics sold mums as a fundraiser. We supported the organization each year putting lots of pots of mums in the yard. The PF chrysanthemum suite is beautiful! The color palette is cheerful!

12 Jan 2023 April Joy

I haven’t grown chrysanthemums or flowers. I have a bad track record with keeping living plants and flowers alive. I do, however, love this collection and would enjoy making cards with it.

12 Jan 2023 Samantha Pfrimmer

I adore flowers but I’m not successful at growing any. Me and my black thumb. I will craft with these gorgeous chrysanthemums instead!!!

12 Jan 2023 Evelyn

I love this set, especially the washi tape. I have never grown chrysanthemums but they were my mom’s favorite flower so they hold a special place in my heart. They smell good too!

12 Jan 2023 Amy Solovay

Love the new CHRYSANTHEMUM goodies! They are all so pretty!

I had a flower garden when I was a child, and I believe Chrysanthemums were included in it — so I believe the answer to that question is yes. However, I haven’t grown any ’mums lately. I would love to, though. They are such beautiful flowers.

12 Jan 2023 Susan McL

Yes, I have! I live in a warm climate, so when we are gifted potted plants we repot them. They come back year after year. They are a treat!

12 Jan 2023 Amanda DiPaolo

Never have I grown them, but lives to purchase them to display! Paper versions are just as special❤️

12 Jan 2023 Maggie

Never tried it… I think the paper version is easier ;)

12 Jan 2023 Stephanie B

I love this product suite so much. I have the washi, etc. already, it is so gorgeous. Now if only you’d release paper!!!

I have grown chrysanthemum in my garden, they’re a staple.

12 Jan 2023 Kimberley Bond

I have never grown chrysanthemums but they are beautiful! This collection is also beautiful. I have not tried any of the washi tape collections with the matching die cuts yet but I want to. So pretty PinkFresh! As always y’all do such an amazing job with all of the creations 💕

12 Jan 2023 Jodee

I’m not much of a gardener. The only flowers I seem to have are Coneflowers because they flourish all on their own!

12 Jan 2023 Cynthia Baldwin

I’ve never tried to grow chrysanthemums…I don’t exactly have a green thumb. 😉 But putting these lovely mums on my cards and scrapbook pages is a no-brainer!

12 Jan 2023 Rona Mallard

I am so excited you are expanding the washi die set collection! I hope this is super successful and you do more!! I have just recently gotten three of the sets and I am obsessed!! I would love to win this collection, it is gorgeous! Yes, I have grown chrysanthemums. I switch up different flowers every spring and always try to have lots of color in front on my house! They are beautiful!

12 Jan 2023 Linda

I haven’t grown them …between my black thumb and the hungry deer, gardening isn’t a success here

12 Jan 2023 Sara

I have not tried to grow Chrysanthemums but should! They are my son’s girlfriend’s favorite, I used the Chrysanthemum washi & die to make her birthday card in November. Excited to get some more coordinating products!

12 Jan 2023 Lin Brandyberry

What a fun idea! Yes, I have exactly 1 chrysanthemum plant in my garden. It actually looks more like a daisy (in pink) than what I think of as a mum. It is carefree and I’ve divided and transplanted it 3 times now!

12 Jan 2023 Jeanne Rice

Beautiful release. I have never tried to grow Chrysanthemums but I love them.

12 Jan 2023 Cristina

I love these additions!! I’ve never grown any but I’ve been thinking about it, since they are so pretty! One of these years…

12 Jan 2023 Tam

No, I haven’t tried to grow these. I’ve roses, crocus, and marigolds. The only thing that was successful was the marigolds. This collection s gorgeous!

12 Jan 2023 Bethany Engstrom

No, I have not! I would love to grow them though!

12 Jan 2023 Noemi

My granma used to have Chrysanthemums in her garden 😍. She was amazing with plants and her house was full of different flowers. This collection is just amazing! Those flowers are a dream

12 Jan 2023 Silvina

I love this collection since I got the kit from “Connect and create”. It’s so nice. My favorite product is the coordinating stamp, stencil and die, 🫶

12 Jan 2023 Denise Coulter

I’m afraid I have a black thumb so the closest I get to gardening is playing with paper! Your Chrysanthemum collection is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely a must have!

12 Jan 2023 Deb Schroeder

Yes I have grown some chrysanthemums. Its a little more of a challenge in TX than where I grew up in MN but they are such happy flowers. I was so happy to the addition of the embellishments to this line. I can’t wait to get my hads on them.

12 Jan 2023 Joanne

I love love this collection. I am planting them in my garden this coming summer. How wonderful!!

12 Jan 2023 Joanne

I love love this collection. I am planting them in my garden this coming summer. How wonderful!!

12 Jan 2023 Aleks L

I’ve never grown them but chrysanthemums have a special place in my heart. I love this collection!!!

12 Jan 2023 Debbie Rollins

This is one of my favorite collections! Love the colors and the Chrysanthemums
I have nit ever grown the flowers however this was one one the first words my dad taught me to spell 😊

12 Jan 2023 Deb Schroeder

I just love this collection. The colors are fabulous!

12 Jan 2023 Dana Seymour

I long to grow mums just as gorgeous at this collection. Orange and pink were my mother’s favorite decorating colors in the 60s-80s when beige and taupe were all the rage and now that I take care of her (she’s 87) I try to surround her with as much pink and orange as possible. This collection is just lovely and absolutely perfect.

12 Jan 2023 Cynthia C.

So pretty! And I’ve never grown them, but they’re still lovely!

12 Jan 2023 Betty

this collection is gorgeous-the pinks and yellows and oranges in the florals will be fun to use all year round-especially love the washi tape and the ephemera

12 Jan 2023 Carolin Fratzscher

I’ve repeatedly bought Chrysanthemum because I love them so much and unfortunately killed them every single time so far. Maybe if I had them on paper they would last a little longer ;-)

12 Jan 2023 Alicia Bass

Love my washi tape/ stamp set I have – and can totally see the cutest mini album made with all of the fun new embellishments! Always stunning product PinkFresh.

12 Jan 2023 Erika Jennings

I’ve not grown anything this vibrant just fall mums here in the northwest. Love this collection so much!

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